Visiting All Disney Parks In 365 Days

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Visiting All Disney Parks Within 365 Days

It is official! We are visiting all of the Disney theme parks in the world within 365 days. Our first trip was at the beginning of May 2019 to Tokyo Disney and our final trip is Disneyland Paris in March 2020. This post provides a broad overview of our schedule for this year of adventure. We also provide details about how we offset the cost of the trips with airline and hotel points. None of our travel is sponsored or complementary from a company. With a bit of work and planning, anyone can do it!

Adults at the Tokyo Disneyland Castle


Free Flights

All of our trips for this adventure have flights that were booked with points. What this means is the only out of pocket costs that we incur are the fees charged by the airlines. For example, our roundtrip flight from Nashville to Disneyland cost us $11.20/person. Being able to book our flights with points is a huge component for us being able to make this adventure possible.

The method of traveling by using points can be done by anyone. None of our travel is sponsored. It does take a bit of research and planning though. We have made several blog posts about free travel and we will continue to add new posts. While we try to provide a lot of detail in the posts for people looking to get free travel to Disney, we know that it is a lot of information. There is a learning process and we have definitely made mistakes along the way. Hopefully the information we provide helps you avoid some of our mistakes. If you have any questions or requests for additional posts, please leave us a comment below!

Our YouTube video below also talks a bit about how we booked our flights for Hong Kong and Shanghia on points.

Free Hotels

We love the Swan and Dolphin hotel at Disney World because it is a great location and because it is a Marriott. As a Marriott hotel, we can book the hotel with points having our hotel stay cost almost nothing out of pocket. Similarly, there is a Marriott across the street from Disneyland in California that is part of Disney’s good neighbor hotel program and the Sheraton at Tokyo Disney Resort are both part of the Marriott family. These are our go-to hotels for Disneyland and Tokyo Disney because of their location and the fact that we can book them with points. To read our post about Marriott rewards, click here.

While free hotel nights are always a win, not all of our hotel stays for this world-wide adventure are booked on points. For example, we booked Disneyland Paris as a package directly through Disneyland Paris’s website. Why? Because there aren’t any Marriott hotels where we could use points that give us the same benefits as the Disney-owned hotel. The biggest benefit of the Disney hotels in Paris is being able to walk to the Disneyland Paris theme parks easily from the hotel. We also opted for the Disney package, because the current special offer is too good to pass up. (More on this below.)


Flexible Travel Schedule

We both have full-time jobs. As a result, there are certain times of the year that are really hard for us to travel. Besides those dates, we are pretty flexible when looking for travel deals. We also book pretty far in advance. Having some flexibility to your travel days and an ability to book far in advance is very helpful when booking with points and getting great travel deals. For us, flexibile travel dates were key in our visiting all Disney parks within 365 days.

For example, we booked our Disneyland Paris flight on American Airlines 11 months in advance. Given that there is limited availability for the flights that you can book with points, our early booking allowed us to reserve flights from Nashville to Paris with points and just one layover. Booking Disneyland Paris early has an additional benefit because Disneyland Paris has amazing deals for booking really far in advance. At the time of booking, they had a special called “Super Early Booker” which gives up to 25% off your entire trip package (hotel and park tickets). It also comes with Free Half Board Meal Plan for each person for the entire trip. Half Board is a full breakfast and a lunch or dinner each day of the trip. Always look for these special offers when traveling to any Disney theme park (most parks offer some version of special discounts).


Our Travel Itinerary for Visiting All Disney Parks Within 365 Days  (Updated December 2019)


1 – Tokyo Disney Resort

Our first trip was to Tokyo Disney the first week of May 2019. This was our second time visiting Tokyo Disney. We were really excited to go back during warmer weather (our first trip was in January). The timing of the trip worked out where we visited during Japan’s Golden Week. This is one of the peak travel times in Japan, so it was very different from our previous quiet-season trip.

Even with the bigger crowds the first couple days of our trip, we had a great time. Tokyo Disney is our favorite international resort so far and we already are planning another trip back. We have spent a lot of time at Tokyo Disney and we probably know the Tokyo parks better than we know Disneyland. We have several posts covering the various resorts we have stayed at, cell phone service in Tokyo, and transportation recommendations. If you have Tokyo related questions or a post you would like to see about Tokyo Disney, please leave us a comment below!

Beautiful day at Tokyo Disneyland

Having fun at Tokyo Disneyland as adults

Adults have fun at Tokyo DisneySea


2 – Disney World in Florida

We take monthly trips to Disney World and Disney World. When it comes to hotels, we have stayed in almost every Disney World resort (2 left on the list!). We have eaten at almost every restaurant in Disney World. One of our favorite things to do at Disney World is go on a tour. While we are really excited about visiting all of the other parks, this one will always feel like home.

Adults enjoying a ride at Disney World


3 – Disneyland in California

We traveled to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure park the first week of August 2019. For this trip, we stayed at the Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland. The hotel was an easy walk to the parks and we will definitely stay there on future trips.

While there were many things that we loved about Disneyland, the two things that stood out were the food and Maxpass. Disneyland and DCA have so many amazing snack options that you can’t go wrong. One location we would recommend for grabbing a drink is the Lamplight Lounge in DCA.

Maxpass is Disneyland’s version of Fastpass and it is so convenient. The ability to continue to make fastpassses directly through the Disneyland App allowed us to go on a ton of rides. We highly recommend Maxpass for anyone traveling to Disneyland.


4 – Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

We are going to Hong Kong Disneyland for the first time in December 2019. This trip is combined with Shanghai Disney (detailed below). We have 2 full days in Hong Kong. While Hong Kong is  a small Disney theme park, we are excited to explore it and take in all of the details. We are staying at the Explorers Lodge for both nights of our time in Hong Kong, but we hope to explore the other resorts a bit while we are there.


5 – Shanghai Disney Resort

After Hong Kong, we fly to Shanghai Disney. We have 4 days to explore Shanghai Disney. All of our nights in Shanghai will be at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. The combined trip worked out great because we were able to book our Hong Kong visit as an extended layover for our Shanghai trip. So Hong Kong was a bonus pit stop, which didn’t cost any additional airline miles! We can’t wait to visit these parks in a few days!


6 – Disneyland Paris Resort

Our final trip to Disneyland Paris in March 2020! This will be a quick trip but it allows us to complete all of the parks within the 365 day window. Our only other trip to Disneyland Paris was in May 2018. We are excited to end our around the world adventure in Disneyland Paris because it was the first international Disney park we ever visited. That aspect plus all of the wonderful details at Disneyland Paris make it a perfect ending location.

Adults enjoy a trip to Disneyland Paris

Adults at Disneyland Paris


How To Follow Along

When we are at the Disney Parks, the best way to follow us is through our Instagram stories and posts. We try to post plenty of stories so that everyone can follow along. When we get back from a trip, we create posts for this website detailing our experiences and recommendations. We also recently started a YouTube channel and will be sharing our travel vlogs. Hong Kong and Shanghai will be our first international travel vlog. If you get a chance, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you have any suggestions for posts or things you would like to know more about, please leave a comment below!



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  1. Ally

    I’ve only been to Disney World in Florida but following you guys is so much fun and I get the best Disney vibes!

    • admin

      Hi Ally- Thank you so much for the comment and for following along! We may be bias, but Disney World is the best one haha. Thank you again for checking out our website – we really appreciate it!

  2. Alex

    You will love Hong Kong’s wait time! I’ve been to all the disney parks and the most I waited for a popular ride in Hong Kong was 15 minutes! Prepare for Shanghai, wait times can be long just like Tokyo!

    • admin

      Hi Alex – thank you so much for the comment! We cannot wait to get to Hong Kong and 15 minute or less for wait times sounds awesome. We are really excited to check out both Hong Kong and Shanghai! Hope that you had an amazing time when you visited them and thank you again for the comment 🙂

  3. Marie

    I love reading your blog. I’m an extremely fearful flyer, but my dream is to visit all the Disney parks because I’m a huge Disney fan. When I get excited seeing your travels, it makes me feel like the excitement might out-weigh my fears and I can actually get there one day. The first international parks I want to see is Tokyo. I studied Japanese in college, so combining my love for the language and love of Disney would make it ideal. The flight time for us would be ~14hrs, so it will be rough. I’m gonna work towards it though!

    • admin

      Hi Marie. Thank you so much for the comment and for reading our blog! We highly recommend the international parks, especially Tokyo. So excited to hear that you are considering a trip – it is definitely worth the long flight. Do what you feel comfortable with, but hope that your excitement wins out. If you end up planning a trip, please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks again for following along!


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