Tips for an Extended Disney Trip

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Tips For An Extended Disney Trip

Jeff and I have a short, direct flight between our home and Disney World. This means we normally take two-night trips to Disney World. For many families, a short trip to Disney World is not the right strategy. Instead, they take a 10 day to two week long trip to make the most out of their vacation. How do you plan such a long trip? Will you get bored if you take an extended trip to Disney World?

Since we are short-trip people, we recruited the amazing Yaz and Ash (@YazAndAshOfficial) to be our guest writers for this post!  Yaz and Ash live in the UK. Given their long flight to get to Disney, they often make the most out of their vacation by spending 10 to 14 days at Disney.

In this post, Yaz and Ash cover everything you need to know about taking a long trip to Disney World. We met Yaz and Ash about 6 months ago through their awesome Disney Instagram account and we were fortunate enough to spend a day with them at Disney World last December. They share their Disney trips through their popular Vlog on YouTube. They also have an amazing Disney clothing shop called Magical Day Apparel. Jeff and I both own Magical Day Apparel t-shirts and love them! Please be sure to check out the bottom of this post to learn more about Yaz and Ash and Magical Day Apparel. Thank you guys for writing this post and sharing your insight! All photos in the post were provided by Yaz and Ash.

Having fun in Magic Kingdom on a long Disney trip


Reasons To Take A Long Trip To Disney World

Firstly, why wouldn’t you want to spend as long as you can at Disney? Hehe. For us travelling from the UK, the flight takes just over 9 hours. So if we only stayed a couple of nights, our trip would be over so quickly – especially after losing a few days just in travel. With our long flight to Disney World and jet lag, the longer trip gives us more time to get used to the time zone difference. On our first morning we’re always awake by 4am. This means we are too tired to stay up late in the evening. The longer trip allows us to avoid feeling like we have to go non-stop to get things done. This is especially helpful when we are still tired from the travel.

Many Disney travelers know the feeling … the pressure to get in as much as possible for your Disney vacation. We are able to avoid a lot of this pressure with longer trips because we have so many days to explore. Even without jetlag, having more days at Disney means you can take your time and enjoy every moment without feeling rushed.


One other benefit of longer trips is: more days means more chances of getting fastpasses for our favorite rides! With the Disney World fastpass system, you have to select your 3 fastpasses each day for a certain park. Having more days allows you to be able to fastpass more rides. Also, if you’re staying on Disney property, you can make all of your fastpasses for your trip starting 60 days prior to your first day of the trip. This means that the later days in your stay, you have a much better chance of getting those hard-to-get fastpasses.

Having fun on an extended Disney trip

With a longer trip, we also get a great deal for park tickets. In the UK, there is always an offer for a 14 day ticket for the price of 7 days. The UK Disney tickets cover all the parks including water parks, park hopper, memory maker, FastPass+ and it works out to be around £29 a day for a 14 day ticket (current price March 2019). Even if you are not from the UK, the longer-trip park tickets from Disney World can offer a really good value.


Our Ideal Number Of Days For An Extended Trip To Disney World

We have taken trips to Disney World for 7, 10 and 14 days. We always prefer to go for as long as possible. So when asked what the best number of days, we would suggest to go for as long as you can. As we mentioned above, there are definitely some great benefits to having a long trip to Disney World.

Extended trips to Disney for Adults


Will You Get Bored With A Long Disney Trip?

We’ve never been bored. There is always so much to do, explore, and eat. We always try and plan to do something new every trip. At Disney, there are so many amazing restaurants, rides, festivals, and new lands to see and explore. Plus, we always want to relive some old experiences and recreate those amazing memories.

Adults love visiting Disney for extended stays

People often forget about the Disney resorts and focus on just the parks. On our last trip we visited all the Disney resorts and really enjoyed checking them out. Each resort has its own unique theming, restaurants, and activities. We have visited 6 times together now and if we’re not at Disney, we’re looking to book our next trip because we love it so much. For us, even with 14 days, we are never get everything we want to do done.

Having fun on a long Disney trip


Where To Stay For A Long Disney World Vacation

It all depends on what you want from your holiday and your budget. We have stayed on Disney property and we have stayed offsite at local hotels. We love to stay on Disney property especially when they offer the free dining plan as it makes it great value. When we are staying offsite we like to stay in the Lake Buena Vista area because it’s so close to Disney.

If you don’t drive, then staying on Disney property is preferred because you get free transportation with Disney. If you stay off site, some of the local hotels offer free transport to the Disney parks too. However, we have always found it better to have car hire (rental car) when staying off site as you have full flexibility on where you go and when.

Adults love long Disney trips


If I Take An Extended Disney Trip, Does This Mean I Will Be Eating Junk Food The Whole Time?

Most people would believe this to be true, however it is not the case. Disney has such a varied list of amazing restaurants to eat at which will cater to every budget and every diet. There are a lot of different options from healthy to junk food. Could you eat junk food the whole time? Definitely. But if that is not your preference, there are a lot of other options too.

You don’t have to eat only at Disney. If you’re staying at a villa or a hotel with cooking facilities, you could make your own meals. Breakfast is especially easy to have in your hotel room. Also, Disney has no problem with you bringing your own food into the parks, so you can always go to a supermarket and bring your own lunches and snacks tailored to your own needs.

Food for a long Disney trip


Budget Saving Tips For An Extended Disney World Vacation

On our most recent trip we would park at Disney Springs in the day or evening for free and then catch a Disney bus to a resort that was closest to the park we wanted to visit on that day. This will save you the hefty $25 parking fee per day.

Bring your own snacks and water in to the parks. Our personal favorite to have is a family size bag of peanut butter m&m’s.  Most Disney quick service locations will also give you free cups of ice water if you ask.

Search around for cheap flights and hotel stays. This is especially helpful if you have flexible travel dates. You’ll be surprised on what you can save if you do a bit of searching.


Yaz and Ash’s 4 Tips for Longer Disney Trips

1- When you’re on a long trip take your time and don’t rush around. Remember you have 14 days to take every moment in!

2- Favorite restaurants – Jiko, Sanaa, Backlot express, Capt. Cooks, Satuli Canteen, the list can go on!

3- Go check out some Disney resorts. The resorts have a lot to explore and some resorts have free activities. For example, in the evening at some deluxe Disney resorts you can roast marshmallows. You can do this even if you’re not staying at the Disney resort.

4- If you want car hire (rental car), we would recommend Alamo as we have always had a great experience with them. There are no extra hidden costs, which we have heard is the case with some companies.

Keeping yourself entertained on a long Disney trip


Yaz and Ash’s Overall Recommendations

If you are unsure about taking a longer Disney World trip, we say go for it! There are a ton of benefits for taking a longer trip, but our main takeaway is that you get to enjoy all the Disney magic for longer.


About Yaz and Ash and Magical Day Apparel

Magical Day Apparel was created by joining our two passions together, design and Disney. We are a husband and wife team based in the UK that have a strong background in fashion and design, who love all things Disney and park related. We have been visiting the parks as many times as we can, documenting our adventures on YouTube and connecting with so many amazing people with the same passion for the magic.

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