Why adults should do a Disney Cruise

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Top 5 Reasons Adults Should Do a Disney Cruise

We love traveling to all of the Disney Parks across the world. However, we have not yet taken a Disney cruise. Are Disney cruises fun for adults? Since we haven’t yet been on a Disney cruise, we recruited the amazing Meredith to be our guest writer for this post and answer this important question!

In this post, Meredith covers the top 5 reasons adults should go on a Disney cruise. We met Meredith about a year ago through her awesome Disney Instagram account @merbearmagic. There she shares fun photos and stories of her Disney adventures. Please be sure to check out the bottom of this post to learn more about Meredith. Thank you Meredith for writing this post and sharing your insight! All photos in the post were provided by Meredith.

Adults enjoy time with Mickey Mouse

Adults have fun on a Disney Cruise


Meredith’s Top 5 Reasons Adults Should Book a Disney Cruise

Let me just start by saying that Disney Cruise Line has it ALL! Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway or a long vacation at sea, you won’t be disappointed with everything they have to offer. I’ve been very blessed to have been sailing with Disney Cruise Line since 2005 and have been on 12 cruises, with 3 more booked as of today! My shortest cruise being a 3 night cruise to my longest being a 14 nighter. Everyone always asks me: How do I have fun on a cruise that’s mainly tailored for kids? My response is always the same, THE ADULTS HAVE THE BETTER TIME!! (no offense kiddos) I love Disney Cruise Line so much that I can’t see myself sailing with any other cruise line. Here are my top 5 reasons adults should do a Disney cruise.

 Enjoying time on a Disney Cruise


# 1: The Service

Nothing tops the service onboard the Disney ships. The crew members onboard do everything in their power to make you feel like royalty. Everybody from the cruise staff to the bartenders to your stateroom host, everyone I have encountered has always been sweet to me and they genuinely seem to love their job! Crew members will always go above and beyond to make your cruise absolutely unforgettable. One of the cool things about cruising with Disney, is rotational dining. Each night during your cruise, you eat dinner in a different restaurant from the night before. Also, your servers follow you from restaurant to restaurant. That way they get to know you and figure out your likes and dislikes.

Pro tip – My husband Chris and I like to sit alone at dinner time so we request that we have a table for two. If you are just sailing with two people, you may be put at a table with other couples or solo travelers. While it is fun getting to know others from around the world, if you are wishing for a more intimate setting during your dinner, I highly recommend requesting your own table. Not once have I had a problem getting my own table. That customer service is just TOP NOTCH.

Adults only dinner


#2: The Pools

I dream about the Quiet Cove Pool pretty much everyday. On all 4 ships, this is an adults-only pool area with a bar attached. Nothing more magical than that! The crazy thing is, the family and kid pool areas are so close in proximity that you would think that all you would hear is kids screaming and playing all day long, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t know how Disney does it, but they somehow were able to design the area a certain way to block out all other noise. Also, feeling hungry? Food is located super close to the pool so you don’t have to go far to grab yourself a burger or a slice of pizza, or better yet that amazing ICE CREAM!!

Onboard the Dream & Fantasy, there is another adults only area that I absolutely love! It’s called Satellite Falls and it’s a wading pool with a gentle rain and it is paradise. On the colder cruises, don’t fret! At the Quiet Cove, you will find hot tubs for your enjoyment and relaxation. If pools aren’t your thing, I still find it extremely relaxing grabbing a drink at the pool bar and finding a comfy lounge chair and letting all your worries wash away.


#3: The Entertainment

When I cruise with Disney, I know I’m in for a treat when it comes to being entertained. There are just so many activities from morning to late night! Whether you want to meet characters or head to one of the adults-only bars for some trivia, there is something for everyone.

Each night, there is a Broadway-style stage show inside the Walt Disney Theatre. These shows are not to be missed. Always arrive early to snag a really good spot! After the stage show, the entertainment doesn’t stop for the adults! There is a whole nightlife area dedicated to adults. From lounges to pubs to champagne bars, you can spend the night bar hopping or maybe participating in the fun activities such as Match your Mate or Karaoke. The cruise staff and the club host does such a good job at making sure you have the time of your life each and every night.

Adults have fun on a Disney Cruise

Adults have fun at Disney


#4: Palo

When I think of Palo, I think of heaven. Palo is one of the 18+ restaurant located on all 4 ships and it is a surcharge per person to eat there. But let me tell you it’s worth every penny. You will walk out after your meal craving more of its divine food and excellent service.

Pale offers Brunch and Dinner. I have tried both offerings and really can’t pick a favorite. Every seat in the house has a wonderful ocean view and the décor inside is breathtaking. On our last cruise, we tried dinner for the first time and it was an experience. Our whole meal took about 2 hours and we wanted to soak everything in and enjoy every second. As much as I love dining at the three main restaurants onboard, there is something really special about Palo.

Adult only fancy Disney Cruise dinner


#5: Serenity Bay

Castaway Cay is my favorite place on this planet. It’s Disney’s private island and it truly is paradise. The crystal blue water, the characters in their tropical outfits, all the Disney touches and amazing activities offered. This island is out of this world. But nothing tops Serenity Bay!

Adults love cruises


Serenity Bay is the adults-only beach and it’s the best place to be. A short tram ride away from the main part of the island, you have your own secluded beach with no kids. I love it! Find yourself a hammock, order a pina colada and have the best day ever! The water is almost prettier at Serenity Bay and I could stay in it all day long!

Adults enjoy quiet time on a Disney Cruise


Feeling hungry? There’s a BBQ steps away with so many delicious offerings such as barbecue chicken or burgers, with ice cream of course! You can also rent a tube or snorkel gear for even more fun! Also if you have kids and want to sneak away to Serenity, there’s even a place on the island that you can drop your kids off at so they can have fun and so can you! Just whatever you do, make sure you get to Serenity Bay! Not all cruises stop at Castaway Cay. If you do get the chance, make sure to book one that does because you will not regret it!

 Adults only area Disney Cruise


Other Helpful Information: The Ideal Number of Days

I have been on 12 cruises and to this day, I will always say that the longer cruises are the better ones! I always think that a 7 night cruise is the perfect amount of days because you’re able to do everything! While a 3 or 4 night cruise is still super fun, you don’t have that many days to complete everything on your list. We are doing two back to back 7 night cruises in September through Europe and we are just so excited!! I will say this though, if you’re contemplating a Disney cruise, book one and try out a 3 nighter. That way you can see how you much you love it! I’m pretty sure you will fall in love and will want to book a longer one right away!


Type of Room to Book

This truly depends on how much you plan on staying in your room. Chris & I are usually out of the room 80% of the day so we always choose to go the cheapest route and book an inside stateroom. On our past cruise, we decided to splurge and book a room with a verandah. Verandahs are super nice because you get your own private balcony and you get stellar views of the ocean and ports you are in. However they are the most pricey option.

So if you are down to splurge, I say go for it. If you want the cheapest room possible, an inside stateroom is still a great choice. Whichever room you choose, your cruise will be amazing no matter what! And also keep an eye out for the towel animals your host leaves each night. They are so fun!


Meredith’s Overall Recommendations

At the end of the day, I will never stop saying that a Disney Cruise Line vacation is the best thing money can buy. If you’re even thinking about it at all, make it happen and go on one! I’ve been cruising for 14 years of my life and I truly can’t imagine a world without Disney Cruise Line in it. These vacations bring me so much joy. I truly hope I have helped you decide whether or not to book a cruise with Disney. One last thing, eat all the things! Get your money’s worth and eat to your heart’s content! And never say no to the extra dessert.

 Date on a Disney Cruise


About Meredith

I’m Meredith and you can find me on Instagram at @merbearmagic. Born and raised in SoCal, I grew up going to Disneyland all the time and now I’m living in Orlando 10 minutes away from the parks. Disney is my happy place! Come follow along on my adventures and check out all the treats I try!

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