3 Fanciest Things We Have Done In Disney World

Disney World offers so much more than just the theme parks. There are tours, special events, amazing dining options, and unique activities. While some of these items are free, most cost extra money. This post covers our top 3 fanciest things that we have done at Disney World. For us, a fancy Disney experience includes special access, amazing customer service, and a one of a kind Disney experience. We highly recommend all of the experiences covered in this post.


1: Private Fireworks Cruise

In our opinion, a private fireworks cruise at the Magic Kingdom is one of the best values in Disney World if you are looking for something special. A private fireworks cruise is a private boat ride to watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom or EPCOT. The 21-foot pontoon boat fits up to 8 guests and prices start at $299 plus tax. With 6 guests, that’s about $50 a person. This price is less than a lot of the table service restaurants at Disney.

You and your party of up to 8 people get a private boat to watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom or EPCOT. The cruise also includes soda, water, and some snacks. You board the boat approximately an hour and 15 minutes before the fireworks. Guests enjoy a boat ride while the sun sets before grabbing a spot to watch fireworks.

Why did this make our top 3 fanciest things in Disney World? Because you get a private boat with a private captain. From the moment you board the boat, you get amazing Disney customer service. Our captains were amazing and made us feel so special. While on the boat ride, many guests taking the Disney ferry boats to and from the hotels will wave and smile at you on your tour. It was an amazing experience and having the boat to yourself made it one of the fanciest experiences we have had at Disney World.

For a full review of our Private Fireworks cruise, see our post here.

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 2: VIP Tour

A VIP tour is the fanciest way to experience the Disney World theme parks. How can we say this? Because we have done one, but more importantly because this is what famous people do when they come to Disney World. Just like the celebrities, you are escorted through the theme parks by a cast member. The tour takes you behind the scenes and provides private transportation between the parks. One of the fanciest parts … no waiting in lines.

A VIP tour is a private tour for up to 10 people. The tour guide is an amazing cast member that takes care of everything for you. Most importantly, the cast member takes you on any FastPass ride that you want, even if you do not have a Fastpass. You can also ride non-fastpass rides, but for most of these rides there is not a skip the line advantage. The tour does include a snack break of chips and water. VIP tours do not come with a full meal.

A VIP tour is the best way to experience the Disney World parks. The trade off? It comes with a big price tag. Tours are booked for a minimum of 7 continuous hours and the price starts at $2,975. Based on the time of year, the price can increase to over $5,000. This is a huge expense. One way to offset the cost is to make sure that your tour consists of 10 people. If you go on a day where the price is the minimum $2,975, this means it is under $300 per person. While this is still a lot of money on top of the theme park tickets, it makes the tour a bit more manageable.

For more details on VIP tours and a full review of our VIP tour, please see our post here.

3: Disney Private Events

A private event is the fanciest thing that we have done in Disney World. A VIP tour is a perfect fancy activity for going on rides. If instead you want a private dinner, drinks, or desserts in a unique location, then Disney private events are for you.

We have done one private event at Disney World, which was held in Epcot. Our event was for a special birthday and included a private dinner, drinks, and dessert. Because of rain, the dinner was held in the Epcot convention center. After dinner the rain stopped and we went outside to a private patio near the Rose and Crown for drinks and fireworks. Rather than being walked to the park exit after the fireworks, we got a private ride on Test Track. The entire Test Track building was empty by the time we got there, except for the cast members working. This was one of the craziest experiences we have had at Disney World.

If you have something specific you want to have happen at Disney World, the cast members that plan private events are the ones for you. For the most part, if you have an idea and are willing to pay the price, they will do everything they can to make it happen.

Our private event for 6 people cost about $1,200. Unfortunately, when we called recently to inquire about the current cost of these events, we found that the prices have increased dramatically. The same space we had for our event, now has a minimum of $3,500 for a weekend in October. However, things are always changing and the costs vary based on the time of year and location. If you are interested in a private event, we recommend calling Disney.

For more details on Disney World private events as well as a full review of the private event we did, click here

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Other Fancy Things At Disney World

While these are the three fanciest things we have done at Disney World, there are still many other amazing fancy experiences. If you are looking for a fancy dinner, then may Victoria and Alberts be a great option for you. Looking for something a bit more personalized? Disney probably can make it happen. If you have done something fancy at Disney World, please share it in a comment below! Also, if you have any questions about our experiences, please leave us a comment.



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