Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

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Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

For our vacation to Shanghai Disney we stayed at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. This is one of two hotels at Shanghai Disneyland and we highly recommend it. In this post, we cover the benefits of staying at the Disneyland Hotel. We also highlight some things to be aware of it you stay at this hotel.

What Are The Benefits Of The of Disneyland Hotel?

There are two Disney-owned hotels at Shanghai Disneyland. The Disneyland Hotel is a deluxe Disney hotel while the second hotel, the Toy Story Hotel, is a value hotel. There are a lot of benefits associated with staying at a Disney-owned hotel including early access to the theme park and an ideal location. We go through all of the benefits in detail below. At the bottom of this post we discuss the downsides of this hotel. Also, below is our Shanghai travel day vlog which includes our arrival at the Shanghai Disneyland hotel. The video includes a hotel overview and a room tour. If you want to skip right to the hotel part of the video, start at 7:30 minutes in.    

Book Through the Disney Website

We booked the hotel directly through the Shanghai Disneyland website. The process is completely in English and straight-forward. A couple of things to be aware of. First, Shanghai Disneyland texts you the confirmation and we did not get an email. While it is good to keep track of the text message, after you make your reservation, you can check on it by logging into the Shanghai Disneyland website. For our 144 transit application into China (we used this method instead of a travel visa), we wanted a copy of our hotel reservation with both of our names on it. We contacted the Disneyland hotel directly through the Shanghai Disney website requesting confirmation of our stay with both of our names. We received the requested email within 48 hours.

Hotel Check In

Having booked directly though Disney, the check-in process went very smoothly. The cast members had all of our information waiting for us. The cast member also spoke perfect English, which made the process even easier. We will definitely book directly through Disney when we go back to Shanghai Disneyland.

Extra Hours

One benefit of staying at a Disney-owned hotel is that guests get special early access to the Disneyland theme park. This is similar to extra magic hours at the US Disney parks. Specifically, each day guests staying at a Disney hotel may enter the Disneyland park an hour early. During extra magic hours, we found the park to be very quiet. Most of the rides have little to no wait. It is also a great time to take photos with very few people in them. If you are staying at a Disney hotel, we highly recommend taking advantage of this perk.

Shanghai Rules  

Designated Park Entrance

Guests of the Disney hotels get a special theme park entrance which is located near Disneytown. We only used this entrance when going to the park in the mornings. The designated entrance is nice because it is a completely different entrance and allows guests to avoid crowds. When going to early morning hours and the designated park entrance, we recommend taking the Disneyland hotel bus. The bus drop guests off right at Disneytown and near the special entrance. While the designated entrance is nice, we still recommend going through the main entrance at least once. The reason is that the designated entrance lets you into Disneyland on the side of the main hub. In this case, you don’t get the full experience of walking up Mickey Avenue (Shanghai’s version of Main Street). For us, we wanted to experience that walk at least once.

Lobby Shanghai Disneyland hotel


At Shanghai Disneyland, the Disneyland hotel is the most expensive. A standard room at the Shanghai Disneyland hotel is approximately $250/night. But this amount may vary based on two things. First, the exchange rate. Everything is in Chinese Yuan, so the price will vary based on the exchange rate. As with the US hotels, the time of year also impacts the cost. We went right before Christmas, which put our nightly room cost closer to $300 per night for a standard room.

The Room

We booked two nights in a standard room and two nights in club level. However, when we checked in, the cast members asked if we wanted to upgrade our other two nights to club level for an additional $100/night. We decided to do the upgrade. We will do a full post on Club Level at Shanghai Disneyland to detail everything that is included with club level. Our hotel room was pretty large and had great Disney details. Our favorite detail was the headboard of the beds which lit up when you pushed a button. While some US Disney hotels have this, it was a fun inclusion at the Shanghai Disneyland hotel. The room had plenty of amenities and our view out to the resort and Shanghai Disneyland was awesome. In the room, we received complementary bottles of water. The water bottles were enough for our four-night stay. There was a refrigerator, amenities kit, and 2 queen beds. One nice surprise was that some of the outlets had converters that allowed for you to directly plug in devices from the US. The room had more than enough space for the two of us. The bathroom was extremely clean. A hairdryer, soap, shampoo, and conditioner were provided. If you want to see a full tour of our room, click on the video at the top of this post.

Back of Shanghai Hotel

English Speaking

Having visited all of the Disney parks in the world, we found the language barrier to be the most in Shanghai. The cast members that checked us into the hotel spoke perfect English. The cast members that worked in the Shanghai Disneyland Club Level also spoke English. However, most other cast members knew little to no English. While not many people spoke English, the language barrier isn’t really a problem. Signs and menus are available in English. The Shanghai Disneyland App (for FastPasses) is also in English. We recommend learning a couple Chinese phrases and be aware that most cast members don’t speak English.


The Disneyland hotel is a fancy hotel. The lobby has tall ceilings and beautiful stained glass. There are also elegant Disney touches. It reminded us of an updated version of the Grand Floridian Hotel in Disney World. The elegant theming continues in the hotel rooms and with the landscaping outside. If the weather is nice, we were impressed with the beauty of the outdoor area that connects the hotel to the Disneyland theme park. The flowers and landscaping are very pretty.

Park Bus Shanghai Disney

Location and Transportation

The hotel is also about a 20-minute walk, quick boat ride, or short bus ride to the Disneyland theme park. This makes it very convenient. We prefer walking over taking a bus. The path was a nice walk both during the day and at night. We also felt 100% safe walking to and from the theme park. We only took the bus to the Disneyland park in the mornings. The bus picks guests up just out front of the hotel. The bus was the ideal method of transportation in the morning because it drops you off right at the designated park entrance. We took the ferry boat to the park when we first arrived at the hotel. The boat picks guests up just outside the back of the hotel. The boat comes every twenty minutes and it is a quick ride across the water. While the boat is small, the ride reminds us of the ferry boat ride from Magic Kingdom to the Transportation and Ticket center in Disney World.  

Shanghai Ferry Times

What Are The Downsides of the Disneyland Hotel?

We had an amazing time at the Disneyland hotel. For us, the only downside of this hotel is the cost. If the room cost fits within your vacation budget, we highly recommend the Shanghai Disneyland hotel.

Our Overall Recommendation

We really enjoyed our stay at the Shanghai Disneyland hotel. If it is your first-time visiting Shanghai Disneyland, we think the Disneyland hotel is a great option. The location is ideal, the hotel is beautiful, and the room was perfect. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below. Also, if you have been to the Shanghai Disneyland hotel or have anything else to share, please feel free to comment below.       Adults in Disney to get back home! Disney for Adults to get more info about our blog!


  1. Felice

    Wow. I wish deluxes in wdw had that price!
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    • admin

      Hi Felice – thank you so much for checking out our post and for the comment. Yeah we definitely wish the deluxe hotels at WDW were closer in price to HK and Shanghai Disney. They are such fun and unique parks and definitely let us know if you have any questions when you cook a trip over there.


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