Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel Review

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Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

The Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay is the hotel that we would recommend to most people visiting Tokyo Disney. While our favorite Tokyo Disney hotel is Hotel MiraCosta, it is really expensive. If you have no hotel budget for your trip to Tokyo Disney, then check out our post on the Hotel MiraCosta. If you’re trying to stay within a budget and you still want a nice hotel that is conveniently located, the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel is for you! This post will cover the pros and cons of the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel. It also includes photos of the hotel and a video tour of our hotel room.

Marriott hotel at Tokyo Disney


Is This Hotel Good For Adults?

For our first trip to Tokyo Disney, we did a bit of resort hopping. During our 8 night trip, we stayed at 4 different hotels. But 4 of the nights were spent at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay. For our second trip to Tokyo Disney, we are spending all 4 of our nights at Disney at the Sheraton. Why? Because this hotel is a great middle ground for adults traveling to Tokyo Disney. By middle ground we mean that you have a really nice hotel, in a great location, for a reasonable price. The hotel also has all of the amenities that adults need to enjoy their vacation.

For information on all of the Tokyo Disney hotels we have stayed at and information about resort hopping at Tokyo Disney, see our post here.

Checkin area at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel


The Rooms

The Sheraton is comparable in atmosphere and quality to Marriott hotels in the US. For both of our stays at the Sheraton Grande, we booked Standard non-smoking 2 Double Beds rooms.  During our January trip, we were assigned a room in the Park Wing of the hotel. The Park Wing is the newer section of the hotel. If you stay at this hotel, we suggest requesting a Park Wing room. The hotel may not be able to grant the request, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

The rooms are very clean and modern. The beds are a decent size and very comfortable. The size of the bed is particularly important in Japan where many hotels tend to have smaller-sized beds. There is plenty of space in both the bedroom area and in the bathroom area. As an added bonus, for our January stay we could see Mt. Fuji from our hotel window! This view was pure luck based on our room assignment. See the video below for a tour of our hotel Standard Park Wing room from our January trip.


The Cost

For our January trip, the cost of our hotel room was approximately $190 per night. For our May trip, the room is approximately $295 per night. A big factor for the higher cost of the May trip is that we are staying at the hotel during Golden Week in Japan. Golden week is one of the peak holiday travel times in Japan.


The Location

This hotel is part of the Tokyo Disney Resort Official hotels. The Disney Resort Official hotels have their own stop on the monorail (the monorail has 4 total stops). The walk to and from the monorail is convenient and very easy. The walk should take about 5 minutes from the hotel entrance to the monorail. There is also a bus that drives from the hotel entrance to the monorail stop. If you have a wheelchair, the bus option is probably preferred. If you do not have a wheelchair, we would recommend walking.


What Are The Other Benefits Of This Hotel?

The Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay has a lot of food options. The main breakfast location is the Grand Café, which is a breakfast buffet. The food selection is massive. There is a variety of American-style breakfast options as well as numerous Asian options. There is even an ice cream and dessert station out for breakfast, which is always a win in my book. We did not have lunch or dinner at the Sheraton because we were always at the parks. If you choose to have one of these meals at the hotel, there are several options to choose from.

Adults enjoy a good breakfast buffet

The dining area for breakfast at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel


Other amenities include a great outdoor pool area. This is really only relevant if you visit during the summer. The hotel also has a spa, fitness area, and some shops. The Sheraton even has a small mini golf course!

Pool at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

Kid friendly entertainment the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel


An additional benefit of the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay is that the hotel has a dedicated Tokyo Disney service counter. At the service counter you can purchase Tokyo Disney tickets with a credit card. Other hotels, such as the Hilton Tokyo Bay, only allow theme park ticket purchases in cash. For more information about the Tokyo Disney theme park tickets and our recommendations, click here.

Lastly, getting to the hotel from the airport is very easy. There is a bus that takes guests to and from the hotel to the Narita airport. For more information about transportation to Tokyo Disney, click here.


What Are The Downsides Of This Hotel?

The biggest tradeoff of staying at the Sheraton is that you do not get some of the perks that you would get if you stayed at one of the Disney-owned properties. In our opinion, the biggest Disney-hotel perk is access to purchase Multi-Day Passport Special tickets. These theme park tickets allow Disney guests to park hop starting on day one. If you are not familiar with how the theme park tickets work at Tokyo Disney, check out our post here.

The other major tradeoff is that you are staying at a Marriott, not a Disney hotel. This means that you do not get the same theming and Disney details as you would if you stayed at a Disney-owned hotel. When we travel to Disney, we spend most of our time at the theme parks. So not having the Disney details in the room is an okay tradeoff for us.


Our Overall Recommendation

We highly recommend the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay. The location is perfect for visiting the Tokyo Disney theme parks. The hotel rooms are clean and the hotel has all of the amenities that adults traveling to Tokyo Disney could need. If you have stayed at this hotel or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

Additional details on the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay can be found here.


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  1. Jane Lee

    Is it possible to combine the two double beds together into one big bed by ourselves?

    • admin

      Hi Jane Lee! Thank you so much for the comment and for checking out our post. We did not try to move the beds when we were there, so we are not 100% sure if you could move them together. Our guess is that it would not be easy to combine the two double beds (but again this is just a guess). Sorry that we do not have more information about it, but thank you again for checking out our post. If you do stay at the Sheraton, we hope that you love it and that you have a great time at Tokyo Disney!

  2. Irene

    Hello i want to going tokyo and confuse to choose between hilton and sheraton? Can u help me to choose? And its easy to going to shinjuku or etc from that hotel?

    • admin

      Hello – Thanks for checking out our blog! There is really not much of a difference between the Hilton and Sheraton. The Hilton is about 2 minutes further from the monorail, other than that you should choose whichever hotel brand is your favorite, or whichever is cheapest. We have status at Marriott which is why we also go with a Marriott brand hotel (Sheraton), but we’ve stayed at both and you really can’t go wrong with either. To get to Shinjuku (or even just downtown Tokyo in general), you would take the Disneyland Monorail to the train station and hop on a train to Tokyo. You will likely transfer trains at Tokyo Station once you arrive in Tokyo from Disneyland, but even transferring is not difficult. It is incredibly easy to do, and all of the ticket machines and signs are also in English. We’ve found that the train system in Tokyo is one of the easiest to use of anywhere we have traveled.

  3. Andy

    Hello and thank you for the review – did you get any perks for being status with Marriott? I am Titanium Elite so just wondering. Thanks!


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