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We have visited every Disney park in the world! One question we often get is, which parks are the best? In this post we rank all Disney parks in the world. We start with an overall ranking based on the resorts. We then separate our list into individual parks.

Disney Resort Rankings

Jeff and I agree when it comes to ranking the Disney resorts. By resort, we mean the overall location, not an individual park. The resorts with more theme parks definitely gain an advantage. But if you are looking for a Disney travel destination, this list is for you. We provide some details as to why we placed each location in its ranking spot. We rank all individual Disney parks below our resort rankings. Also, if you’re interested, we did a vlog where we rank the Disney parks.  

#1 Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has 4 awesome theme parks, two water parks, Disney Springs, and numerous hotels. The size and variety of things to do at Walt Disney World make it a clear #1 resort for us. If you can only visit one Disney resort location, this should be it.

Something for Everyone

Between all of the parks, Disney World has rides and shows for everyone. From classics like It’s A Small World and Peter Pan to newer rides like Flight of Passage and Rise of the Resistance, there is a huge variety. There are Broadway style shows. For example, Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood Studios and the Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom. The variety of nighttime shows is also unmatched. Our favorite is Happily Ever After at the Magic Kingdom. While some locations at Disney World have average theme park food, there are numerous restaurants that are amazing. Similar to our point above, because the resort is so big, there is a lot of variety. Not only do you have the theme parks to explore, but the large number of Disney hotels offer many additional food and drink locations. Our favorite Disney World bar is Trader Sam’s which is located at Disney’s Polynesian Hotel. You could easily spend a day just exploring all of the amazingly themed hotels!

Tours and More

Disney World offers a variety of tours. The quality and number of tours offered at Disney World is unmatched at any other Disney resort. While we have done a lot of the tours at Disney World, there are still some that we have to check out. If you want to know more about Disney World tours, check out our post on our Top 3 tours at Disney World. In addition to tours, Disney World offers a variety of parties and festivals. The Halloween Party and Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom are a ton of fun. EPCOT also has 4 festivals that occur during different seasons throughout the year. Our favorite is the Flower and Garden Festival in the spring.   Picture with Mickey at Shanghai

#2 Tokyo Disney

Tokyo Disney is amazing. Why? For us, it is a combination of the Disney details and amazing cast members. Yes, all Disney parks have great details in them. But Tokyo takes it to a different level. Similarly, cast members around the world create magic for guests. Every Tokyo Disney cast member, however, seems to go above and beyond to create Disney magic. If you’re not convinced of our love for Tokyo, we made a post covering the 5 reasons adults should go to Tokyo Disney. Both of the theme parks at Tokyo Disney are a ton of fun. Tokyo DisneySea is unlike any other. In fact, both of us listed it as our #1 individual Disney park. More on that below. Tokyo Disneyland is similar to Magic Kingdom and other Disneyland styled parks. Dreamlights, the nighttime parade, is amazing. Tokyo Disney also has great food and drinks.

Tokyo DisneySea Cell Service

Reasonably Priced

Surprisingly, Tokyo Disney can actually be reasonably priced. Theme park admissions is a fraction of the price of Walt Disney World and Disneyland. There are also non-Disney hotel options like the Sheraton, that are right on the monorail and reasonably priced if booked well in advance. Transportation from the airport and within the Disney resort is also very convenient. Dreamlights Beauty

#3 Disneyland

Disneyland is the original. There is something special about walking through the same park as Walt. The Disneyland park also has a lot of great rides and areas to explore. While we love Disneyland, we are not big of fans of Disney California Adventure (DCA). Yes, Cars Land is amazing, but the rest of the park doesn’t really do it for us. When we talk about our individual park rankings below, we provide more details on why DCA ranks lower for us. One benefit for us is Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have amazing food. Specifically, the Disney snacks are some of the best in the world. If you love exploring Disney food, this is definitely a big perk of the theme parks at Disneyland California. Disneyland Castle CA closeup

#4 Disneyland Paris

The Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris has amazing details and a beautiful castle. It also has a dragon under the castle! While the Disneyland Park is a really great stand-alone park, Walt Disney Studios Park is horrible. Studios Park has a great show, Mickey and the Magician, and a couple of good rides. But that is it. No theming and no real escape from reality. However, Disneyland Paris does still have the two theme parks and several resorts to explore. These aspects have it beat out Shanghai Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland. Adults in Disney

#5 Shanghai Disneyland

The decision between Shanghai Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland is a tough one. Shanghai wins for a couple of reasons. First, the park is unlike any other Disney park. Yes, it has a Tomorrowland and a Fantasyland. But Treasure Cove and Adventure Isle are unique and really fun to explore. Also, the Shanghai Tomorrowland feels completely different from those at other Disney parks. Shanghai also has a couple of amazing rides and shows that are not at any other parks. The Challenge Trails involve wearing a harness and they are a ton of fun! The closest thing we can compare them to is an adventure course or the bridge part of the Wild African Trek at Animal Kingdom. The Shanghai Disney version of Pirates of the Caribbean is easily in our top 5 Disney rides. Finally, the Jack Sparrow Stunt show, Eye of the Storm, is definitely worth watching. In addition to these unique rides, there are plenty of other rides and shows to explore. The food at Shanghai Disney was also better than we expected. Tomorrowland Sign Shanghai

#6 Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland has all of the charm of Disneyland. The cast members speak English and are extremely friendly. There are also several unique rides, like Mystic Manor and Big Grizzly Mountain, which are really good. However, many of the rides are the same or similar to ones that can be found in other parks. The same can be said about the shows. For example, Hong Kong Disneyland has the Festival of the Lion King. While the Hong Kong version is better than Disney World’s, it is still pretty similar. Night version of Mystic Manor HK While Hong Kong is ranked the worst on our list, it is still a really great park. We already want to go back. If you have the ability to visit, do it! However, if you have to choose a Disney trip location, this one ranks the lowest for us. Hong Kong Tickets

Individual Park Rankings

We now rank all Disney parks seperately. This is where Jeff and I differ. We aren’t going to list the pros and cons about each individual park. However, we did each individually rank all Disney parks (without seeing each other’s list). We provide our lists and a brief discussion of our top parks and bottom 3 parks below.

Sara Ranks All Disney Parks

#1 Tokyo DisneySea #2 Disneyland #3 Magic Kingdom #4 Animal Kingdom #5 Tokyo Disneyland #6 Disneyland Paris #7 Hollywood Studios #8 Shanghai Disneyland #9 Hong Kong Disneyland #10 EPCOT #11 Disney’s California Adventure #12 Walt Disney Studios Park (Disneyland Paris) Magic Kingdom Christmas Parade

Jeff Ranks All Disney Parks

#1 Tokyo DisneySea #2 Animal Kingdom #3 Disneyland Paris #4 Magic Kingdom #5 Shanghai Disneyland #6 Tokyo Disneyland #7 Disneyland #8 Hong Kong Disneyland #9 Hollywood Studios #10 EPCOT #11 Disney’s California Adventure #12 Walt Disney Studios Park (Disneyland Paris)

Justification For Our Top Choices

Jeff and I both love Tokyo DisneySea. We have an entire post about our recommendations for visiting DisneySea. Overall, it has great details, unique lands, and fun rides and shows. The cast members are amazing and the park is extremely clean. Also, the food is unique and delicious. If you get a chance, we highly recommend visiting this park! For our other top choices, we differ a bit. Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are both towards the top of our lists. For us, we feel Animal Kingdom is often underrated. The park is so unique. Animal Kingdom has amazing shows, fun rides, and great places to walk and explore. Animal Kingdom also has amazing food and drink options like Satu’li Canteen and Nomad Lounge. The Wild Africa Trek is one of our favorite Disney tours and an experience that you cannot get in any other Disney park. AK pandora night

Justification For Our Bottom 3

We know it’s tough, but something has to be at the bottom. A lot of people may disagree with our bottom three choices. But at least we had the same bottom three for our rank all Disney parks. We provide some justification of why they rank low for us below.

EPCOT at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida

A lot of people may put EPCOT as their favorite park. While we love the World Showcase at Epcot and the various festivals, Future World is currently a mess. Once all of the updates are completed at EPCOT, there is a good chance it will rank higher. But until then, sorry EPCOT but you are at the bottom for both of us.

Disney California Adventure in California

We love Lamplight Lounge and Cars Land at DCA. Sadly, Guardians makes Jeff motion sick and for us a lot of the other rides are only okay. Another hit against DCA is the nighttime show. World of Color has great music, but the show is not one we get excited to watch. Don’t get us wrong, if you are at the park, you should still try to catch it. But for us, it’s not at the same level as Happily Ever After (Magic Kingdom), Fantasmic (Disneyland, Hollywood Studios, DisneySea), or DreamLights Parade (Tokyo Disney). Disneyland Cars Land

Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris

Walt Disney Studios is a sad Disney park. There really isn’t a lot to do and the theming is horrible. There are not many Disney details and you can be done with the park pretty quickly. Disney knows this park needs some love, which is why we are happy that Walt Disney Studios is getting some major updates.

Our Disney Parks Experience

What qualifies us to rank all Disney parks? First, we have been to all of the Disney Parks recently. For 2019-2020, we are visiting all of the Disney Parks within 365 days. We also take monthly trips to the US Disney parks and annual trips to Tokyo Disney. While the parks continue to evolve, we will do our best to keep this ranking updated. We have a major Disney/travel addiction and plan to continue visiting the international parks along with our monthly trips to the US Disney parks.

Overall Recommendation

These rankings are largely based on our personal preferences. That being said, what is our favorite may not be the case for others. We provide some justification for why we like/dislike certain parks. However, the parks are constantly evolving and we will be sure to update this list. We hope that you enjoy reading our preferences and please let us know if you have any questions. Also, if you have a favorite or least favorite Disney park, be sure to let us know what it is in a comment below!   Adults in Disney to get back home! Disney for Adults to get more info about our blog!


  1. Felice

    I’m so happy that WDW is number one but I’ve GOT to make it to Tokyo!

    • admin

      Hi Felice! Thank you so much for the comment and for checking out our post. Yeah, for us WDW just has so much variety that it can’t be beat. But yes, go to Tokyo! It is so good! Thanks again for the comment!

  2. Krystal

    I agree on 2 of your bottom 3, however I absolutely love DCA!! My husband and I go to Disneyland more frequently than WDW because of this. Also you are correct the food is the best in California parks, followed by Paris. I’ve sadly only been to Paris, Cali and Florida, but man do i want to go to Tokyo!!!

    • admin

      HI Krystal! Thank you so much for the comment and for checking out the post! That’s awesome that 2 of your bottom 3 match ours. We are obsessed with the California food – wish Disney World would get some of the awesome snacks that they have out at Disneyland. And yes, go to Tokyo if you get the chance – it is definitely worth the flight (if you book it, let us know if you have any questions). Thank you again for checking out our website and for the comment – we really appreciate it!

  3. Deanna

    If I had to rate all the U.S. parks- 1) Disneyland 2)Animal Kingdom 3) Epcot 4) DCA 5) Tie between Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios- yes, I really dislike Magic Kingdom. It feels like a generic version of Disneyland, feels sterile, and has less rides.


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