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5 Tips for Going To A Disney Water Park

Until our recent trip to Typhoon Lagoon, we knew very little about Disney water parks. But we are now Disney water park fans and learning with every trip. While some of our planning for the Disney water parks worked out well, we still made some rookie mistakes. Our recent experiences at the Disney water parks highlighted some important tips. This post shares our top 5 tips for anyone planning to visit a Disney water park.


1: Wear Water Shoes

Wearing water shoes at a Disney water park is our number 1 pro tip. We purchased water shoes from Amazon prior to traveling to Disney (more on the specific shoes below). We wore the water shoes the entire time traveling to, from, and while at the water park. The water shoes were very comfortable. Be sure to take the shoes off/get out of the water at some point to give your feet a chance to breath. Besides that, the water shoes were awesome and highly recommended.


Why Are Water Shoes So Important?

First, the sidewalks at the water parks get hot. While there are some sprinklers around to help cool off the sidewalks, we still encountered a ton of people complaining over how hot the pavement was. I am a flip flop person, so I considered wearing flip flops around instead. This option doesn’t work well because flip flops are not allowed on a lot of the rides. This means that you cannot hold flip flops or wear them while you are on the ride. Your only option is water shoes or barefoot. We strongly recommend water shoes.

There is a good chance you will use a restroom at some point. While the restrooms were pretty clean, we were both so thankful that we had water shoes when we walked into the restroom. Also, some of the rides and the lazy river have rough bottoms and sides. Since the sides aren’t smooth like a pool, a few people commented about them hurting their feet. This was not an issue for us since we had on water shoes.


What Type Of Water Shoes Did We Get?

Before we go any further, we first want to say that we are not sponsors or affiliates for any of these products. We purchased the water shoes, and they were a life saver. We only share the brand/link to help save feet! Before we went to Disney searched for a pair of water shoes with a lot of good reviews. We settled on the L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes Barefoot Skin Shoes for Run Dive Surf Swim Beach Yoga (this is not an ad). We are really happy with these water shoes. They are very comfortable and we recommend them.

Typhoon Lagoon Water Shoes


2: Get To The Water Park At Open

As with all Disney World theme parks, it can pay off to arrive at open. This holds true with the water parks. For our first visit to Typhoon Lagoon, we arrive right at open and we were so glad that we did. Now anytime we go to a Disney water park, we try to be there at open.

Why is it so beneficial to go at open? Because there is little to no wait for the rides. It also give you the opportunity to grab a seat in an ideal location. At park open, we recommend quickly grabbing a seat and heading to the water rides. We would hold off on the lazy river or wave pool. We are usually able to do most of the rides we want before lunch, with little to no wait. Once we have our fill of water rides, then we grab a snack and check out the lazy river and wave pool. We have heard that the lazy river can get busy. All of the times that we have been there, the lazy river had a lot of people, but we easily found water tubes.


3: Bring a Waterproof Phone Case Or Pouch

This tip mostly applies to those individuals that want to take photos or videos while at the water park. An Instagram friend recommended getting a phone pouch for the water parks. Heading back to Amazon, we chose a phone pouch that had a lot of great reviews.

The main benefit of the pouch is that it provides water protection for your phone. With the pouch, I was able to bring my phone on rides and in the wave pool with no problems. Not only did the pouch protect my phone, I quickly realized that I could take pretty good videos and photos while my phone was still in the bag. This meant I could record videos on some rides which was really fun.

Not only is the phone pouch great for capturing memories, it is also an easy way to carry around an ID and credit card. The pouch was really comfortable, and it gave me a piece of mind since all of our valuable items were always with me. Since we only brought my phone and phone pouch, we only had my ID (another rookie mistake). Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but anytime we wanted an alcoholic drinks, I was the one buying.

As we mentioned above, we are not sponsors or affiliates for any of these products. While the phone pouch we got from Amazon has worked great for us, we cannot guarantee it works 100% of the time. The phone pouch we use is the JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch Cellphone Dry Bag Case from Amazon (this is not an ad).


4: Remember Where You Put Your Stuff

Our first time visiting Typhoon Lagoon, we were really excited. So when we got to the water park, we quickly set our stuff on a chair and went off to do rides. It wasn’t until we were ready to go that we realized that we had no idea where our seat was haha. It took us a good 20 minutes to find our chair. This was definitely one of our rookie mistakes.

We only left a hotel towel and a bag with a pair of shorts and tank top at our chair. Since we didn’t leave anything valuable, we weren’t concerned with checking on our stuff throughout the day. All of our important items were in my phone pouch on me. If you have important or valuable items with you at the water park, we would recommend having someone stay with them or renting a locker.


5: Pack a Bag For The Water Parks

If you plan on bringing items to the water park, don’t forget to pack a water park bag. We didn’t bring any bags for the water park when we traveled down for our first visit, so we ended up using a Disney plastic bag to carry our towels and sun screen. While this worked, it would have been better if we had thought to throw a pool bag into our carry on.


Overall Recommendation And Bonus Tip

Our final bonus tip is: go to the Disney water parks! We didn’t think that we would enjoy the water parks, but we ended up having a blast! (haha) If you want to see our review of Typhoon Lagoon, please click here.  We hope that these tips help if you visit either of the Disney water parks. If you have any questions or tips of your own to share, please leave us a comment below!

Disney water park


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