Review of A Parisian Afternoon at Monsieur Paul

Disney World’s Food and Wine Festival is much more than food and drink booths. Throughout the festival there are numerous other special events. While some of these events are free, most are an additional cost. This year was out first time attending The Parisian Afternoon at Monsieur Paul. We had a great time at this event, but there are some things you should be aware of before booking it.

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Should Adults Do This?

In short, if you like desserts and mimosas, you will love this event. While more details on the food and drinks are below, we both agree that the desserts are the best part of this experience. There is also no shortage of champagne. The cast members continuously refill your mimosa glass … so if you keep drinking, they will keep refilling.

We have always wanted to eat at Monsieur Paul. This event gave us the perfect excuse to have a meal here. A dinner entrée at Monsieur Paul costs around $40. The Parisian Afternoon costs $58 per person. When you factor in the endless mimosas, it is a pretty good deal. If you do not drink alcohol, the price of this event may not be worth it.

This event is perfect for a group of adults. If you are a group of two, you will more than likely be seated at table with at least one other couple. We love meeting new people, so this aspect was okay with us. If you were hoping for a romantic date experience, this is not it. If you do not like sitting with strangers, you may want to skip this event.

Overall, we would recommend this event. The atmosphere is fancy and fun. The culinary team describes each of the dishes, which ties in to the learning and immersive part of the Food and Wine Festival. Lastly, the desserts are to die for and ENDLESS MIMOSAS.

What to Expect:

Monsieur Paul is located above the Chefs de France restaurant in the France pavilion at Epcot. You enter the restaurant towards the back of the pavilion. Walk towards Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie and you should see the Monsieur Paul awning before you pass the ice cream shop. Check-in for the event opened 15 minutes prior to the lunch. Your seats are preassigned, so there is no reason to be at the front of the line.

After check-in the staff walks you to the restaurant upstairs. The view from up here is unique. If you have a window seat you will be able to look out over the guests in the France pavilion. If you do not have a window seat, there should be a couple of windows that you can peak out of before or after the event. As we mentioned before, if you are a group of 1 or 2, you will more than likely be seated with other people. The most common table sizes were 4, 6, and 8.

The event consists of 3 courses. For each course, a chef or member of the culinary team will talk everyone through the dish. We really enjoyed this part of the event and it ties into the learning experience that the Food and Wine Festival emphasizes. You start with a mimosa at your seat and the cast members will continue refilling it as your glass becomes empty.

Everyone receives their food at the same time. Dessert is the final course and you can take your time when leaving the event. The event for us was officially scheduled from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. We left right around 3:30pm. The cast members were also more than willing to take pictures for us.

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We both love mimosas and we drank a lot of them. Honestly, it was a bit hard to keep track of how many we had because they kept refilling the glass, even if it was only half empty. One thing we did notice is that the ratio of orange juice to champagne changed during the event. While the first mimosa was pretty orange, they eventually started asking if you just wanted champagne with no orange juice. We stuck with a splash of orange juice.

The taste of the mimosas was just as expected. They were refreshing and delicious. They also had sodas, water, and coffee if you wanted something other than mimosas.

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The event consisted of three food courses. The first course was a cold cauliflower soup. We were split on this. Sara really liked it while Jeff didn’t care for it. We believe the soup flavor changes every year.

The next course was an assortment of sandwiches. These were similar to the small sandwiches you would get with an afternoon tea. The sandwiches included: a vegetarian, a curry chicken, a cucumber and turkey, a salmon, as well as a savory croissant, and a mushroom cupcake. The sandwiches were all average. We felt that the sandwiches at the Grand Floridian Afternoon Tea are much better. Our favorite item from this course was the croissant. It was light, buttery, and delicious.

The best course was hands down the dessert. Every item on the dessert plate was unique and delicious. When this course came out, the pastry chef walked us through each of the desserts. After he finished speaking, one of the other cast members added that he has won numerous awards and is nationally recognized. His skill was easy to see/taste. Honestly, it is hard to pick a favorite from the 6 various desserts on the plate. I wish there was a place you could purchase the bonbon and pot de crème, they were probably the stand outs. The macrons are like the ones you can buy at Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie.

Overall, you receive more than enough food to fill you and offset the mimosas that you drink. If you have a sweet tooth, then we would recommend giving this event a try for the desserts alone.

Adults in Disney

Adults in Disney

Adults in Disney

Adults in Disney

Atmosphere and Service:

The atmosphere of Monsieur Paul is fancy yet comfortable. The best part of it for us is being on the second floor of an Epcot pavilion. We sadly didn’t get a window seat, but if you do get one, the view is lovely.

Our seats were in one of the corners. While overall the service was great, at first, the cast members didn’t refill our mimosa glasses. They kept hitting every table except ours and the one next to us. Once they realized they had missed us on the first pass or two, they apologized and were on top of refilling our glasses non-stop from that point on. This was not a problem because we still had about one and a half hours of non-stop champagne refills.

The members of the culinary team that introduced the courses were very informative and entertaining. It is a pretty small space and they had a microphone, so it was easy to hear. The microphone was important because as the event went on, the room got louder as people continued to eat, drink, and talk with neighboring tables.

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Food and Wine Events and Booking:

This event is currently only offered during Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. This festival normally runs from mid-August through the beginning of November. Booking for Food and Wine events usually start in early summer. We were lucky and were able to get reservations just a couple of weeks prior to the event.

If you know you want to do this event, we would recommend booking it as early as possible. The event doesn’t take place every day, so there is limited availability. If you have a larger group, this also increases the need to book early.

Things to be Aware of:

The biggest thing to be aware of is that you may sit with strangers. We like meeting new people, so we weren’t too concerned with this. However, there is always a chance that the people you sit with may take away from your experience. Go in assuming you are going to be sitting with other people and hopefully the other people end up making your experience even more magical.

When you book this event, it is not refundable or transferable. Whereas normal dining reservations can be canceled, you do not have that flexibility with this event. We originally booked this event for a Saturday in October. Something came up and we couldn’t make our original date. I called Disney to see if there was any way to change the date. We were lucky and there was still an opening in November, so we were able to switch our date. While the Disney cast member was very helpful and was able to get our reservation changed, I knew changing it was not guaranteed.

If you come to Monsieur Paul for dinner, there is a dress code. Specifically, you may not wear tank tops or flip flops. When reserving this event, the cast member noted that there was a dress code for the event. When we arrived, we felt the dress was much more casual. We would recommend following the dress code, but if you are a female and happen to wear a nicer tank top or flip flops because it is hot outside, you should be okay.

Our Overall Recommendation:

If you will be attending the Food and Wine Festival, you like mimosas, and your favorite part of any meal is dessert, this event was made for you. If you do not drink or do not like being seated with strangers, we would recommend looking into other Food and Wine Festival events.


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