Kingdom Club at Shanghai Disneyland

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Kingdom Club at Shanghai Disneyland

For our trip to Shanghai Disneyland, we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. We spent all 4 nights at the Kingdom Club at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. Kingdom Club is the concierge-level rooms and lounge at the Disneyland Hotel. In this post, we cover what is included with club level, the cost, and whether we think it is worth the higher price tag than a standard room at the Disneyland Hotel.   We have a sperate post with a full review of the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. In that post, we cover all aspects of the hotel such as transportation and Disney park benefits. Here we focus on aspects specific to Kingdom Club.

Kingdom Club Yogart


What is Club Level?

Club level is a special category of hotel rooms that give guests access to the Kingdom Club Lounge at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. For us, there are two main benefits of Kingdom Club. The first is the food and drinks in the lounge. Each morning of our trip we had breakfast in the lounge. It was delicious and very convenient. There is also afternoon desserts and nighttime treats – more on this below.   The other main benefit of club level is the service. There are cast members in the lounge that offer special help to Kingdom Club guests. The service is similar to concierge, but the cast members can help with everything from FastPass questions to arranging taxis to Disney dining reservations.

Kingdom Club Food Hours


What is Included?

The food and drinks served in the Kingdom Club are included with the price. Similarly, the support from the cast members is also included with Kingdom Club. There are specific rooms on the club-level floor, but we do not believe these rooms are any different from non-club level rooms. The exception being if you book a suite.


The food at the Kingdom Club is delicious. Breakfast in particular was far above both of our expectations. Not only is the quality of the food great, but there is also a large variety. If you check out our YouTube Vlog above, 2 minutes into the video we give a complete overview of breakfast at the Kingdom Club. The food at the Leisure Delight is mostly desserts. The desserts are delicious, there is a good variety, and they are all very cute. Sadly, we didn’t have a chance to catch the Fantastic Twilight food because we were always in the parks at this time.  

Soup Kingdom Club


All of the food in Kingdom Club is very fresh and the whole area is very clean. We have been to concierge lounges where the food items get sparse or seem to have been out all day. This was never the case at Kingdom Club. The food items were some of the best items we had in all of Shanghai Disneyland.  

Kingdom Club Fruit



The lounge also provides drinks. At breakfast, there is coffee, tea, and juice. In the afternoon, there is the leisure delight which has coffee, lattes, tea and soda. The nighttime hours offer soda, beer, wine and liquors.  

Mickey Kingdom Club


Bedtime Stories

If you like meeting characters, do not miss the Bedtime Stories at Kingdom Club. This event is only for guests in Kingdom Club. A cast member starts by reading a story to the kids. The story is in Mandarin. But, once the story is done, Mickey comes out in his pajamas and takes photos with all of the guests. It is the perfect way to end the day and is an easy way to meet Mickey without a long wait.  

Bedtime Stories Club


The Lounge

The Kingdom Club lounge area is pretty large. It was always easy to find a place to sit. There are also windows that face outside to the water and the Disneyland theme park. At night, the lounge has drinks and guests can watch the Disneyland fireworks right from the Kingdom Club Lounge.  

Kingdom Club Lounge



The cast members at Kingdom Club were wonderful. There are only a couple of people that work the front desk. This means that these cast members quickly know who you are, which is a nice bonus. All of the cast members that served the food and drinks were also very nice. While most cast members in Shanghai Disneyland do not speak English, all of the cast members at Kingdom Club spoke perfect English.   One of the benefits of Kingdom Club is that the cast members can help with FastPasses and dining reservations. When we arrived, a cast member helped us make a couple of dining reservations for Shanghai Disneyland. They also went through all of the Fastpass details with us. We were able to pre-select one FastPass for each day in the parks. (I believe this is a perk of club-level. Normally Fastpasses are made the same day on the Shanghai Disneyland App. The process is similar to Maxpass in Disneyland, except that it is not an additional cost.)      

The Hotel Rooms

Most of the club-level rooms are located on the same floor as the Kingdom Club Lounge. We were one floor below club level because we requested a theme park view at check-in. They accommodated our request for no additional cost. For more details on the hotel room and for a full room tour, we have a full video at minute 12 below. Also check out our full review of the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel.  

The Cost

Kingdom Club rooms are more expensive than standard rooms because you get access to the Kingdom Club Lounge. How much more depends on the time of year, exchange rate, and demand. For example, a standard room in October currently costs $280 USD while a club level room for the same date costs $620 USD. This is a huge difference in price!   For our trip, we found a good deal on club level so we booked two nights in a standard room and two nights at club level. I believe the club level room was about $200 more than the standard room for our trip. We wanted to experience the Kingdom Club, but didn’t want to pay the extra cost for all four nights. So we splurged on it for 2 nights of the trip.    

Upgrade at Check-In

When we checked into the hotel, the cast member offered for us to upgrade our standard room nights to club-level for an additional $100/night. We didn’t want to have to deal with changing rooms and figured the food would offset most of the cost, so we went for it. We are not sure if being offered an upgrade is a common occurrence. Our first thought was, “I wish we had booked all nights as a standard room and upgraded all four nights at check-in and saved some money.”   While it may have worked out that way, it isn’t a guarantee. You run the risk of no club-level rooms being available. So, you can always try the method of booking a standard room and hoping the upgrade is available when you arrive. If the cast member at check-in doesn’t mention upgrading your room, you can ask about the upgrade but just be prepared that it may not be available.  

Kingdom Club View


Is It Worth It?

While all of our experiences with Kingdom Club were wonderful, it’s hard to justify the additional price when you are booking a room in advance through the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel website. We would only recommend booking a club level room in advance if you have a long trip to Shanghai Disney and plan on relaxing at the hotel during your trip. In that case, the Kingdom Club adds one additional aspect to explore. You want to be sure you will be able to take advantage of all that Kingdom Club offers in order to help justify the additional cost. For us, for future trips to Shanghai Disneyland, we most likely will not book a club-level room in advance because of the cost difference. We are happy we splurged on it for our first visit to Shanghai Disneyland, but it is not a must-do for trips to Shanghai Disneyland.    

Check-In Upgrade Worth It?

That being said, would we pay $100/night to upgrade to Kingdom Club? Probably. The convenience and quality of the food was really good. It was also nice having cast members that spoke perfect English help arrange reservations and taxi pickup. The $100/night additional cost is the max we would pay for the upgrade. Again, if you have a 1 or 2 night trip, it’s harder to recommend because you will most likely be in the theme park the whole time.   This point may seem a bit obvious, but, the cost is more “worth it” when you have 3 or 4 people in your room. With 4 people, the cost covers more people’s meals and makes it easier to justify. For two people, if you have a big breakfast and come back for an afternoon snack, it can still be worth it. The downside? Now you are eating at the hotel when you may want to try some of the food available in the parks.  

Kingdom Club Breakfast


Our Overall Recommendation

We had an amazing stay at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and the Kingdom Club was a nice cherry on top. For our 4 night trip, the Kingdom Club gave us an extra aspect to explore during our time in Shanghai Disneyland. Also, the food and service were amazing. If you are on a budget, we would probably pass on Kingdom Club and instead spend that money on a table service dining option inside the theme park. If you are looking to splurge for you trip or plan to be at the hotel a lot, then we say go for it. Please leave us a comment below if you have any questions or thoughts about Kingdom Club or Shanghai Disney!  

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