Tips for a Solo Trip to Disney World

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Tips For A Solo Trip To Disney World

Jeff and I both love Disney. If one of us went to Disney World without the other, there would be a serious throw down in our house haha. For some travelers, a solo trip to Disney is their ideal vacation. Since neither of us have done a solo trip to Disney, we recruited the amazing Melissa to be our guest writers for this post!

In this post, Melissa covers everything you need to know about taking a solo trip to Disney World. We recently met Melissa through her awesome Disney-shop Instagram account, Park Hopper Supply. @parkhoppersupply Park Hopper Supply has amazing products including clothing, stickers, and backpacks! Check out the Park Hopper Supply Etsy shop here.  Melissa also has a personal Instagram account. @melissajoycreative Please be sure to check out the bottom of this post to learn more about Melissa and Park Hopper Supply. Thank you Melissa for writing this post and sharing your insight! All photos in the post were provided by Melissa.

Act like a kid on a solo Disney trip


Reasons To Take A Solo Trip To Disney World

So you are considering a solo trip to Disney huh? It’s not quite the norm, but for many people it’s totally normal and actually preferred! You could have a million reasons why you are considering a trip by yourself to the happiest place on Earth. But if you don’t have one and you are looking for one, here are some of my past reasons… No one else can take off and you want to go to Disney. You have no friends who understand your love for Disney or want to go. Even if you do have someone, sometimes split travel is the only choice. Maybe you need some time to yourself or you need to clear your headspace. No matter the reason, if you want to go to Disney I always think you should just book it and go!


Melissa’s Ideal Number Of Days For A Solo Trip To Disney World

You know what the best part about a solo trip is? You can do it on YOUR schedule. Do you want to fly in early? Take a red eye in after work? Or maybe rest up and take a leisurely afternoon flight in? You can! However what time you arrive and leave does impact how many days you may want to go for.

I’m all about minimizing my travel expenses so I can enjoy the destination. Because of this, I typically take early morning or late night flights since Disney is so accommodating no matter the hour you arrive. This allows me to maximize my full days at Disney. I have done both long and short trips. I have needed the time to clear my head and went to Disney for six full days alone. Other times I have gone to Disney for a specific event and have done a shorter three day trip. I could argue staying for a long time or just doing a few days. You do what works for you!


Where To Stay For A Solo Disney World Vacation

I have a to-do list of staying at all the Disney resorts, but typically I cannot afford to stay moderate or deluxe resorts when going alone. So for solo trips I stay one night at a more expensive resort and the rest of the trip at a value resort. If safety is a concern or if you plan to indulge in adult beverages all day, I would strongly recommend staying at a Disney resort property. Your safety will rely on the number of families around you. Also the secured hotels and resort buses make it so that you will not need to worry when staying at a Disney hotel. However, since you’re alone, safety should still be in the back of your mind.

Resort rooms can get a little lonely, so be sure to utilize your pool, bar, restaurants, arcade, and walking areas. There’s also a vast amount of entertainment on your hotel TV. All Disney resort TV’s are equipped with Samsung flat screens that you can screen share to your phone and watch Netflix or Hulu. If you do not plan on spending much time in the parks, I’d recommend staying at or visiting resorts that have more activities like Animal Kingdom Lodge or the Boardwalk!


Dinning Recommendations for Solo Travelers

When I’m traveling alone, I tend to snack and eat on the fly as opposed to booking dining. However, since you’re a party of one, you can often get walk in seats at most restaurants! You may have a small table off to the corner, but you choose the side you sit on so you can choose your view! If you’re looking for some communication with someone other than yourself, I recommend going to one of the many bars in Disney. Eating and drinking at the park/resort bars are great as you may find other single travelers as well or at least have a friendly bartender!

Enjoy a mean alone at Hollywood Studios Disney

Do whatever you want on a solo Disney trip

Each whenever you want on a solo Disney trip

Do what you want when you want at Disney


Would You Recommend Meeting Up With People At Disney World?

I have a lot of Orlando native friends, so meeting up with people has been easy for me at the parks. But sometimes I just want to do things alone and I do not schedule anything. If I plan on meeting up with people, it is typically scheduled ahead of time. I do not really just ‘find’ other solo travelers in the parks. Occasionally I do find other travelers in the single rider lines, so if you’re looking for a day of park buddies check there!

 How adults enjoy a trip to Disney

How to travel alone but meet with friends at Disney

Adults enjoy hanging out with friends in Disney


Melissa’s Top 5 Tips for a Solo Disney World Traveler

1 – Ride what you want. Do you want to ride Peoplemover 5 times in a row? Go for it.

2 – Eat what you want. You’re travelling at your own expensive. Do you want to eat all day? Go for it. Do you want to eat pizza the whole week? That’s fine too!

Have ice cream whenever you want on a solo Disney trip


3 – Don’t be shy. Hang out with other solo travelers if they invite you to hang out, but also be clear if you wanted to spend the trip by yourself.


4 – Don’t be afraid to venture out of the parks and try your own thing. Once I swam in the pool alone for two hours when I was also using the onsite laundry services before going home.

5 – Stay safe. Although you’re at Disney you should always be aware of your surroundings since you’re a lonely little duck out there.


Melissa’s Overall Recommendations

Always remember this is your trip and you should do whatever YOU want the whole time. I really like waking up early and hitting big rides and then lounging at my hotel room, bar, or pool during the day. Then, I end the day by going back out at nighttime, as I can ride more at those times. I love staying value resorts for solo trips because I can foot the whole room bill more easily when travelling alone. Don’t be afraid to take a solo trip to Disney and don’t be afraid to really splurge on yourself either!


About Melissa and Park Hopper Supply

I’ve been an AP holder for six years and I never was able to find the magical merch I loved, so I put my design degree to work and Park Hopper Supply was born! We make all kinds of stuff and hopefully you find something in our shop you love just as much as we do! Check out the Park Hopper Supply Etsy shop here.

Adults in Disney love Park Hopper Supply



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  1. Tami

    Hi! Great post! I did three days in Disneyland (Cally) as a solo traveler (was in the area on business and decided to tack on Disney before heading home!) One of the best times I’ve ever had! Did my own schedule, didn’t need to worry about someone else not wanting to do a ride, etc….and true to Melissa’s statement… rode single rider when it was offered and met two people from my home state (Connecticut!) in one of the lines… who’d have guessed??? : ) Also met a fabulous bartender and ANOTHER person from Connecticut at one of the hotel restaurant bars. Don’t be shy… get out there! : )

    • admin

      Hi Tami! Thank you so much for the comment and for checking out our post! That’s crazy that you ran into so many people from Connecticut and it sounds like an amazing trip. Love everything about you comment and think that it is really helpful for people considering a solo Disney trip. Thank you again for the comment – we really appreciate it!


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