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Is MaxPass Worth It?

Absolutely! MaxPass is Disneyland’s version of FastPass plus, but there are several important differences. First, you have to pay for MaxPass. Secondly, you can only get Fastpasses the day of and not until you have entered at least one of the Disneyland theme parks. MaxPass also includes Disney PhotoPass. This post covers the pros and cons of MaxPass. We also give our recommendations for making the most out of MaxPass when at Disneyland.


What Comes With MaxPass?

Maxpass provides two awesome benefits. First, MaxPass gives guests the ability to make Fastpasses through the Disneyland App. Fastpasses can be made the day of and only after the guest has entered one of the two Disneyland theme parks. Maxpass also includes all Disney PhotoPass photos and videos.  


How Do I Purchase MaxPass?

MaxPass can be purchased online through the Disneyland website. When purchasing your tickets online, one of the options is to “Upgrade to the Disney Maxpass”. This will add Maxpass to your ticket for each day of the ticket. You can also add Maxpass by calling Disneyland or through the Disneyland App.  

Currently, MaxPass costs an additional $15/day on top of the theme park ticket. Disney notes that MaxPass is not transferable and is not refundable. Based on our experience with Maxpass, we feel that Maxpass is definitely worth the additional cost.


How Do I Make A FastPass with MaxPass?

To make a Fastpass with MaxPass, guests will need the Disneyland App. You can download the Disneyland App for free. Once a guest with Maxpass attached to their park ticket enters a Disneyland park, they will be able to make a Fastpass selection. Once you have used the MaxPass to go on the ride or after a certain amount time, you are able to make another Fastpass.

To make a Fastpass, open the App and hit the plus sign in the bottom middle. From there, select the “Get FASTPASS with Disney MaxPass” option. Select the guests and you can start looking at the available Fastpass options.

If you are traveling with other people, be sure that your Disneyland accounts and tickets are linked. This is important if you want one person to be able to make Fastpasses for the entire group. For a Fastpass to be made for anyone in the group, that person must have entered one of the Disneyland parks that day.

 Disneyland App MaxPass


Added Flexibility

One of the benefits of Maxpass is that you do not have to be at the physical Fastpass kiosk in the parks to make a Fastpass. This allows for a lot more flexibility throughout your day at Disneyland.

Currently, Disneyland does not require you to physically be in the parks to make a Fastpass. Once you scan into either Disney park, you are able to make Fastpass reservations for the entire day. This means that if you head back to your hotel for a midday break, you can still make Fastpasses from your hotel.


How To Use a MaxPass Fastpass

When it is time to use your MaxPass, open the Disneyland App and your available Fastpass will be there. You click on the Fastpass and a barcode will pop up that you scan at the Fastpass entrance for the ride.


How Do I Make A FastPass without MaxPass?

If you do not have MaxPass, then you make your Fastpasses in person. This means that you go to each ride or Fastpass distribution location to scan your park ticket. Once you scan the ticket, you will be assigned a Fastpass for the time that is currently being distributed.


How Do I Get My PhotoPass Photos?

Similar to Disney World, PhotoPass photos will show up directly in your Disneyland App. With Maxpass, you will be able to directly download any PhotoPass photos or videos taken from the day(s) you had MaxPass. If you want a ride photo, be sure to look for the ride photo at the ride exit. The photos displayed will provide the code that you need to link that ride photo to your Disneyland App. Then with MaxPass, you will be able to download the photo.

Mission Breakout


Reasons NOT to get MaxPass

Honestly, the only downside to MaxPass is the cost. MaxPass currently costs $15/day. If you have a longer Disneyland trip and a big travel party, this can add up. However, we still think it is worth it.

MaxPass requires your phone. While this is not a problem for most people, it is still something to consider. Your phone will have to be charged to make and redeem Fastpasses through the Disneyland App.


Our Top Tips For Using MaxPass

There are definitely tricks to getting the most out of your MaxPass. These are our top 5 tips. If you have any Maxpass tips of your own, please leave us a comment at the end of our post!


#1 Get To The Theme Parks Early

As soon as you scan into a Disney theme park, you are able to start making Fastpasses. The day begins with a lot a Fastpass ability. Since there is a limited quantity of Fastpasses available, the earlier you get to the parks, the better your chances of getting the fastpasses you want.

If Disneyland has extra magic hours, Disneyland hotel guests can enter the park and do rides starting an hour before park open. Even if you are not staying at a Disneyland hotel, you can enter the parks prior to the official park open. You can grab breakfast and take photos on Main Street. But the primary benefit is that when you enter the park, you can start making Fastpasses. (Yes, even before the official park open.)


#2 Get A World Of Color Or Fantasmic Fastpass Early

You can get a World of Color (for Disney California Adventure) or Fantasmic (for Disneyland) Fastpass early in the day and it doesn’t count towards your other Fastpass uses. We highly recommend grabbing one of these Fastpasses early in the day because they “sell out” quickly. These Fastpasses were often unavailable by late morning.

 Disney California Adventure


#3 Park Hop

It is extremely easy to park hop at the Disneyland parks in California. As long as you don’t mind doing some walking and have a park hopper ticket, it is easy to make Fastpasses in both parks. With MaxPass, once you enter one of the two Disney theme parks, you can make Fastpasses in either theme park. Since you don’t have to physically be in the park, you are able to pick the best available Fastpass for you. If that ride happens to be in the other park, go for it! The walk is easy and it allows you to maximize your Fastpass selections with Maxpass.


#4 Don’t Forget To Take Advantage Of PhotoPass

PhotoPass is great because you get professional photos of your Disney vacation. However, it can be easy to forget to take advantage of PhotoPass. Since PhotoPass is included with MaxPass, we strongly recommend taking advantage of PhotoPass opportunities while in the parks. Even if you end up stopping to take one or two pictures, we think the PhotoPass photos are a great thing that is included with MaxPass.


Star Wars Galaxy Edge Disneyland


#5 Don’t Forget To Make FastPasses

MaxPass gives you the advantage of being able to make FastPasses on your phone. We would often be eating or waiting for a ride and realize that we were able to make another FastPass. While we aren’t saying that you should be tied to the Disneyland App your whole trip, it is easy to forget to keep making FastPasses. But this in some ways is an okay problem to have. Luckily once you realize you want another Fastpass and you’re able to select another, just open the App and see what is available.

 Incredicoaster FastPass


Our Overall Recommendations

We highly recommend getting MaxPass for your visit to Disneyland. The cost of MaxPass is relatively minimal when compared to the benefits that you get. The ability to Fastpass on the go is worth it alone. The inclusion of PhotoPass is an added bonus. If you have any questions about MaxPass or if you have any comments about MaxPass, please leave us a comment below!



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  1. Tina

    Such great info!! I am definitely getting this when we go in Dec! And only $15/day?! That’s an amazing price!!

    • admin

      Hi Tina – Thank you so much for checking out the post and for the comment! Hope that you guys have an amazing trip to Disneyland in December! Please let us know what you think of MaxPass – hope you love it as much as we do!

  2. April

    Thanks for the info! We now live in AZ and I’m hoping to go to DL sometime this winter.

    • admin

      Hi April – thank you so much for checking out the post and for the comment! Hope that you have an amazing time when you go to Disneyland! If you have any questions about Disneyland, feel free to send us a message on Instagram or leave a comment here.

  3. Angela

    I absolutely agree that it’s worth the $. When my friends & I started using MaxPass, we felt like we had sooooo much extra time because we didn’t have to repeatedly walk back & forth between rides/parks to get FastPasses.

    • admin

      Hi Angela – thank you so much for the comment! Awesome to know that you also think MaxPass is worth the money. We completely agree about getting the extra time and less walking back and forth when you have MaxPass. It made the trip so much easier and more enjoyable. Thank you again for the comment and for checking out the post!


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