Top Things To Do at Hong Kong Disneyland

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Top Things To Do at Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is a small, but amazing Disney theme park. We spent two full days at Hong Kong Disneyland which gave us a lot of time to explore the theme park. If you are planning to visit Hong Kong Disneyland, there are a few things that you cannot miss. This post covers our top things to do at Hong Kong Disneyland. HK Mystic    

#1 Mystic Manor

Many Disney rides exist in multiple Disney parks. For example, It’s A Small World is an attraction at most Disney parks. Mystic Manor only exists in Hong Kong Disneyland and, for us, this ride is not to be missed. Not only is this ride unique to Hong Kong Disneyland, but it is awesome. The ride takes guest through the antiquities collection of Lord Henry Mystic. But this isn’t an ordinary tour, the items come to life with the help of an adorable monkey. Mystic Manor includes amazing theming and awesome details. It is easily our favorite ride in HK Disneyland. Also, the ride does not have any drops and it shouldn’t cause motion sickness. This means it is a ride that everyone can go on. All of these reasons make it our top things to do in Hong Kong Disneyland.  

Mystic Albert

    Another positive aspect of Mystic Manor is that it includes a fair amount of English. While visiting international Disney parks, some rides and shows contain little to no English. For us, hearing the rides in foreign languages adds to the fun of being at an international Disney park. But, having no context in English can sometimes make it hard to follow the story. Mystic Manor has the perfect amount of English (and some amazing visual story telling) which allows guests to both understand and enjoy the ride.

Priority Admission HK  

Wait Times and FastPass

We visited Hong Kong Disneyland at a very quiet time. There were national protests taking place, which caused a large drop in tourism. Because of this, all of our ride wait times were only 5 minutes. Even if the wait is much longer, we recommend going on this ride. HK Disneyland does have a FastPass system. However, it only works for a limited number of rides and Mystic Manor isn’t one of them. The bright side is, HK does have another type of pass that allows you to skip the lines. These passes are called Priority Special Pass. We received these tickets from staying at a Disney hotel. For our trip, we stayed at the Explorers Lodge and we have a full blog post on it. You can also purchase a Priority Special Attraction Admission Pass. This pass allows you priority access to 3 rides. You can choose from a set list of rides, one of which is Mystic Manor. The pass currently costs 249 HKD which is about $32 USD. If the park is busy, we definitely think it is worth getting this pass.

Priority Special HK

As we mentioned above, it is a bit hard to describe Mystic Manor. Below is Day 1 of our Vlog of Hong Kong Disneyland. Minute 13 includes some clips from Mystic Manor. Minute 31 gives some clips of our #2 must do, the Paint the Night Parade.  

#2 Disney Paint the Night Parade

The Paint the Night Parade is a nighttime parade that has great music and it is beautiful. It is the perfect way to end your Disney day and for us, it is not to be missed. The parade includes thousands of lights, floats, Disney characters, princesses, and of course Mickey Mouse. The cast members in the parade are also fun and often interact with guests. We visited Hong Kong Disneyland during a quiet time, so both nights we were able to walk up and grab a front row spot right before the parade started. Crowds for the parade are larger towards Main Street. If you don’t want to wait a while before the parade starts, check the route and find a spot closer to where the parade starts.

Mickey Paint the Night


# 3 Mickey and the Wondrous Book

Mickey and the Wondrous Book is one of the shows at Hong Kong Disneyland. This show is one of our favorites from all of the Disney resorts (and we have visited them all).  The show is similar to Mickey and the Magical Map and Disneyland Anaheim and Mickey and the Magician at Disneyland Paris. The basis of the story is that Mickey and Goofy help Olaf get back to his story. Along the way, they visit a lot of other Disney characters in the wondrous book. One of our favorites is Tiana from Princess and the Frog. The show takes place in a theater and provides a nice AC break from the hot Hong Kong weather. The show is in Cantonese, but there is English captioning on the side. Even without the captioning, it is pretty easy to follow along with the story.

Tiana Hong Kong

A close second for a must see show is the Lion King show at Hong Kong Disneyland. The reason this show didn’t make our list is because it is similar to the Lion King show at Disney World. However, in our opinion, the Hong Kong version is better. If you have never seen the Disney World Lion King show, then you may want to make the Lion King show a priority. Even if you have seen the Disney World version, if you have the time, we still highly recommend the Lion King show at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Sign HK


Our Overall Recommendation

Hong Kong Disneyland has a lot of really fun rides and shows. For us, the three items on this list are not to be missed. All three items are very different, but they all bring in so much Disney magic and fun. If you have any questions about our three recommendations or about Hong Kong Disneyland in general, please leave us a comment below!     Adults in Disney to get back home! Disney for Adults to get more info about our blog!


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