Tokyo Disney Food

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Tokyo Disney Food

For us, part of the fun at Disney is eating the different foods and getting fun drinks. We are happy to report, that the Tokyo Disney food game is strong. Both Tokyo Disney parks had great snacks, quick service, and sit down options. We also had some great alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. This post covers all of our food recommendations for Tokyo Disney.


Snacks at Tokyo Disney

We love Disney snacks and Tokyo Disney is now home to some of our favorites. Even though we were in the parks for 7 days, we didn’t eat at quick service or sit-down restaurants very often because we kept filling up on snacks. Here are our must-try Tokyo Disney snacks.

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While you can find popcorn at Disney World, it is taken to a whole different level at Tokyo Disney. We usually do not eat popcorn at Disney World, but at Tokyo it became our go to snack item. Both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea have a variety of popcorn kiosks, each with their own flavor. Some of the flavors are in both parks while others, such as the strawberry flavor, were only in one park (DisneySea). 

The flavors we tried include: Curry, BBQ, Butter and Soy Sauce, Strawberry, and Chocolate. One flavor we passed on was the Garlic Shrimp, but the line was usually really long, so some people must love it. The Strawberry and Chocolate were both really good and were similar in many ways to caramel corn. Of the other flavors, we liked the curry one a lot. The butter and soy sauce was also really good. Safest bet, try as many as you can.

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Not only is it fun to try all of the different popcorn flavors, the popcorn buckets are a big deal. We would say that 75% of families had at least one popcorn bucket with them. Disney sells a variety of different popcorn buckets at the different kiosks. Some people also carried around older versions, so it was fun to see the variety. You can still get the popcorn without a bucket, but the bucket is also a fun souvenir. Our main takeaway is: if you go to Tokyo Disney, getting popcorn is a must!

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Green Alien Mochi

Mochi is a delicious and unique Disney snack. The most common mochi design is the green aliens from Toy Story. When we were at Tokyo Disney, you could find the alien mochi in both DisneySea and Disneyland (they did not have the storm troopers when we were there). You can get the mochi in servings of 3 or 9 at most locations. An order of 3 came with one berry filling, one chocolate, and one vanilla. While we were there, there was also a special Pixar one with lemon filling. The filling is similar to a pudding while the outside is tough to describe, but kind-of like a dough. Most of the flavor comes from the filling.

Both Jeff and I loved the mochi and we would recommend getting at least one order to try. An order of three costs about $3.30.

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Disneyland in California is supposed to have amazing churros. We will be going to Disneyland in March, but we have to say the bar was set pretty high by the churros in Tokyo Disney.  While we tried several different churro flavors. One of our favorites was an orange churro from a stand near the Nemo and Friends ride. It tasted like a creamsicle and after one bite I knew I wanted 10 of them. Another delicious and unique churro was the potato churro. It was like a twice-baked potato meets a churro. The line for this one was usually pretty long, but it is worth it.

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Both Disneyland and DisneySea sell a variety of buns. The buns will usually have some type of meat filling.  One of the more famous buns is the Chandu bun. Chandu is a character from the Sinbad ride in DisneySea and the bun is located at Sultan’s Oasis, near Sinbad’s ride exit. The bun currently has a curry chicken filling that is very good. When we were at Tokyo DisneySea, a Pixar event just started. The Pixar-special Sully bun had a chicken and corn filling and is one of the best things that I ate. If you go during this festival, get the Sully bun! It can be found at a couple of locations throughout the park including Sultan’s Oasis. Disneyland also had a variety of buns. Jeff’s favorite was a pork bun from Boiler Room Bites.

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Bread at Disneyland’s Sweetheart Café

At the end of the World Bazaar, on the right, is Sweetheart Café. This café sells a variety of breads and pastries, including the Mike Wisniewski, Monsters Inc. melon bread. Throughout the day, the line for the Café was one of the longest lines we saw. Honestly, at times people must have been waiting over an hour and a half for bread.

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We to the Sweetheart Café about 45 minutes before park close one night and had no wait. Most of the items were still available, but a few had sold out. We got two Mike melon breads and a pretzel with cream cheese in the middle. The melon flavor was not overpowering and pretty good. We actually liked the pretzel a little bit more than the bread. If there is little to no wait, definitely give some of the items in here a try. Would we wait an hour for it? Um, heck no haha.


Drinks at Tokyo Disney

Our all-time favorite non-alcoholic drink is from Tokyo Disney: the Coffee Float. While Tokyo Disney offers a wide variety of floats at many of their bars and sit-down restaurants, the coffee float was hands-down our favorite. Take an iced coffee and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. Genius, right!?  Even though it was pretty chilly when we were in Tokyo, we drank several coffee floats. If you aren’t a fan of coffee, the melon soda float is also really good.

Tokyo DisneySea has beer at several quick service and sit down locations. We also had a really good mango bubble tea in Disneyland near the Jungle Cruise entrance. Most of the drink prices were also very reasonable. Water and other bottled beverages were usually around 200 yen (less than $2), much lower than the price of a water or soda at Disney World.

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Sit Down Meal Options (Table Service)

We made reservations at Magellan’s and for Afternoon Tea at the Dreamer’s Lounge prior to our arrival at Tokyo Disney. You can make advanced dining reservations one month prior. However, most of the options for reserving table service meals (they refer to it as priority seating) are available in Japanese only. The exception is if you have a reservation at a Disney hotel. With a hotel reservation, you are able to log in to the Disney reservation website add dining reservations in English.


Dinner at Magellan’s

While we were at Tokyo Disney, we ate at three sit-down meal locations. Magellan’s is one of the signature restaurants and it is located in Tokyo DisneySea. We received several recommendations about this restaurant prior to our trip. Our main takeaway was that the food, drinks, and service were all great. Additionally, the cost was very reasonable. For our 3 course meal with coffee/tea, it was about $33 a person. Jeff also got a beer, so our entire bill was about $70. If you are considering this restaurant, the best advice that we can give is to check out the menu ahead of time. The menu is pretty small and it is difficult to customize items, so be sure there is something that you would like to eat. We have a full review of Magellan’s with photos (including the current menu) here.

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Afternoon Tea at the Dreamer’s Lounge

We are big fans of afternoon tea, so when we heard about the one at the Dreamer’s Lounge in Tokyo Disney, we knew we had to go. The Dreamer’s Lounge is located just off the Disneyland Hotel’s lobby. Overall, you get a ton a food and the service is great. The best part of the meal is easily the desserts. You actually get two courses of desserts, which for me is a huge win. Some of the non-dessert items though are a bit unique. If you do not have an adventurous spirit when it comes to trying new foods, the afternoon tea may not be for you. The cost is just under $40/per person. While the Afternoon Tea at the Dreamer’s Lounge was fun, we agreed that it may not be worth the price and we like the afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian more. We have a full review of the Dreamer’s Lounge with photos (including the current menu) here. We also have a full review of the Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian, click here.


Impromptu Lunch at Teddy Roosevelt Lounge

Our first day at Tokyo DisneySea we were looking for somewhere to have lunch. While exploring the second level of the SS Columbia, we came across the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge. This restaurant is on the casual end of the sit-down restaurants and had a small menu. We chose to eat at the bar and had a really great time. Jeff’s sandwich was average, but Sara’s fruit parfait was large and delicious. The best part was the coffee float. We went pretty early in the day, so there was no wait. It was also pretty cool to eat inside of the SS Columbia. If you don’t have a reservation and are looking for a place to relax for lunch, Teddy Roosevelt Lounge is a good option.

We have a separate post with full reviews and photographs of Magellan’s, Afternoon Tea, and the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge here.


Other Meal Recommendations including Quick Service

The Great American Waffle Co. is located on the left edge of the World Bazaar and is a great place for a snack or breakfast. The restaurant makes waffles constantly, so they are fresh and delicious. The waffles are also Mickey shaped, which makes them even better.

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In Disneyland, we got quick-service curry at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. This was pretty good, but if you go when it is cold or raining, be prepared because most of the seating is outside. If you are looking for curry, our favorite was the vegetable curry at the Casbah Food Court. This curry was really flavorful and as an added bonus, it came with naan.

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All of the snack signs and the menus throughout the park have both Japanese and English. This made it very easy to select what to eat and order. The cast members were also very helpful and made getting food simple (even if they only knew a limited amount of English).

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The quick-service and sit down locations all took credit cards. A few of the carts, particularly the drink and popcorn carts, would only take cash. We would recommend bringing at least some cash (Yen) to cover food when at the Tokyo Disney parks.       

Go hungry and eat it all. The food at Tokyo Disney is really, really good. The snacks in particular are some of the best Disney snacks that we have had. The theming in almost all of the restaurants, both quick service and sit down, is amazing. If you only have a day or two at the parks, we would stick with snacks and quick service food options. If you have more than two days, we would recommend looking into Magellan’s. We can’t wait to get back to Tokyo Disney to have a few of our favorite items and to try some new items. If you have any recommendations, please put them in the comments below!


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