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Transportation and Hotels at Tokyo Disney

If you are traveling to Tokyo Disney from a foreign country, one important aspect is how you will get to Disney. Luckily, the bus service from the airport to Disney is extremely easy and cost efficient. There is also an easy train option if you are traveling from downtown Tokyo, Tokyo Station to Tokyo Disney. In fact, the low stress associated with visiting Tokyo Disney is one of our top 5 reasons adults should go to Tokyo Disney. This post provides all of the details about transportation to an within Tokyo Disney. In addition, this post provides an overview of all of the hotels that we have stayed at in Tokyo Disney.


Transportation from the Narita International Airport

Both of our trips to Tokyo, we arrived at Narita International Airport Terminal 1. The details will be similar if you arrive at a different terminal. The Limousine Bus service is our ideal method of transportation to get to the Tokyo Disney Resort area. The Limousine Bus signs and the bus are in orange have the label Friendly Airport Limousine. After you exit the customs and immigration area, there is a clearly marked ticket booth where you can select your destination Disney hotel as well as your departure time from an agent. The agent knew enough English that booking the bus was very easy.

Our first night was at the Hilton Tokyo Bay hotel so we selected this as our destination, paid 1,800 yen (about $17) per person, and went outside between airport exits 5 and 6. Upon exiting, the limousine bus stop was located directly outside the doors with signs that included English.

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We waited for our assigned bus departure time, dropped off our luggage with the bus stop attendant, and boarded our bus to the Hilton hotel. Our luggage was tagged to the Hilton and was loaded for us. This route had 4 additional people on the bus with us and made stops at the Disneyland resort and Disney Ambassador Hotel prior to dropping us off at the Hilton. The bus only made stops where guests needed, rather than stopping at all of the possible dropoff points. The stops are announced in both Japanese and English and are very easy to understand.

The entire bus ride took approximately one hour and was very easy and convenient. The bus seats were clean and comfortable. The bus ticket window, bus stop, and all directions were clear, easy to read, and made for an easy mode of transportation to any Disney area hotel. We strongly recommend taking the bus. If you are flying into an airport other than Narita, we recommend checking to see if the Limousine Bus service is an available option.

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Additional Bus Details can be found here.


Transportation to or from Tokyo Station in Downtown Tokyo

If you are staying or going to downtown Tokyo before, during, or after your time at Disney, the train to downtown Tokyo is extremely convenient and easy. The station for the train to downtown Tokyo is located right off of the Tokyo Disney monorail stop labeled Resort Gateway Station. Depending on where you are going in Tokyo, we recommend speaking with the hotel front desk to confirm which train you need and the appropriate train route.

When we went to downtown Tokyo, our destination was Tokyo Station. This final destination is a very easy train ride from Tokyo Disney and does require any transfers. We strongly recommend this area as a secondary hotel location for touring non-Disney Japan. If you are visiting/staying in a different part of Tokyo, the train route may be a bit more complicated.

We strongly recommend the train to get into downtown Tokyo because it is affordable and easy. If you take the train to or from Tokyo Disney to downtown Tokyo, we recommend mapping out your route online or with a hotel concierge before going to the train station.


Transportation at Tokyo Disney

Getting around Tokyo Disney could not be any easier! There is one monorail loop that contains 4 stops – Disney Seas and Miracosta, Disneyland and Disneyland Hotel, Bayside Station with the Resort Official Hotels (Sheraton, Hilton, etc.), and the Resort Gateway Station (includes the main train station to/from Tokyo and Ikspiari).

The monorail only runs in one direction, so you cannot get lost. The monorail also runs frequently and on time. On average, our wait for the monorail was 3-5 minutes.

Our walk from the Hilton to the monorail station was our longest at about 7 minutes. The Sheraton was approximately 4 minutes from the monorail station, and the Disneyland Hotel and Miracosta are each about 1-2 minutes from the monorail.

4-day unlimited ride tickets cost 1,400 yen (about $13). When staying at Miracosta or the Disneyland Hotel, monorail tickets are included with your stay. With a one night stay, you get a 2 day monorail ticket.

Train stop announcements, signs, and ticket machines are in Japanese and English, making it difficult to miss your stop. The monorail is easy to use, fun to ride, incredibly clean, and is one of the highlights of visiting Tokyo Disney.

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Changing Hotels

We opted to change hotels frequently during our trip. For us, experiencing the different hotels is part of the fun. We knew we wanted to do the Disneyland Hotel and Hotel MiraCosta. The other two hotels we picked primarily because of location, price, and our familiarity with Hilton and Sheraton brands. The downside to changing hotels is that it may take time away from being at the parks. Also, it can be a pain to repack all of your items to change hotels.

All of the hotels we stayed at offered to move our suitcases between the hotels for us. However, we are light packers and decided to move everything ourselves. When changing hotels, we took the monorail. The exception was moving from the Hilton to the Sheraton, this was a short walk as they are next door to each other. Changing hotels is very easy and you will often see people on the monorails with luggage.


Our Hotels

Below we give a brief overview of each Tokyo Disney hotel we have stayed at and our recommendations. When checking in at the hotels, we found that the people working at the hotel knew enough English to figure everything out. Jeff and I only know hello, goodbye, and thank you in Japanese and we were able to get everything taken care of with no problems. In addition to the brief overviews below, we have links to our full reviews that cover each hotel’s pros and cons and additional details on the rooms.


Hilton Tokyo Bay

This was our least favorite of the hotels that we stayed at, but it was the most affordable of the hotels. The room costs approximately $140 per night. Please note that prices will vary depending on time of the year and the exchange rate (Yen/USD).

The room was a bit dated and the beds were extremely small. The main benefit of this hotel is that the room are large and it is a great price for the location. The theming is also unique, which may be a good or bad thing for you (see the room tour below for what we mean by this). Also, everything in the room was clean. The Hilton is an easy walk to the monorail. If you are trying to save money when it comes to the hotel, this is an okay option.

Here is a quick tour of our room:


Additional Hotel Details can be found here.


Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

Four nights of our first visit to Tokyo Disney were at the Sheraton Grande. For our second trip to Tokyo Disney, our entire Disney part of the stay was at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay hotel. This is the hotel that we would recommend for most people when visiting Tokyo Disney. If you have no budget when it comes to hotels, skip down to MiraCosta haha.

The Sheraton feels like your standard, nice hotel that you would find in the USA. We were assigned a room in the Park Wing and the room costs approximately $190 per night (mid-January/nonpeak pricing). The Park Wing is the newer section of the hotel, however all of the Sheraton is very nice and modern. The beds were larger than the Hilton and very comfortable. The rest of the room was very nice and clean. We could also see Mt. Fuji from our window! The walk to the monorail was convenient and very easy. The hotel also has a lot of food options and a great pool area if you’re there in the summer. For our full review of the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay hotel, click here.

Here is a quick tour of our room:


Additional Hotel Details can be found on the Marriott website here.


Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta

This hotel was our big splurge on the trip and it was AMAZING. Being a Disney resort hotel, this hotel had all of the wonderful Disney theming and details. If you are used to staying at Disney resort hotels when on vacation, you will feel right at home with all of the details.

Hotel MiraCosta is located inside the DisneySea Park. When we looked into the hotel rooms, we knew we wanted to spend the night in one of the rooms that overlooked the main area of DisneySea. We settled on the Porto Paradiso Side Superior Room Harbor View. This room costs about $640/night (January/nonpeak time). If you are able to splurge or if money isn’t an issue, we strongly recommend this room or one of the ones on this side with a balcony. We were able to watch a couple of the day and night shows from our room and words cannot describe how magical it was!

If you want the Porto Paradiso Side Superior Room Harbor View, know that the rooms book very quickly. We were on the Tokyo Disney website as soon as the rooms were released and were able to get one. Currently rooms are released exactly 5 months prior to your check-in day (be careful to account for the time change and have a Disney account set up prior to your booking date). For our full review of the Hotel MiraCosta, click here.

Here is a quick tour of our room:


Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is just outside of the main gate of the Tokyo Disneyland Park. Similar to Hotel MiraCosta, this is a Disney resort hotel and has all of the wonderful Disney theming and details. It is also directly next to the monorail stop. The theming in this hotel felt similar to the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World.

Here we booked the Standard Superior Alcove Room (Floors 4 through 9, Non Smoking). The cost of the room is approximately $475 per night (January/nonpeak time). While the room and the theming were beautiful, we felt the additional cost for the view from this room is not worth it. If we were to stay at this hotel again, we would recommend getting a standard room or going all out and getting one of the balcony rooms with a theme park view. If you are only able to splurge on one hotel, we recommend our room at MiraCosta first. For our full review of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, click here.

Here is a quick tour of our room:


Our Overall Recommendations

The transportation to Tokyo Disney is extremely easy and affordable.  Of the hotels we stayed at, we recommend the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel when you factor in the room, location, and cost. If you have no budget for your trip, we recommend the Hotel MiraCosta, particularly the Porto Paradiso Side Superior Room Harbor View room, ideally with the balcony. If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, please leave us a comment below!


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  1. Rebecca

    Thank you for all the information and links. I had a lot of fun following your IG stories while you were on the trip and Iam looking forward to your posts here.

    • Sara from AdultsInDisney

      Thank you so much Rebecca! We had a great time and look forward to lots of posts with tips from our trip. Thanks again for checking out our website and for following along our IG stories!

  2. Kelly

    Hi! We’re planning to stay at the Miracosta on our honeymoon next winter. You mentioned monorail tickets are included – do they send those in advance of our trip, or will we have to pick up at the hotel? We’ll be coming in from Tokyo so will need to take the monorail to get to the hotel initially.

    • admin

      Hi Kelly! Thank you so much for checking out our post and for the comment. That is awesome that you are staying at MiraCosta for your honeymoon – the hotel is amazing! We received our monorail tickets at check in. Unless the policy has changed, you would have to buy a ticket for one ride on the monorail to get to MiraCosta. We are going back to Tokyo Disney in June and staying at a Disney hotel for at least two nights, so if they changed to where you can get the monorail ticket ahead of time via mail, we will be sure to let you know/update the post. As a side note, we have taken the train from downtown Tokyo to Disneyland and it is extremely easy. Thank you again for checking out our website!


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