Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour Review

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This tour is a top Magic Kingdom tour for adults and a great way to learn about the history of Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney! Not only that, but we rank Walt Disney: Marcline to Main Street as one of our Top 3 Disney Tours!

Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour Review

Disney’s Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour is a great tour for all people that love Walt and want to learn more about him. This is also a great option for anyone that has never done a Disney World tour. The reason that it is a good first tour is because it is 3 hours, so you get a bunch of information, but you are not losing an entire day at the parks. Also it is one of the least expensive Disney World tours. Currently this tour is $49 (be sure to ask about AP discounts!)

What to expect:

We recommend taking the earliest tour available on a day when the park does not have Extra Magic hours. You will check in with a cast member at the front of the park and they will direct you to the meeting location. The early time is nice because once you check in, you should get some time in the park/Main Street area without a ton of park guests. They will give you headphones to wear during the tour – if you have someone with hearing problems, be sure to let them know. The tour will include a ton of information about Walt and Disney World. There are also a few surprises (if you are okay with spoilers, see below the big SPOILERS TO FOLLOW part at the very bottom of this post).

You should do this tour if:

You are a Disney fan and enjoy learning about the history of the man that started it all. The information that you gain on the tour is wonderful and you are also able to ask the cast member any questions that you have, so be sure to take advantage of that! If you book the first tour, you may also have a chance to take some pictures without too many guests in the park (even if you enter before the park opens, other guests on your tour, the other tours offered, and those with dining reservations will be in the park as well). If you want a little bit of extra Disney magic, we strongly recommend this tour! Disney for Adults

Things to be aware of:

There is a fair amount of walking and depending on when/what time of year you are doing the tour, it could get hot. The tour guides do a great job of managing the heat and the group, but just be aware that there is not a ton of resting time during this tour. While you are permitted to take pictures when in general Disney areas, the tour does take you backstage at parts and you are not permitted to take pictures in these parts. Also, if you or someone in your group is not a big fan of Disney/learning about Disney, they may not have a great time on this tour.   Magic Kingdom for more ideas about why adults love MK! Tours for more tour reviews! Our Favorites for more of our Disney favorites! Adults in Disney to get back home! Disney for Adults to get more info about our blog!   Information about booking and prices can be found here: Disney Tours  


We recommend being surprised, but part of the reason that this tour is so good is that you may get the opportunity to go on rides and see backstage. When we did this tour, we were able to go on Haunted Mansion and the Carousel of Progress. The Haunted Mansion was the best part of the tour by a lot – if you want to know why see below. The experience was unique because the tour guide was filling us in on fun facts the whole time through the rides.


As a bonus surprise, we were able to go back stage of the Haunted Mansion and see how they create the ballroom scene. This is not a guaranteed part of the tour, but we were lucky and they took us back. This alone was worth the price of admission!


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