Tables in Wonderland – Is It Worth It?

Tables in Wonderland gives members a 20% discount on food and alcohol at Walt Disney World. You read that correctly, there is a way to get a discount on alcohol at Disney. However, it is only available to Florida Residents, Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club members. There is also an annual fee associated with Tables in Wonderland. We have been Tables in Wonderland members for 4 years. This post includes what Tables in Wonderland is, the pros and cons of purchasing it, and our recommendations.

Adults in Disney use Tables in Wonderland

What Is Tables In Wonderland?

The main benefit of Tables In Wonderland is the discount that is applied to food and alcohol at Walt Disney World. The discount is 20% off of all food and drinks at select Disney World restaurants and dinner shows. The discount applies to over 100 locations at Disney World. Most of the locations are table service restaurants. However, it does include a couple of bars and few quick-service locations. While this may seem like a lot of restaurants, there are still many locations not included. One that we wish was included, that currently is not, is Trader Sam’s. For the full list of restaurants covered, click here.

Adults in Disney love the Rose and Crown Pub

In addition to discounts on food and drinks, members receive invitations to special dining events. We have not yet attended a Tables in Wonderland special event, so we cannot speak to whether they are worth the price. The events often cost $200 to $300 and are themed around food. One current example is a dining experience at the Contemporary Chef’s Table. Guest enjoy a champagne reception and a 6-course meal. This event costs $259 per guest and is only available to Tables in Wonderland members.

The last benefit is complimentary hotel valet and theme park parking. The website details that this parking should only be used when guests are parking for dining purposes. We do not rent a car when we visit Disney World, so this benefit is not a factor for us.


How Does It Work?

The membership is tied to one individual. When at a participating restaurant, the individual whose name is on the membership must be present, show an ID and their Tables in Wonderland card, and be the one to pay. The discount covers all food and alcohol for up to 10 individuals.

Best Lunch - Sanaa

The discount also applies to select dinner shows, such as Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue and Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show. For these reservations, the member should call Disney dining and reserve the show as they normally would. Inform the cast member about the Tables in Wonderland discount and pre-pay for the show. When you are at the show, the Tables in Wonderland member shows their ID and Tables in Wonderland card and the discount will be applied.


How Much Does It Cost?

Tables in Wonderland is not free. This means you have to consider whether the benefits are worth the costs. We provide more details on the pros and cons below. Currently, Tables in Wonderland costs $175 for Florida Residents and $150 for Disney Passholders and DVC members. Therefore as an annual passholder or DVC member, you would need to spend $750 at the participating restaurants in Disney to break even. The membership lasts for one year.

You can add a spouse/partner to a membership for an additional $50. This additional cost is only worth if you and your spouse do not plan on being together when using the Tables in Wonderland membership.

You can purchase Tables in Wonderland at Guest Relations at any of the 4 Disney World parks or at Guest Relations in Disney Springs. You can also call and purchase the Tables in Wonderland membership. Any time that we have purchased Tables in Wonderland, we have done it in person. The membership starts from the date of purchase, so we normally wait until we are at Disney to get the full value from the membership. If you purchase Tables in Wonderland in person, they will give you your membership card at the time of purchase.

Tables in Wonderland at Disney World saves money for Adults in Disney

Things To Be Aware Of

If you are an Annual Passholder or DVC member, you get a discount on many of the same restaurants that you do with Tables in Wonderland. When you are deciding on whether or not Tables in Wonderland is right for you, do not ignore the discounts that you get with any of your current memberships or passes. Currently annual passesholders receive a 10% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages at participating restaurants. Tables in Wonderland gives you 20% off everything, including alcohol. Another big difference is that Tables in Wonderland covers up to 10 people at a given meal (whereas annual passholders only get 4 people).

There are blackout dates associated with the Tables in Wonderland discounts. The current black-out dates on Disney World’s website include: Mother’s Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

When you use Tables in Wonderland, there is a 20% discount off of all food and beverages. However, there is also an 18% tip added to the bill. This tip will be applied to any use at a participating table service restaurants. The 18% tip is not included at participating counter service locations. For us, this factor is not a big deal because we would tip at the table service restaurant anyways. Just be aware that it is already included in your bill.

Tables in Wonderland cannot be applied to a Disney dining package. However, if you are at a meal and using dining credits, the member could use Tables in Wonderland to purchase alcohol separately and apply the discount to anything not covered by the dining plan.

Adults in Disney use Tables in Wonderland

Is It Worth It?

The answer to this question, depends on a few additional aspects. We have broken them into mini-categories below. We hope these aspects help you decide if Tables in Wonderland is right for you.

Large Groups:

Tables in Wonderland gains a lot of value when you travel to Disney World with a large group. Since the discount applies to up to 10 individuals, the sheer number of people that the discount applies to results in the benefits adding up quickly. A meal and drinks at California Grill for 10 adults can easily be over $750. Since the break-even price for annual passholders is $750, getting Tables for this situation would be a no-brainer. The discount from the group meal would cover the cost of the membership and then any other meals/drinks that you use Tables in Wonderland for the rest of the year is bonus money saved.


If you tend to drink a lot of alcohol when at Disney World, the benefits of the Tables in Wonderland membership can add up quickly. The thing to be aware of, is what participating bars are covered. The bars we most frequently use Tables in Wonderland at are Rose and Crown, Mizner’s Lounge, Tambu Lounge, and Nomad Lounge. Sadly, Tables in Wonderland is NOT accepted at Trader Sam’s and NOT accepted at most of the alcohol stops when drinking around the world at Epoct.

Tambu Lounge at Polynesian takes Tables in Wonderland

Adults in Disney drink

Frequent Trips:

If you go to Disney often or if you take long trips to Disney World, the value from Tables in Wonderland will add up quickly. The more visits you make to the participating restaurants, the more benefits you gain from the membership.

Disney Dining Plans:

If you use a Disney World dining plan when you travel to Disney, we would not recommend getting Tables in Wonderland. Since the dining plan covers your meals, it will be much harder to spend the money to make the purchase of Tables in Wonderland worth it.

Festival Booths and Snacks:

If Disney snacks and Epcot festival food are your main food staples when at Disney World, we would probably not recommend Tables in Wonderland. Tables in Wonderland gets the most value when the member goes to table service restaurants and participating bars.

Adults in Disney bar hop for fun

Our Overall Recommendation

We have been very happy with our Tables in Wonderland membership. It always helps when you get the check at Disney and it isn’t quite as much as you thought it would be because you have that bonus discount. Does this mean it is worth it for everyone? No. If you tend to only eat snacks or at Epcot festivals, we would not recommend Tables. If you do not drink alcohol, it may also be harder to get your money’s worth. Go through our items above and decide if you think it is right for you. Remember that $750 break-even point for annual passholders and DVC members. If you have a Tables in Wonderland membership, we would love to hear about your experiences – Please comment below!

Adults in Disney use Tables in Wonderland in Epcot

More information about Tables in Wonderland can be found here


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  1. Julie & Andrew

    Good info! We keep talking about getting this, we just need to make sure the year we get it, that it makes sense.

    • Sara from Adults in Disney

      Thank you guys for checking out our post! Yeah definitely only go for it if you think you will get your money’s worth. Let us know if you guys have any questions about it!

  2. Rachel

    I have a tables in wonderland membership and will not be renewing it. I’m in my second year as an annual pass holder, and I just haven’t used it enough. I typically travel to Disney World alone (my solo travel, sanity-saving getaways!), and it’s just easier to eat on the go when I’m there.

    An unrelated question: for as often as you travel to DW – how long are your typical trips? I’m finding that I want to go more frequently (ever other month so far as my plans for this year are playing out) and I’m trying to figure out if more frequent 3 day two night trips will be as fun as less frequent 3 or 4 night trips.

    • Sara from Adults in Disney

      Thank you so much for checking out our page and for the comment!

      We usually go for 2 nights, 3 full days each month. We are able to get nonstop flights, so usually land early the first day and leave late the last day. We also stay on property which helps fit a lot in when we are there.

      We love the 2-night trips! We are still able to do a ton and don’t feel so stressed about fitting everything in because our next trip is not that far away. Our choice is always for shorter, more frequent trips. If you give the two night trip a try, definitely let us know how you like it!

      Thanks again for checking out our website!

  3. Elaine

    We’ve had this card for 2 years now. We’re also annual passholders, and Florida residents. We never use the valet parking perk, but we do love the 20% off meals and alcohol. We also love that we can drive to a Disney resort Food Court and get a discount on meals, and a small bottle of wine, without tipping! Lol

    • admin

      Hi Elaine! Thank you so much for the comment and sorry for our delayed response (we are finally home from our trip to Asia). That is great to hear that you love Tables in Wonderland as much as we do! That’s a great point about the food courts lol – and always love discounts on wine! Thank you again for the comment and for checking out our website – we really appreciate it!

  4. greg

    Hi there, nice post with good information. I’m a DVC Member and occasional AP holder and have been the holder of a Tables in Wonderland card multiple years.

    I just wanted to take a moment to point out that the math in calculating the break even point for DVC/AP members and the Tables in Wonderland card is a little more complex than a straight forward $750 break even point. Trust me, I go through this same calculation when determining whether I’m stopping off at Guest Relations at the start of a trip to purchase a Tables in Wonderland card for the year. Okay, here comes the math.

    Remember, as you pointed out in your post that most of the restaurants that offer 20% off of food for Tables in Wonderland already provide DVC/AP members with 10% off of food. So by purchasing a Tables in Wonderland card, the DVC/AP member is actually paying $150 upfront for an extra 10% off of food on top of the 10% they already receive as a DVC/AP member for a total of 20% off of food. In addition, Tables in Wonderland also receives 20% off of alcohol that DVC/AP members don’t receive.

    So, if a DVC/AP member with a Tables in Wonderland card were to only purchase food, then the break even point would actually be $1500 on food using the Tables in Wonderland card. Sure, the discount on the food bill would indicate that they saved $300 (20% of $1500). However, remembered if they didn’t have a Tables in Wonderland card and instead showed their DVC/AP membership, then the bill would indicate that they saved $150 on food. The additional $150 of the $300 savings with the Tables in Wonderland card on a $1500 food bill is required to cover the $150 upfront cost of the card.

    If the DVC/AP member with a Tables in Wonderland card were to only purchase alcohol, then like you said in your post the break even point would be $750.

    That said, usually dining is a combination of both food and alcohol. For example, if my family and I have returned from WDW and I look at the tallies of my dining with Tables of Wonderland before the applied discount and we ordered at least $1000 worth of food and at least $250 worth of alcohol, then I’m a happy camper because that means we saved 10% of $1000 or $100 on food and 20% of $250 or $50 on alcohol for a grand total of $150 savings on a $1250 pre-discount dining bill. Therefore, we met the break even point.

    So when deciding if a Tables in Wonderland card is worth it, the DVC/AP member has to first determine how much of their budget spent on Tables in Wonderland eligible dining is going to go towards food and how much is going towards alcohol and then apply the 10% discount on food and 20% on alcohol to calculate if their savings is worth the $150 upfront cost of the card.

    Think of the break even point as a sliding scale between $750 (all alcohol) and $1500 (all food):
    ($Food$ x 10%) + ($Alcohol$ x 20%) ≥ $150

    I hope I explained that clearly.

    • admin

      Hi Greg! Thank you so much for checking out our post and for the detailed comment. We really appreciate you taking the time to add in all of the details and examples to your comment and we think that you present a great point. Factoring in the AP/DVC discount definitely makes it a bit more complicated, but you presented it very clearly. Thank you again for the comment and for reading out website!

    • Ed

      Greg: Your post is excellent and the math at the end is absolutely perfect! Thanks for taking the time to type this out!


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