Below we briefly discuss our recommendations for the best tours for adults in Disney. You can find a more detailed review of each tour by following the link attached to each tour’s name. Let us know if you have any questions!

Wild African Trek (Animal Kingdom)

This is hands down our favorite tour for adults in Disney World. If you love the safari at Animal Kingdom, or just love animals in general, we highly recommend it. The group is relatively small (we had 8 of us when we did it) so you get plenty of time to interact with the tour guides, which is really nice. In our opinion, the best part is either walking across the rope bridge or the private meal on the savanna. The other pros are all the great information that you get, photo opportunities (including professional photos taken by the guides), and getting an up-close experience with some of the animals. The tour is on the more expensive side ($189-249), but we think it is worth it.

Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour (Magic Kingdom)

We love Walt and learning tons of information about him and the parks – making this tour one of our favorites. The tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable, keep the tour moving, and make it accessible to all guests. Plus as a huge bonus, doing this tour early in the morning (especially on a non early morning extra magic hours day) allows you to enter the park before it opens – giving you the chance to take pictures and enjoy an almost empty Main Street. Also, this is one of the more affordable tours (currently $49) and is only a 3-hour time commitment, so you still have plenty of time to do other Disney activities afterwards.

Epcot Seas Adventures: Aqua Tour (Epcot)

Out of all the Disney tours that we have done, this one provides the least amount of information/Disney facts. While the cast members share some of their knowledge about maintaining the habitats and the animals that call Epcot home, it is only for a relatively small portion of the tour. Why then does this tour make it into our top 3 Disney World tours? Because you get to SWIM IN THE AQUARIUM! This tour also has two versions – one for those who are scuba certified and one for those who are not. This tour is usually offered once per day, lasts two and a half hours, and currently costs $145.



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*For all tours, we recommend booking them in advance. You can book most online or call Disney World and a cast member will be more than happy to help you. Please check the official Walt Disney World website for additional details on any of our recommended best tours for adults in Disney. Disney Tours


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