Nomad Lounge Review – The Best Bar in a Disney World Park

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Best Bar In A Disney World Theme Park: Our Nomad Lounge Review

Nomad Lounge is easily our favorite bar in Animal Kingdom, and our Nomad Lounge review will let you know why! While there are a bunch of great bars in the various Disney World theme parks and the choice is hard … Nomad Lounge still wins as our overall favorite. Why does Nomad Lounge win? Because it has great drinks, food, service, and atmosphere. We go into each of these items in detail in our Nomad Lounge review below.

Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom



Nomad Lounge is the bar attached to Tiffins restaurant in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. You can find Nomad Lounge by walking down the main entrance path towards Pandora. Before you get to the bridge into Pandora, Tiffins and Nomad Lounge will be on your right. The entrance for Nomad Lounge is the second pathway. There will be a small metal sign in the doorway which says Nomad Lounge. If you turn too soon and walk into the Tiffins restaurant instead, it’s okay. Just let the cast members know and they will send you left towards the Nomad Lounge bar.

When you arrive at Nomad Lounge, just grab any available seat. There are no reservations and seats are on a first come first serve basis. If you want a quick visit, the bar tends to move faster. If you are okay with a more relaxed experience, any of the tables are a great option. More details on the service and atmosphere at Nomad Lounge are below.



The overall theme of Nomad Lounge is one of travel and adventure. In some ways the theming of Nomad Lounge reminds us of Expedition Everest. While Nomad Lounge is not the most detailed bar in Disney World, it still has some amazing details and a consistent theme. One detail that Disney states on their website is that there are “festive banners hang in the center of the lounge, each posing a different question about traveling the world and the thrill of discovery.” The high ceilings and little details make Nomad Lounge a really fun bar.

A look at the bar in Nomad Lounge


One of the main reasons we love Nomad Lounge is the relaxed atmosphere. Nomad Lounge has both indoor and outdoor seating. This is one of the few bars in Disney World with this feature. We love this option because if it is not hot outside, the patio seating is really peaceful and relaxing. If it is hot outside, the indoor bar and seating is really comfortable and fun.



The drinks are another reason that we love coming to Nomad Lounge. The bar has a variety of unique, delicious, and really fun drinks. The full Nomad Lounge Drink menus can be found here. Jeff’s go to drinks are Leaping Lizard and Lamu Libation. Sara’s favorite drink from the menu is Hightower Rocks. Nomad Lounge has a full stocked bar. One benefit about this bar is that drinks are not pre-mixed drinks and the bartenders know their stuff. Because of this, if we are sitting at the bar and it’s not too busy, we will ask the bartender to make up a drink for us.

Mixed Drink Menu

Fruity drinks in Animal Kingdom

Menu at Nomad Lounge

Drinking in Animal Kingdom


We have had two drinks at Nomad Lounge that we were not fans of. The first one is a Mustang Coffee (Crown Royal, Brown Sugar, and Butter with hot Coffee). We got it because it sounded interesting, but quickly learned that coffee, butter, and whisky is not a combo for us. Anyone out there like butter in their coffee? If you’re a fan, please let us know in the comments below! The other drink that we did not care for is the Jenn’s Tattoo (Ketel One Vodka, Watermelon, Hibiscus, and Lime Juice). This one is not bad, but it is really sweet. If you like sweet drinks, you will probably like it. For us, it was just too sweet.

Animal Kingdom Nomad Lounge

Sitting at the bar in Nomad Lounge



Nomad Lounge serves small plates. These dishes are definitely smaller portions, but we like the small plate option because you can to try a few different items. Most of the dishes are also easy to share.  If you aren’t too hungry, one small plates is great snack.

The most popular item at Nomad Lounge is the Tiffins Signature Bread Service. In our honest opinion, the Tiffins Bread service is okay – it is no Sanaa bread service. We typically pass on the Tiffins Bread service, but if you are not going to make it to Sanaa and want to give a Disney bread service a try, we say go for it!

Our favorite two items are the Vegetarian Sliders and the Churros. For us, the vegetarian sliders are the best vegetarian burgers on Disney property. They are served with large (dense) french fries which we also enjoy.

The churros are unique and delicious. The churros themselves are pretty standard, however the dipping sauces are addicting. Currently the churros come with a vanilla crema sauce and a chili-strawberry sauce. The chili-strawberry has a little spice, but it’s really unique and I love it.  There is also a gluten free churros option. We haven’t tried it, but know people that have gluten intolerance and love the gluten free churros at Nomad Lounge.

Churros in Animal Kingdom



The bartenders in Nomad Lounge are really good. Most times we go to Nomad Lounge, we sit at the bar. The bartenders are really friendly and fun to talk with. Also, if you’re at the bar, it is usually easy to ask them to make an off-menu drink for you. When it comes to custom drinks they make up for us, we haven’t been disappointed yet.

If you sit outside or at one of the tables inside, the service should still be good. The table seats tend to be a bit slower than the bar. This is especially true if it is busy. But if you are stopping in to relax for a bit, it should not be a problem.

Eating outside at Nomad Lounge


Things To Be Aware Of

Even though Nomad Lounge has a fair amount of seating, it can get busy. The indoor space can get especially busy in the summers when it is hot outside. We feel that the crowds at Nomad Lounge often come in waves. If it is busy when you stop in, it is always a good idea to try to pop back in again later.


Since this bar is in a theme park, there will most likely be kids inside. We have been in Nomad Lounge and had only adults with us in there. But, another time we were there a family sat with their little kids at the bar (didn’t know if this was allowed, but the bartender didn’t say anything so guessing it is okay). While we love Nomad Lounge because it is generally a relaxing bar, if you get a bunch of families in there with kids, it can get crazy. It is Disney after all, so kids are expected. But if you are expecting a kid-free bar, this is most likely not it.

While we love Nomad Lounge, Trader Sam’s still squeaks out as our overall favorite Disney bar. However, Trader Sam’s it not in a theme park and takes a lot more planning to visit. If you are looking for an awesome in-park bar, Nomad Lounge is it.


Our Overall Recommendation

We love Nomad Lounge. This bar is one of the more underrated and less commonly talked about bars in Disney … and maybe that is one of the reasons we love it. We strongly encourage adults to check it out when they are at Animal Kingdom. Not only do we recommend stopping in for a drink, but grab an order of churros or a different small plate. Take in the atmosphere and sit back and relax for a bit. Have you been to Nomad Lounge? We hope you found our Nomad Lounge review helpful, and if you have any questions or comments about Nomad Lounge, please leave us a message below!

Our favorite Animal Kingdom Bar is Nomad Lounge




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