A private boat cruise to watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks is one of the most romantic Disney date nights we’ve ever had!

Private Magic Kingdom Fireworks Cruise Review (with a few videos at the bottom)

We did a private Fireworks cruise a couple months ago (Summer 2018). We were celebrating an anniversary and Sara surprised Jeff with this event. The experience far exceeded both of our expectations, and now ranks as one of the best romantic Disney date experiences we’ve had. Currently the 21-foot pontoon starts at $299 plus tax and can seat up to 8 Guests (also be sure to ask about AP and DVC discounts). There other larger boats, going up to the Grand Yacht which has welcomed guests including Prince Harry – fun fact we got from our captain. We did this event with just the two of us and it was really lovely/romantic. While Disney does allow up to eight guests, we would recommend 6 or fewer adults if you want to have room to move around.

What to expect:

Without giving away too much of the Disney magic, Disney will decorate the boat if you are celebrating something special. For us they had a banner and balloons which made it extra magical. They will also provide non-alcoholic beverages (soda and water) and light snacks. You will spend some time enjoying the lake and learning a bit about the area, you then get to see the water pageant up close, and finally you get to your spot to enjoy the fireworks. The boat plays the fireworks music through its system and you have a great view. The only downside is that you cannot see much of what happens on the castle. For us, the experience of watching the show from the water more than made up for it.

We had two boat captains (one was in training) and they were both amazing. Do not hesitate to ask them any questions! The information and stories from our captains were a large factor in making this experience so special. Lastly, we departed from the Polynesian which we found to be extremely easy. We would expect that leaving from the other MK locations would be just as easy – Sara was happy with the Polynesian departure location because she knew it would be easy to convince Jeff to go to that resort (for Trader Sam’s) and set him up for the surprise.

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You should do a Private Fireworks cruise if:

Your party is looking for a unique Disney experience that definitely makes all guests aboard feel extra special, or if you’re looking for a romantic Disney date night. Because this is a private tour, it is the perfect way to escape and create really special Disney memories. This is also a great option if you don’t like crowds or lining up to have to watch the fireworks. We have to imagine that these cruises book up really quickly on big fireworks days like the 4th of July. We also recommend this if you love cruising around on a boat and watching the sunset. Pretty much, if you have the time and the budget, just do it.

Things to be aware of:

We would not recommend the private fireworks cruise in the winter – it could get really cold and not be fun. Also, alcohol is not included with the 21-foot pontoon boat, but our captain did allow us to bring our to-go drinks from the Polynesian on board.




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Information about booking and prices can be found here: Disney Specialty Cruises


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