Private Magic Kingdom Fireworks Cruise Review

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Magic Kingdom Fireworks Cruise Review

A private boat cruise to watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks is one of the best Disney date nights we’ve ever had! The experience far exceeded both of our expectations. The private fireworks cruise is also a great option for a small group looking for a fancy and unique Disney experience. This post covers what to expect with the Magic Kingdom fireworks cruise and why we love this Disney experience. Thanks for checking out our Magic Kingdom Fireworks Cruise review!


Should Adults Do This?

Yes, we highly recommend taking a private firework cruise at Disney World. From the moment you step aboard, this experience makes the guests feel special and it has that Disney magic. Why do we think the fireworks cruise is so great? Because it is a private and fancy Disney experience, but for a reasonable price (at least by Disney standards). If you are looking for a romantic Disney date night, this is it. Since it is a private boat tour, the fireworks cruise is the perfect way to escape the crowds and create really special Disney memories. Looking for an intimate Disney engagement? This is a great option.

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If you have a small group, the fireworks cruise is a great opportunity have a unique Disney experience together. The boat ride creates the perfect environment to talk, relax, and take in your time at Disney. Lastly, a fireworks cruise is a perfect option to celebrate a birthday or any other special occasion.

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Celebrate on a Disney Fireworks Cruise


If you or someone in your group doesn’t like crowds or lining up to watch the fireworks, the fireworks cruise is for you. The Happily Ever After fireworks at Magic Kingdom are great. However, the front of the castle gets really crowded for the fireworks show. The boat is one option to watch the fireworks without the crowds. One warning about Happily Ever After… a big part of the Happily Ever After show is the castle projections. From the boat, you can only see the fireworks, so you have to be okay with missing the castle details (more one this below).


If You Have Never Seen the Happily Ever After Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

If this is your first time seeing the Happily Ever After fireworks at Magic Kingdom and you only have one night to watch the fireworks, you may want to pass on the boat cruise. Instead, we would recommend watching the fireworks from inside of the Magic Kingdom theme park for the first time. Since a big part of the show is the projections on the castle, first-timers should watch the Happily Ever After fireworks from the front of the castle. Be sure to get there early enough, to get a spot in the middle.

If you do not like crowds or if you would rather have a private experience, then we highly recommend the boat cruise. If you have more than one night to watch the fireworks or if you are doing a day without theme park tickets, then the fireworks cruise is a great option!

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What To Expect

Disney has the private fireworks cruises listed under Recreation, Specialty Cruises, Fireworks Cruise. There are two theme park locations that do private firework cruises, Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  While many of the aspects for the two locations are similar, this review focuses on the cruises that watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks.

The private cruises for the Magic Kingdom depart from one of the following marinas: Contemporary, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Fort Wilderness, and Wilderness Lodge. Our cruise left from the Polynesian marina and we found the experience to be extremely easy (we expect that leaving from the other MK locations is just as easy). We selected the Polynesian because there are a couple of bars at this resort that we like, so we knew we could relax and have a drink before the fireworks cruise. You can request/confirm your departure location when booking.


Food and Drinks

The boat has drinks and snack onboard. Non-alcoholic beverages are included. We had various sodas and bottles of water. There are also light snacks. For our cruise, we had a basket of cookies and chips. The cast members even let us take some of the snack to go when the cruise was over.  There is no alcohol included with the pontoon boat, however, our captain did let us bring our drinks from the Polynesian on the boat.

Food for the cruise


The Boat Captain

We had two boat captains (one was in training) and they were both amazing. Do not hesitate to ask them questions! The information and stories from our captains were a large factor in making this experience so special. The captain of the boat also shares information about Disney and the lagoon which also makes the experience have a tour-related aspect.  We asked the captains a lot of questions. If you are hoping for more of a romantic time, I am sure they would give you your privacy.


The Boat and Boat Ride

Disney will decorate the boat if you are celebrating something special. Just let them know what the special occasion is when reserving the cruise. For us they had a banner and balloons, which made the night extra magical.

The boat is very spacious with 2 people. We would recommend a maximum of 6 adults for the 8 person pontoon if you want to have plenty of room to enjoy. The boat is open air, so you get a nice breeze. This is great for the summer when it is hot. However, the open air aspect could make a winter boat ride not fun (more on this in the Things To Be Aware Of section below).

We highly recommend the fireworks cruise if you love boats. If cruising around on a boat, watching the sunset, and then watching fireworks on a boat sounds like fun, you will not be disappointed. All boat people will be in their glory. If you get motion sick from boats, this is probably not for you.

Before the fireworks start, you spend about an hour enjoying the lake and learning a bit about the area. The captain takes you to watch the water pageant light show. This was a really fun experience, especially since we don’t often see the water pageant show that goes through Seven Seas Lagoon. At the end of the boat tour, the captain takes the boat to a spot to enjoy the Magic Kingdom fireworks.

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Disney for Adults


romantic Disney date


romantic Disney date


romantic Disney date


The Fireworks

The boat plays the fireworks music through its system and you have a great view. The main downside from watching the fireworks on the boat is that you cannot see much of what happens on the castle. For us, the experience of watching the show from the water more than made up for it. But if you have never seen Happily Ever After and this is your only chance during your trip to watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom, you may want to pass on the private boat cruise.

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The Cost

Currently the 21-foot pontoon starts at $299 plus tax and can seat up to 8 guests. This comes out to be $37.50 per person if you have 8 people which is less than most table service Disney restaurants. While you don’t get a full meal, you get a great private experience. You also get snack and non-alcoholic drinks. Celebration banners and balloons are also included in the cost. Be sure to let them know about the special occasion when booking. While Disney does allow up to eight guests on the 21-foot pontoon boat, we would recommend 6 or fewer adults if you want to have room to move around.

There are also other larger boats. The biggest is the Grand 1 Yacht which has welcomed guests including Prince Harry – fun fact we got from our captain. The 25-foot boat starts at $349 and the Grand 1 Yacht starts at $399/hour for up to 18 guests (17 if you want a butler haha).

We did this event with just the two of us and it was really amazing and very romantic.



We highly recommend booking a private fireworks cruise well in advance. We know of people that have tried to book them the week of their vacation and found no availability. The earlier you can book, the better. To book the fireworks cruise, please call the number located on the Disney information page. When we recently tried to book another fireworks cruise, we noticed that when you call the phone number provided, there is not an option for fireworks cruise. We pushed 0 and the cast member was able to book the fireworks cruise for us.


No Theme Park Ticket Needed

It is very easy to include days into your Disney World vacation where you do not enter a Disney World theme park. This saves on the cost of a park ticket for the day. We normally recommend that non-theme park Disney days include Disney Springs and resort hopping. The private fireworks cruise at Magic Kingdom is a great way to experience the Disney theme park magic and entertainment without purchasing a theme park ticket.


Things To Be Aware Of

We would not recommend the private fireworks cruise in the winter. It could get really cold and not be fun. Also, alcohol is not included with the 21-foot pontoon boat. Our captain did allow us to bring our to-go drinks from the Polynesian on board. If you have any special food request or have requests about alcohol, be sure to ask the cast member when booking. Also, Disney recommends that you confirm your cruise a week or two prior. We did this just to be sure everything was all set.

The weather in Florida can be unpredictable. When we did the fireworks cruise, we got an amazing night. The boat ride would not be fun in the rain. If there is lightning in the area, the boat is not able to go out on the water. Be sure to check with the cast member when booking to see what the current policy is if the cruise is canceled because of bad weather.


Our Overall Recommendation

Our main takeaway is: if you have the time and the budget, do it. For us, the private fireworks cruise is currently one of the best values when it comes to Disney World extra events. The private aspect makes you feel extremely special and the service was impeccable. If you are looking for a romantic or fancy night at Disney that won’t cost you thousands of dollars, we highly recommend the private fireworks cruise. If you have any questions about the private fireworks cruise, please leave us a comment below.






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Information about booking and prices can be found here: Disney Specialty Cruises


  1. Alicia

    Thanks for the useful info! I’m on hold right now trying to book a cruise for a month from now. With the sweltering August weather, I decided that this would be the way to go to catch a breeze, a great view, and a little space away from the throngs of people in MK. I’m so excited!

    • admin

      Hi Alicia – Thank you so much for the comment and for checking out our website! That is so exciting that you are booking the cruise – it is perfect to do in August! We hope that you have an amazing vacation and that you enjoy the private boat cruise. Please let us know how it goes and thank you again for the comment!

  2. Ashley

    Do they require a deposit at the time of booking ?

    • admin

      Hi Ashley! Thank you so much for the comment! Currently, Disney charges the full amount for the cruise at the time of booking. However, if you have to cancel you get a full refund. We know someone that recently had to cancel their cruise about a month before their fireworks cruise. They had no problems with getting their refund. I would confirm with the cast member about the cancellation and refund policy when booking. Thank you again for checking out the post and hope that this helps!

  3. Lewis


    Is 299 the price per hour or price for the whole trip?


    • admin

      Hi Lewis – thank you for checking out our blog post and for the question. The $299 (plus tax) is the price for the entire cruise, not per hour. It allows up to 8 people for the price. Thank you again for checking out our website and please let us know if you have any other questions.

  4. kirsty Edgson

    Please can you give me a quote for 10 people (4 Adults, 3 teens and 3 10 years and under) in August

    Thank you

    • admin

      Hi Kristy! Thank you for checking out our post and for the comment. With 10 people, you would have to book the 25 ft boat which Disney lists as $349 plus tax. Hope that this helps and if you have any other please let us know. Thank you again!

  5. colette

    Hi can you advise how long you were on the boat in total thanks

    • admin

      Hi Colette – thank you so much for the comment and for checking out our post! You get on the boat and hour and 15 minutes before the fireworks start. The fireworks are about 20 minutes and then you have to drive back to the dock, so we would guess we were on the boat about an hour and 45 minutes in total. Maybe two hours if they let us on a little bit early. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

  6. Rochelle

    This sounds magical! Thanks for sharing! Happy Anniversary!


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