Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Review

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Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is located just outside of the main gate of the Tokyo Disneyland theme park. Being a Disney resort hotel, the Disneyland Hotel has wonderful theming and details. If you are familiar with Disney World resorts, the atmosphere of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel felt similar to the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World. While the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel has elegant details, our favorite Disney-owned hotel is Hotel MiraCosta. This post covers the pros and cons of staying at the Tokyo Disneyland hotel. We also include photos and a video tour of our hotel room.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel


Is This Hotel Good For Adults?

This hotel is great for adults. The rooms were private and very well-maintained. The standard rooms also have a sophisticated elegance with Disney details that targets fancy, Disney-loving adults. While the hotel and rooms are beautiful, if we have no hotel budget, we prefer the Hotel MiraCosta over this hotel. When accounting for the costs, our go-to Tokyo Disney hotel is the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel.

Does this mean adults should not stay here? Definitely not – it all comes down to preference. We love the view from the MiraCosta hotel rooms. If you like people watching, then the view from MiraCosta wins every time. If you like a grand lobby and fancy details, you may prefer the Disneyland Hotel. Also, if you love in-room character details more than a view, the character rooms at the Disneyland Hotel may be perfect for you. (More on these hotel rooms below.)

One benefit of this hotel is the lounge/bar located just off of the lobby called the Dreamer’s Lounge. We had afternoon tea at the Dreamer’s Lounge and it was quite the experience. For a review of the afternoon tea, click here. While the tea is popular and often requires a reservation, the lounge also has a bar at the end. One afternoon we stopped at the bar to get a dessert, tea, and drinks. While the bar isn’t large, we would definitely recommend stopping by if there are seats available.

Adults enjoy the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel lobby


The Rooms and Cost

We stayed in the Standard Superior Alcove Room (Floors 4 through 9, Non Smoking). The standard rooms at the Disneyland Hotel have the same feel as the Grand Floridian at Disney World or the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris. The theming is spot on and the rooms are very elegant. Our room had an alcove sitting area and there was also a trundle bed that could be pulled out. The cost of the room is approximately $475 per night. While the room and the theming are beautiful, we felt the additional cost for the view from this room is not worth it.


If we were to stay at this hotel again, we would book one of the character rooms. The character room options currently include Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Beauty and the Beast, and Alice in Wonderland. The Beauty and the Beast room looks especially beautiful. If you really want a view of the Tokyo Disneyland theme park, we would suggest going all out and getting one of the balcony rooms with a theme park view.

If you are hoping for a spectacular theme park view, just be aware that the monorail station is located between the Disneyland Hotel and the theme park. Even with a theme park view, you will not have the same immersive experience as you would with the Hotel MiraCosta. If you are only able to splurge on one hotel, we recommend a Harbor View room at MiraCosta. If you really want to stay at the Disneyland Hotel, we recommend a character room. The link to all of the room options at the Disneyland Hotel is here.

Adults in Disney enjoy a large room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Adults in Disney and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel rooms

Adults in Disney enjoy a nice sitting area at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Adults in Disney like large bathrooms at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel


The Location

The Disneyland Hotel is located just outside of the entrance gates of the Disneyland theme park. As you exit the Disneyland park, you walk past the Disneyland monorail station and then you are at the back entrance of the hotel. The location is very convenient to go to and from Disneyland. It is also very easy to get to the monorail.

Adults in Disney at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel


What Are The Other Benefits Of This Hotel?

As mentioned above, the Disneyland hotel is located just pass the monorail stop for the Disneyland theme park. The proximity to Disneyland makes it easy to come and go from the Disneyland theme park.  Also, being close to the monorail means that it is also easy for Disneyland Hotel guests to board the monorail and ride over to the DisneySea theme park. Guests staying at Disney-owned hotels also receive monorail passes as part of their hotel package.


Benefits for Disney Hotel Guests

Guest staying at Disney-owned hotels get several perks that are not available to other theme park guests. In our opinion, the best perk is access to purchase the Multi-Day Passport Special ticket which allows guests to park hop starting on day 1 of their ticket. Guests also get access to the Happy 15. The Happy 15 allows hotel guests to enter the park 15 minutes before open at TokyoSea and 30 minutes before open at Disneyland. A detailed discussion of all of the benefits for guests staying at Disney Hotels is provided in our Hotel MiraCosta post. Click here to check out that post.

Adults in Disney enter Disneyland Tokyo early from their stay at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel


What Are The Downsides Of This Hotel?

The main downside of this hotel is the cost. While many of the rooms are more affordable than Hotel MiraCosta, it is still an expensive hotel. When accounting for cost and convenience, our preferred Tokyo Disney hotel is the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel.

The theme park view is only okay. When we booked the theme park view room, we were hoping that you would be closer to the park. While you can definitely see Tokyo Disneyland, the view is nothing compared to Hotel MiraCosta. The theme park entrance gate and monorail station are between the hotel and Disneyland. Because of this, the hotel is more set back from the park than we initially expected. That being said, the hotel is still extremely close to Disneyland. Just when it comes to the view from your room, we do not think the cost of a theme park view is worth it for the Disneyland hotel.


Our Overall Recommendation

The Disneyland hotel has the classic elegance that is expected from a high-end Disney resort. The theming and feel of this resort is very similar to the Grand Floridian in Disney World. Despite the elegance, this is not our top resort pick for Tokyo Disney. Hotel MiraCosta is our favorite Disney-owned resort. If you want to stay at the Disneyland Hotel in Tokyo, we strongly recommend passing on the view and instead booking a character hotel room.

Additional Hotel Details can be found here.



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  1. Linda Bermudez

    Is it difficult to book? I booked the Sheraton Grande just in case, but hope to change when booking is available. We’re looking at February 2020.

    • admin

      Hi Linda! Thanks so much for checking out our website! It’s actually easy to book, the Tokyo Disney website has an English version and from our experience there is plenty of availability for the standard room types. We would still recommend booking exactly 5 months out to be sure to get the room you want. We would also recommend logging in and searching for rooms sometime before your booking day to get familiar with the website. We are staying at the Sheraton for our trip next week. Will have a review of that one up this week – it’s a great option. Hope you have fun planning for your trip and if you have any other questions, please let us know!

      • Linda J Bermudez

        Thank you!

  2. Harsh

    Its $475 for 2, right? With tickets. So that includes $150 ticket if am not wrong.

    So essentially you are paying $300 extra, a standard hotel either way cost $80-100. Plus traveling other $10-20, so essentially you are paying $200 extra, but getting the special service too, correct?

    • admin

      Hi – Thank you so much for checking out our post. The $475 is the cost just for the hotel room for 2 people, not the tickets. Sorry if that wasn’t clear in the post. The only cost-saving benefit you get is a monorail pass for each guest for the days you are staying at the hotel. There are other benefits like the happy 15, but again you need to purchase a ticket separately to be able to take advantage of that. Please let us know if you have any other questions and thanks again for checking out our website!


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