Typhoon Lagoon: A Review for Adults

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Typhoon Lagoon: A Review for Adults

Disney World is known for amazing theme parks. The Disney World water parks, however, get far less attention. Until recently, we fell into the “no water parks” category of Disney fans. But, our recent visit to Typhoon Lagoon opened our eyes to the fun that adults can have at a Disney water park. This post covers the basics of Typhoon Lagoon, the cost, the food, the drinks, and why we think a visit to Typhoon Lagoon is a fun option for adults in Disney.

Mickey Raft at Typhoon Lagoon


Why Adults Should Go To Typhoon Lagoon

We never thought of ourselves as water park people. But, after spending a day at Typhoon Lagoon, we have had a change of heart. We had an amazing time at Typhoon Lagoon and ended up staying at the water park for a lot longer than we planned. Why did we have such a fun time? Here are a few of the main reasons…

Ride locations at Typhoon Lagoon


A Different Disney Experience

We believe Typhoon Lagoon is a great option for adults looking for something different and fun to add to their Disney World trip. We go to Disney World frequently. While there is always something fun happening at the Disney theme parks, visiting Typhoon Lagoon added a whole new Disney experience. If you are looking for new rides, theming, and Disney fun, then you may want to add a visit to Typhoon Lagoon to your next Disney vacation. You can even surf in the wave pool before the park opens or after the park closes. You can check out our review of this experience here.

Adults exploring Typhoon Lagoon


A Variety of Rides

Typhoon Lagoon has a variety of rides. While we love thrill rides, we are not into giant water slides. Specifically we only ride water rides that have a tube. Because of this, we thought there would not be many rides that we would want to do at Typhoon Lagoon. Once we were in Typhoon Lagoon, we were impressed by the variety of rides. There is a massive lazy river, a huge wave pool, and all types of water slides. There even is a water roller coaster called the Crush ‘N’ Gusher. The variety of rides is definitely one of the reasons we would recommend Typhoon Lagoon.

Relaxing in the lazy river

Mayday Falls Typhoon Lagoon


A Way To Cool Off

Florida can get really hot, especially in the summer. Typhoon Lagoon is a great place to have fun and cool off a bit. While the hotel pools are a good option to keep cool, Typhoon Lagoon offers a lot more variety and excitement. If you are not a fan of the heat and you are going to Disney in the summer, definitely look into a visit to Typhoon Lagoon.

Birds eye view of Typhoon Lagoon


If You Like Water Parks

We went to Typhoon Lagoon with pretty low expectations. We thought we would ride the lazy river around a couple of times, grab a drink, and leave. The low initial expectations may have helped make our overall experience better. However, if you like water parks in general, we think you will have fun at Typhoon Lagoon. Because we aren’t fans of rides without tubes, there were a whole bunch of water slides we didn’t go on. If you are a fan of water parks and want to do all of the rides, we think you would have a great time at Typhoon Lagoon.


When Adults May Want To Pass On Typhoon Lagoon

There are several reasons why adults may want to pass on going to a water park when on their Disney vacation. We first go over some general reasons and then get into the cost aspect below.


A Shorter Disney Trip

If you only have a few days at Disney World, you may want to pass on going to a water park. Our general rule of thumb for family and friends is if you don’t go to Disney more than once a year and have a trip that is 5 days or less, we would probably pass on going to a water park. Visiting the water park will use up at least half a day, if not a full day, of your vacation. Especially when you factor in travel time to and from your hotel to the park.

For a Disney trip of 5 days or less, a visit to the water park may result in you missing out on other Disney theme park activities or having your trip be rushed. While the water parks are fun, we would only recommend them if you have a long Disney trip or if you come to Disney somewhat regularly.

If you love water parks, then disregard what we mention above. If you want to go to Typhoon Lagoon and that is what you are excited about, go for it! Again, you would have to be okay with potentially missing out on other aspects to go to the water park. But if this is what works for your trip, do it!


A Winter Disney Trip

During the winter, one or both of the water parks may be closed because of the cold.  While the water is heated, it can get cold enough in Florida that it may not be fun to be at the water park. That being said, there are times we have been in Florida during the winter and there was a heat wave. If you are going in the winter and are interested in the water parks, we would recommend buying your ticket when at Disney, so that you can check the weather conditions before incurring the cost.


Assisted Mobility Devices

One major downside to Typhoon Lagoon is that the water park is not very convenient for individuals that use assisted mobility devices. If you or someone in your party uses an assisted mobility device, we would not recommend going to Typhoon Lagoon. Sadly we felt the layout of the park, rides queues, and ride setups would make the experience very difficult for any individual that uses an assisted mobility device.


If You Really Don’t Like Water Parks

This is a tough one, because we thought we didn’t like water parks until we gave Typhoon Lagoon a chance. However, we went in with an open mind and ended up loving it. We do however enjoy swimming and relaxing in a lazy river, so those aspects definitely helped. The item that surprised us was how much we enjoyed the other tube rides as well. That being said, if you really don’t like swimming and are pretty sure you are not going to have fun at a water park, we would definitely say to pass on Typhoon Lagoon.


The Cost

The cost of the water parks could be viewed as both a positive and a negative. You can currently purchase a one day ticket to Typhoon Lagoon for $69. A positive perspective on this is that this cost is much less expensive than a Disney World theme park ticket. It is also less than many of the extra ticket events. For example, the After Hours event tickets (which get you a bonus 3 hours at a Disney Park) currently cost around $125 (click here). These prices make the $69 for a day at the water park seem not too bad.

Park tickets for Typhoon Lagoon


If you are purchasing theme park tickets through Disney World, you also have the option of getting a park-hopper plus ticket. With the plus option, you can park hop between the normal Disney theme parks and each day of your ticket you also get a bonus option from a set list. That option could be to go to a water park or play a round of golf or mini-golf.  If you have a shorter trip or if you plan on going to water parks a couple of times, this can be a great option. Currently adding the plus option is an additional $20 for each day of your ticket above the cost of a normal park-hopper ticket.

The negative aspect of the cost is exactly that. Going to the water parks is an additional cost on top of all of the other Disney vacation expenses. Is it worth the additional cost? That depends on if you are excited about checking out the water park and if you have enough time in your trip to be able to enjoy it.



The food at Typhoon Lagoon is average at best. To be fair, we have only eaten at two of the locations. The first food spot we tried was Lowtide Lou’s. We had a chicken wrap here that was horrible. The wrap was soggy – it came that way, it wasn’t because we were drenched. We also had a jalapeno cheese pretzel from Lowtide Lou’s and the pretzel was good. Jeff also got fish tacos from Typhoon Tilly’s. The tacos were really good and he would recommend them to anyone visiting Typhoon Lagoon.

Quick service dining at Typhoon Lagoon

Lowtide Lou's at Typhoon Lagoon

Menu at Typhoon Lagoon


Overall, Typhoon Lagoon had a lot more food options than we were anticipating. While the lines for the food locations weren’t that long, it did take a while for our food to be prepared at Typhoon Tilly’s. Our food experience at Typhoon Lagoon was the one aspect that did not meet our expectations.



Typhoon Lagoon has plenty of locations for sodas. They also have refillable mugs for purchase. We do not drink a lot of soda, so we didn’t look into the refillable mug option. If you are going with a family or if you plan on have several soft drinks, the refillable mug may be a good option.

All of our drinks at Typhoon Lagoon were alcoholic haha. Jeff had a very large Corona beer. We also had a pina colada and strawberry margarita. The frozen drinks were good, especially given how hot it was. However, we didn’t think the drinks were anything spectacular. If you are looking for a bar, check to see if Hammer Head Fred’s Dive is open. It is a decent size bar and wasn’t very busy. There was also a live musical performer playing a steelpan which made the atmosphere really enjoyable.

Alcohol at Typhoon Lagoon

Beware of the shark at Typhoon Lagoon


Our Overall Recommendation

We had a ton of fun at Typhoon Lagoon and will definitely be making more frequent visits to this water park. However, Typhoon Lagoon is included in our annual pass and we go to Disney World very frequently (about once a month). If you love water parks, we definitely recommend visiting Typhoon Lagoon. However, as we mentioned above, there are many reasons you may want to pass on visiting Typhoon Lagoon. If you have any questions or comments, please leave us a message below!


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