Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta Review

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Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta

Our night at the Hotel MiraCosta was the best hotel experience we have had at a Disney property. Hotel MiraCosta is located inside the Tokyo DisneySea theme park, along the Mediterranean harbor. The view is spectacular from the theme park side rooms. The theming is sophisticated, while still having that Disney magic. The catch? The price tag is really high. If you are going to Tokyo Disney and you have no budget, stay at MiraCosta in a harbor view room. If you are able to splurge for one night, do it and stay at MiraCosta in a harbor view room. Specifically, get a Porto Paradiso Side Superior Room with a Harbor View. This post includes a video of our Porto Paradiso room, photos of the hotel, and the pros and cons of staying at the Hotel MiraCosta.

Hotel MiraCosta room view of Fantasmic


Is This Hotel Good For Adults?

Heck Yes! This hotel is a Disney fan’s dream, especially adult Disney fans. The details are amazing and the view… breathtaking. While the theming in all of the rooms is great, the main benefit is the view. We mostly recommend this hotel for adults if you are able to get one of the rooms that are classified as Porto Paradiso Side Harbor View. We have more details about the rooms and how to book them below, but all of our talk about the amazing view and experience that we had is largely dependent on us selecting this higher-price room.


Even if you know little or no Japanese, do not worry. All of the cast members at the hotel were able to help with any questions that we had. Even if one person wasn’t sure what we needed, they were able to quickly find another cast member that could help.

Hotel MiraCosta lobby

Entry way to Hotel MiraCosta


Hotel Rooms and Cost

The entire hotel had wonderful Disney theming and details. If you are used to staying at Disney resort hotels when on vacation, you will feel right at home at Hotel MiraCosta. The theming in all of the rooms is impeccable, but the main benefit of staying at the Hotel MiraCosta is the view.

Adults in Disney love Hotel MiraCosta

Hotel MiraCosta Harbor View

Hotel MiraCosta view of DisneySea


When we first looked into hotel rooms, we knew we wanted to spend the night in one of the rooms that overlooked the main area of DisneySea. We settled on the Porto Paradiso Side Superior Room Harbor View. This room costs about $640 per night. If you are able to splurge, we strongly recommend this room or one of the rooms on this side of the hotel with a balcony. We were able to watch a couple of the day and night shows from our room and words cannot describe how magical it was! If you do not plan on being in the room or if you are not going to splurge for the Porto Paradiso Side Harbor View rooms, then our recommendation of this hotel drops, especially when accounting for the price.

Hotel MiraCosta interior room view

Mickey Mouse at Hotel MiraCosta

Amenities offered at Hotel MiraCosta


If you want the Porto Paradiso Side Superior Room Harbor View, know that the rooms book very quickly. We were on the Tokyo Disney website as soon as the rooms were released and were able to get one. Currently rooms are released exactly 5 months prior to your check-in day (be careful to account for the time change and have a Disney account set up prior to your booking date). The website also only accepts certain credit cards because of the Japanese verification, so have at least one or two credit cards as back-ups when booking the hotel online.



The Location

The location is one of the main benefits. Hotel MiraCosta gives guests the unique experience of staying inside a Disney park. That’s right, you’re technically inside of the theme park! That being said, it is not equivalent to staying in the castle at Disney World or Disneyland. We felt that it is comparable to the Disneyland Paris hotel which serves as the entrance to the Disneyland Paris theme park.

From the Porto Paradiso Side Harbor View rooms, you can watch everything that happens in this area of the park before, during, and after park open. Besides the people watching from your hotel room, it is very easy to get to the DisneySea park. Since the hotel is located inside of the DisneySea park, hotel guests have a special entrance that they can use to get into DisneySea. The location makes it easy to pop back to your hotel room for a break. If you are adjusting from a major shift in time change, this can be hugely beneficial.


What Are The Other Benefits Of This Hotel?

Easy access to the monorail is another benefit of staying at hotel MiraCosta. The monorail at Tokyo Disney runs in one direction. There are 4 stops: Tokyo DisneySea/MiraCosta, Disneyland/Disneyland Hotel, the train station/Ikspiri (shopping area), and the Tokyo Disney Resort Official hotels. The quick access to the monorail from the hotel means that getting to the Disneyland theme park is also extremely easy.

Hotel MiraCosta from the monorail


Another benefit for adults is the BellaVista Lounge located just off of the hotel lobby. The lounge has a bar and is very convenient if you want to grab a drink. If you grab a table in the lounge for lunch or dinner, request a table by the window which looks over the Mediterranean Harbor area of DisneySea.  If you are not staying at Hotel MiraCosta, you can still dine or grab a drink at the BellaVista Lounge.


Benefits for Disney Hotel Guests

There are a few unique benefits to staying at an official Disney hotel.


Happy 15

Disney hotel guests get access the Happy 15. The Happy 15 is similar to extra magic hours at other Disney theme parks. The main difference is that it is not an hour of access to the park, it is 15 minutes. For DisneySea, hotel guests can enter the park 15 minutes early. This basically gives guests enough time to get a fastpass for a ride before other guests enter the park. This is particularly helpful if you want to ride Toy Story Mania.

Hotel MiraCosta and Happy 15


If you use your Happy 15 at Disneyland, you actually get to enter the park 30 minutes early. For our 30 minutes early, the only ride open was Buss Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. Otherwise, guests could walk around the park or get in line for a fastpass. Fastpass becomes available once the park is officially open. The main benefit of the Happy 15 at Disneyland is that you can ride Buzz, get a fastpass at park open, and then immediately head to another ride before non-hotel guests get there (since you have a head-start from already being in the park).



Guests staying at Disney’s Hotel MiraCosta, Disneyland Hotel, or Ambassador Hotel have access to purchase a Multi-Day Passport Special ticket. These tickets allow guests to park hop starting on day one of their ticket. If you are only going to Disney for a short trip, this is a huge benefit. To learn more about the Multi-Day Passport Special tickets and how theme park tickets at Tokyo Disneyland work, see our post here.



When you have a hotel room booked through the Tokyo Disney, you are able to make dining reservations online. Advanced Dining for Tokyo Disney is called Priority Seating. Reservations can be made through the Tokyo Disney website. When you are staying at a Disney-owned hotel, you can make your dining reservations online in ENGLISH 30 days prior to the reservation, starting at 10 Japan time. If you are not staying at a Disney hotel, you can still make reservations online, but it is in Japanese. While it is possible to make the reservations, it is much more of a headache if you do not speak Japanese. The ability to make reservations very easily online, in English, was a nice perk for us.


What Are The Downsides Of This Hotel?

As we mentioned above, the view from the hotel room is one of the main benefits. If you do not plan on being in your room or if you do not get a Porto Paradiso Side Harbor View room, it is hard to justify the cost. Even with the great view, it is still hard to justify the cost. If you want all of the Disney perks like the Happy 15, close proximity to the park, and advanced dining reservation options through the website, but don’t care about the view, we would pick the cheapest hotel room option at either the Disneyland Hotel or Hotel MiraCosta. If you don’t care about the Disney perks, our preferred Tokyo Disney hotel when accounting for the cost is the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel.


Our Overall Recommendation

This hotel was our big splurge for our trip to Tokyo Disney and it was AMAZING. Being able to watch the nighttime show from our MiraCosta hotel room is probably one of our all-time favorite Disney memories. If you want to stay at the Hotel MiraCosta, we highly recommend a Porto Paradiso Side Superior Room Harbor View or a Harbor View room with a balcony. This room is very expensive, so we only recommend making the splurge if you plan to take advantage of being in your room to enjoy the view. If you have any questions or comments about the hotel, please leave them below!


Additional details about Hotel MiraCosta can be found here.



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