Our Top Drinks in Epcot

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Our Top Drinks in Epcot

Epcot is known, in part, for drinking around the world, its various festivals, and a variety of food and beverages. This post details our 5 favorite drinks from Epcot at Walt Disney World. While the Epcot Festivals offer some fun drink options, this post includes our favorite drinks that are available year round.


We love grabbing a drink when we are at Disney and especially when we are at Epcot. Our top 5 drinks covers a variety flavors and there is even one non-alcoholic option. While we are excited to share our 5 favorite drinks from Epcot with you, we know that everyone’s taste preferences are different. That being said, these are our go to drinks at Epcot. If you have tried any of these drinks or if you have a favorite Epcot drink, please leave us a comment about it at the bottom of this post!


1: Violet Sake from the Garden House in the Japan Pavilion ($9)

This is a mixed alcoholic drink that we both love. The Violet Sake is light, slightly sweet, and delicious. What does it taste like? The best way for us to describe it is a hint of grape flavoring. If you are not a fan of grape, we say pass on this drink. If you are okay with grape or like grape flavors, we highly recommend giving this drink a try.

Violet Sake from Japan


Violet Sake can be purchased at the Garden House which is located in the middle of the Japan pavilion. If you walk into the pavilion (away from the water), the Garden House will be a small building on your left. The cast members are extremely friendly and there usually is no wait. The drink is a pre-mixed drink, which also helps keep the drinks coming out quickly.

 Japan Drink Location

2: Fiesta Frozen Margarita from Choza de Margarita in the Mexico Pavilion ($11.25)

This one is for all tequila fans. Sara loves a frozen margarita on a hot day. Jeff hates tequila and is not a fan of margaritas. The Choza de Margarita stand is on the left you enter the Mexico pavilion from future world. (If you’re coming from Norway, it will be on your right.) It is outside of the pyramid.

Margarita drinks in Epcot


Choza de Margarita offers 3 frozen margarita flavors. The Fiesta Margarita gives you a little bit of each. I hate choosing one flavor, so this combo is my idea solution. The three flavors are strawberry, lime, and mango. The strawberry is: wild strawberry tequila, strawberry-prickly pear pureé and LeJay creme de cassis. The lime is: lime tequila, lime sweet and sour, orange liqueur. The mango is: mango loco tequila, orange liqueur, wild passion fruit and mango puree.


If you prefer a slightly stronger or not frozen margarita, we recommend getting a margarita from La Cava del Tequila. This bar is inside of the pyramid and has a lot of margarita drink options. These margaritas are not pre-mixed and they are delicious. The downside of this location is that it can be very busy, so you have to decide whether or not it is worth the wait.

 Margarita Location

3: Pub Blend from the Rose and Crown Pub in the UK Pavilion ($9.75)

The Rose and Crown Pub in the UK pavilion is an awesome bar. The atmosphere is great and the beers are cold and unique. One of the best parts about this bar is that they have several pub blends. Most of the pub blends are half one beer and half a different beer.

Pub Blends from Rose and Crown


Which pub blend is best? That largely depends on you preferences. Jeff likes lighter beers and lagers, so his go to is the Golden Fox. The Golden Fox is half Boddingtons beer and half Bass Ale. Sara doesn’t care for beer, so she will usually get a Snake Bite or a Cider & Black. A Snake Bite is half hard cider and half Harp beer. A Cider & Black is hard cider with a shot of black currant juice.


The Rose and Crown Pub is attached to the Rose and Crown restaurant. The pub can get very busy, but it is a fun and lively atmosphere. If it is busy when you walk in, just slowly make your way to the front of the bar. The bartenders are friendly and skilled. They work their way around the bar and you should have your drinks in no time. You can grab a beer and hang out in the pub or get one for the road. Either way, we definitely recommend stopping in and giving one of the pub blends a try.

 Rose and Crown Pub Location

4: Bubble Milk Tea from Joy of Tea in the China Pavilion ($6.25 – nonalcoholic)

The bubble tea from the China pavilion is the only non-alcoholic drink that made our list. This drink is a sweetened, peach flavored black tea with tapioca pearls. There is dairy in the drink. Most people we know either love or hate bubble tea. Or they have never tried it. The tapioca pearls are different. Our best description of them is like a slightly soggy gummy bear. While that may sound horrible, we love the tapioca pearls and highly recommend bubble tea.

Bubble Mile Tea from China


The bubble tea is from Joy of Tea. This is a small building at the front of the China Pavilion. It is located near the water and is on the side closest to the African Outpost. The stand is usually not too busy.


We always recommend trying something new, so if you haven’t had bubble tea before, we say give it a try. We love the peach flavor that Disney offers. However, if you have bubble tea at home, the bubble tea at Epcot may not be anything special for you. If you haven’t had bubble tea before, we hope you love it.

Bubble Tea Location


5: Schofferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen (grapefruit beer) in the Germany Pavilion ($9.50)

We end the list with a German beer. The Schofferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen is a great beer to drink on a hot day, which is pretty much every day in Disney World. It’s light and refreshing without too much grapefruit flavor. When walking around World Showcase, Jeff is always sure to stop and grab one.

Schofferhofer Beer from Germany


You can get the Grapefruit Beer at a couple of locations in the German pavilion. The easiest way to grab one is at one of the beer carts in the Germany pavilion. You can also get the Grapefruit beer at Sommerfest and the Biergarten restaurant. Sommerfest is a quick service window located in the back of the Germany pavilion. The Biergarten restaurant is a sit-down reservation in the back part of the Germany pavilion. If you get a grapefruit beer at the Biergarten, it is served in a large stein, which makes it even better.

Grapefruit Beer Location


Our Overall Recommendation

Epcot has a large variety of drinks. This list consists of our top 5 go-to drinks when at Epcot. We hope that we have given you at least one option that interests you. However, if none of these drinks sound tasty, there are a lot of other drinks that you can try at Epcot. Just walk around the World Showcase and see what sounds good to you. If you have any questions or you have a favorite Epcot drink, please leave us a comment about below.



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