How To Buy Tokyo Disney Tickets

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How To Buy Tokyo Disney Tickets

Theme park tickets at Tokyo Disney are different from those in the US parks. The two biggest differences are how Tokyo Disney does park hopping and the cost of the tickets. There is also the question of do you purchase the tickets online in advance or get them once you arrive at Tokyo Disney? This post covers all of these items and more, as we provide all the information you’ll need to know how to buy Tokyo Disney tickets. When we took our first trip to Tokyo Disney, we did not spend a lot of time looking into the park tickets. Luckily we were going for 7 days during a not busy time of year. We hope the information below can help you make an informed decision for your visit to Tokyo Disney. Tickets for Tokyo Disney  

No Park Hopping On Days 1 and 2

At most Disney theme parks, you have the option to purchase tickets with park hoppers. A park hopper option means that you can switch between all of the different Disney theme parks whenever you want. This option allows you to visit more than one theme park on a given day. Park hopping at Tokyo Disney is very easy to do. There are two parks and they are connected by an easy-to-use monorail. However, Tokyo Disney doesn’t offer the park hopper option the way that Disney in the US does. Regardless of the length of your ticket, you cannot park hop on day one or two of your ticket. This means that if you purchase a 2 day park ticket, you can only enter one individual park each day. Furthermore, you need to select which Tokyo Disney theme park you will go to on which day at the time you purchase the ticket. So for example, you could do DisneySea on day one of your ticket and Disneyland on day two. If you purchase a 3 or 4 day ticket, on days 3 and 4 of the ticket, you are able to park hop between the two Tokyo Disney parks as much as you like. But days one and two you are constrained to one park.  

Ticket Benefit If You Stay At A Disney-owned Hotel

If you stay at one of the Disney-owned hotels (Hotel MiraCosta, Disneyland Hotel, or Ambassador Hotel), you can purchase an exclusive Multi-Day Passport Special tickets. These special park tickets allow hotel guest to park hop starting on day one. Yes, this is an awesome benefit. Staying at one of the hotels is the only way we know of to gain access to these special tickets. The Multi-Day Passport tickets are available for 2-day, 3-day, or 4-day tickets. This aspect is one of the main benefits of staying at one of these Disney hotels. The Multi-Day Passport Special is different from regular Multi-Day Passports because it allows you to go freely from one Park to the other from your very first day. If you are only able to visit Tokyo Disney for 2 days, having the park hopper option both days is a game changer. The Multi-Day Passport Special tickets are slightly higher in prices. The 4-day Passport Special Ticket currently is 24,000 yen, compared to 22,400 yen for the not special ticket. 1,600 yen is about $14 with today’s exchange rate, so it a relatively minor cost given the benefits you gain. Adults in Disney  

Night Only Tickets

Nighttime tickets may be of interest if you just want to explore the parks for a few hours one night or see multiple parks in one day. There is a Starlight Passport ticket which allows you to enter one park after 3pm on weekends and holidays (about $49). There is also the After 6 Passport which allows you to enter one park after 6pm on weekdays (about $38).  

4 Day Maximum

Tokyo Disney does not sell theme park tickets longer than 4 days. We think 4 days as the ideal amount of time for a Disney fan to visit the Tokyo Disney Resort. If you are a photographer or really love the details, you could go for 7 days like we did on our first trip. If you visit Tokyo Disney for more than 4 days, your only option is to purchase a 4 day ticket and an addition ticket for the extra days. Alternatively, if you are going for a really long trip or multiple times during the year, you could also purchase an annual pass.

Consecutive Days

Multi-day Tokyo Disney tickets are for consecutive days only. This is different from most other Disney theme parks around the world. While we tend to stay at Tokyo Disney for several days in a row, the consecutive aspect of the Tokyo Disney theme park tickets may be an important consideration for planning your trip.  

Cost of Park Tickets

Currently, the theme park tickets for the Tokyo Disney resort are substantially less than Disney World or Disneyland in the US. A 4-day park ticket to Tokyo Disney with no park hopping on day 1 or 2 currently costs 22,400 yen or about $205. At Disneyland in California, a 4-day ticket with no park hopping currently costs $325 ($380 with park hopping). At WDW, a 4-day ticket for the end of April with no park hopping costs around $467 with tax ($552 with park hopping). Disney World tickets also vary by arrival date, so the ticket price can be higher or lower.  The current prices for Tokyo Disney tickets and ordering online can be found here. Adults In Disney  

Purchasing Online Vs Purchasing In Person

We have booked two trips to Tokyo Disney. Our first trip was this past January and our second trip is at the beginning of May 2019. When we went in January, it was a relatively quiet part of the year, so we decided to purchase the tickets in person. One reason we decided to wait was because we were not sure which park we would want to visit first. Waiting to purchase until the day of gave us that flexibility.  

In Person

The night that we arrived in Tokyo we stayed at the Hilton Tokyo Bay. One downside of this hotel is that you cannot purchase theme park tickets at the hotel with a credit card. We didn’t bring a lot of cash with us, so purchasing the tickets with cash wasn’t a good option for us. Our first theme park day, we switched hotels to the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel which is located next door to the Hilton. The Sheraton did allow the purchase of tickets with credit cards. They have a special Disney counter for guests at the hotel. So we checked into the hotel, got the tickets, and went to the park. (For a review of our hotels click here) Buying Tokyo Disney tickets at the hotel  


For our second trip, we purchased our tickets online. You need to have a Disney account to be able to login and purchase the tickets. The Tokyo Disney website  for purchasing tickets online is very straight forward. As we mentioned above, you will have to select your dates and parks when placing your order. Once you complete your purchase, you can print the tickets out at the end of the purchase or log into your account later and print the tickets. If you purchase online, your transaction will only be approved for certain credit cards. The first credit card we tried to use was denied because it didn’t have the proper verification needed for the Japanese system. If you get this warning, either try a different credit card or call your credit card provider to see if they can provide access for the purchase. The biggest downside of purchasing online is you have a paper copy of your ticket. If you purchase the ticket in person, you get the normal paper ticket which is prettier and smaller. Overall the in-person purchased ticket is a bit easier to deal with in the parks rather than a piece of paper. Even with this downside, we still preferred the online option for our second trip. It allowed us to avoid having to wait at the hotel or the park to purchase tickets. Also, once tickets are sold out for a certain day, you are not able to get a ticket into the park. While we don’t believe this happens very often, we didn’t want to chance it happening during our May trip since we are going during a peak time of the year.  

What We Did For Our Trips

For our 7 day trip in January, we purchased a 4-day ticket. We were staying at the Sheraton, so we did not get to park hop on days 1 and 2. With the general ticket, we were able to park hop on days 3 and 4. For the last 3 days of our trip, we were staying on Disney property. With being at a Disney hotel, we were able to purchase Multi-Day Passport Special tickets. With these tickets we were able to park hop for our last 3 days. For our second trip to Tokyo Disney, we are spent 5 days at the park. We opted to do a 4 day ticket for our first 4 days and then a single day ticket for our last day. Since we have been to Tokyo Disney, having to select the park for our last day was a bit easier because we knew we wanted to end our trip in Tokyo Sea. Tokyo Disneyland for adults  

Our Recommendations

Our recommendation is to purchase your Tokyo Disney Park tickets online through the Tokyo Disney website. The online purchase process is easy and it takes away a lot of the stress with getting the tickets during your vacation. If you are staying at one of the Disney-owned properties, we strongly recommend getting the Multi-Day Passport Special tickets. The slightly higher cost is definitely worth it to get the park hopper benefit from day 1. If you have any questions about the theme park tickets or if you have any experience with Tokyo Disney theme park tickets, please add a comment below! Adults love rides at Tokyo DisneySea   Tokyo Disney to get more info about our recommendations for everything Disney Tokyo related! Adults in Disney to get back home! Disney for Adults to get more info about our blog!


  1. Rochelle

    So helpful! Thanks for the comprehensive information!

    • admin

      Thank you so much for checking out our post and for the comment Rochelle! We really appreciate the support

  2. Kristina

    First, these posts are amazing. I’m planning a birthday trip to Tokyo, and I’ve been scouring the web for information and you’re posts have been the most clear to understand – so thank you!

    I just had a question about the ‘special’ tickets, did you book the option for fastpasses/shows (and popcorn bucket/other fun things)? If not, or if so, would you recommend the splurge for them? Looking at crowd calendars it may be a “busier” time, and I just want to make sure I don’t miss anything but I’m also trying to save money where I can to stay at the Miracosta for a night or two… you can see the dilemma!

    • admin

      Hi Kristina! Thank you so much for checking out the posts and for the comment. We really appreciate it! Also, that is awesome that you are going to Tokyo Disney for your birthday! We hope that you have an amazing trip!

      Currently you cannot book any fastpasses or shows at Tokyo Disney prior to arrival. (You can book table service dining/dinner shows online one month in advance.) Tokyo Disney currently has the “old school” fastpass system where you run and get a paper ticket that day. There are some photos of new machines around the park that look like they may be moving from the old paper system to something more like Magic bands or Maxpass, but no announcement has been made yet. Keep an eye out for any news on that when it gets closer to your trip.

      The main benefits of the special tickets are that you can park hop starting on day one. If you are going to be at Disney for 3 days or less, this can be really helpful. If you stay at MiraCosta (or any of the other official Disney hotels), you will also get the Happy15 which lets hotel guests into the park a little early.

      On a somewhat unrelated note, we found the line for popcorn buckets were much smaller at night. If you plan on using the popcorn bucket during your trip, then get it right at the beginning. We wanted one as a souvenir and walked up to the cart towards the end of the day and there was no line.

      If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you again for checking out our posts and for the comment!

  3. Laura

    Hello! I will be visiting Tokyo very soon but sadly I can’t find any online purchase,
    1. Park tickets at Disney official site (I have Disney account and used it for previous travels on other Disney parks) but it only appears option of delivery at residence in japan, not overseas address allowed, so I couldn’t buy.
    2. I´ve tried to purchase online tickets on getyourguide site but, I read instructions and also comments, they said that we are supposed to wait until one person arrives to give you the ticket at about 8:30am, but I am planning to go to DisneySea only, and I’m afraid that I will lose time since opening hours are 8:00am.
    Could you please share link to buy online tickets? please give me some advice, I’m nervous since every blog I read says that there is many people and will end up making 2 hours line just to get in the park :S
    Thank you! your blog is very helpful <3

    • admin

      Hi Laura – First, thank you so much for checking out our post and for the comment! That’s so exciting that you will be visiting Tokyo Disney soon. We purchased our tickets online directly through the Tokyo Disney website: We did not have them mail our tickets, we just did the print at home option. We printed a couple of copies and brought them with us in case any of the copies got wet. The printed one isn’t as cute as the one you get in person, but having the guaranteed ticket was worth it for us on our second trip. We will do the print at home option for our next trip to Tokyo Disney.

      Also, if you have your ticket before going to the park (the print at home version I mentioned above), you get into the park pretty quickly. We were there during Golden Week which is one of Japan’s major holidays, and it took us maybe 20 minutes at most to get in once the park opens. People do arrive early and line up. We typically would arrive about 30-40 mins before the park opened and had no problems. There are people who will start to lineup close to 2 hours before the park opens, but it isn’t necessary. It might seem like there are huge crowds waiting to enter, but it moves very quickly. The crowds are because you cannot enter the park until the park actually opens (unless you are staying at a Disney property) which is very different than in Disney World where they let you hang out on Main Street before park open. If you have any other questions, please let us know. We hope you have an amazing time at DisneySea!

  4. Rochelle

    Love this post! It was so helpful to read before going to Tokyo in June. You know what was tricky for me. TDR park tickets have to be used consecutively. At Disneyland, you can skip a day or two between days 1-2-3-4. However in Tokyo, you need to go days 1-4 all in a row. That is something I wasn’t clear on when I went but is important to know before going.

    • admin

      Hi Rochelle! Thank you so much for the comment and for checking out the post. Also, we are so happy that we were able to help you with planning your Tokyo trip! That is a really great point about having to use the Tokyo Disney tickets consecutively. We have never skipped a Disney day during a trip (we always have our Disney part of a trip on consecutive days), so we didn’t think about that aspect. I am definitely going to edit the post to add that in there. Thank you again for the comment!

  5. Steve

    Great post! So informative! We’re planning a trip to Japan this summer and will be spending two days at Tokyo Disneyland. Do you know if I can purchase the special 2 day “park hopper” ticket if I only plan to spend one night at an “official” Disney hotel (thinking of the Disney Celebration resort). We will then spend the second night at the Hilton Tokyo Bay.

    • admin

      Hi Steve! Thank you so much for the comment and for checking out our post! Yes, if you are spending one night you will be able to buy the special 2 day park hopper (2-Day Passport Special). I believe the Disney celebration resort does not have a ticket location at the hotel, so you would have to go to one of the other hotels to get the ticket. This is because it is considered a value level whereas the others are deluxe. Tokyo Disney has more information about it here:

      The Hilton Tokyo Bay is in a great location. We love staying there and at the Sheraton (right next door). If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you again for visiting our website!

  6. Dawn

    None of my credit cards will work when I try online! I’ve wasted all day calling my credit card companies and Disney keeps charging but then refunding my card for the purchase price. It’s absolutely exhausting AND there is no way to contact Disney besides calling a Japanese-only number which adds to my frustration and anxiety about this whole thing. And no I can’t stay at a Disney property while there.

    • admin

      Hi Dawn! Thank you so much for checking out our post and I am so sorry to hear that your credit cards are not working on the website. The Tokyo Disney website is a bit picky and we have had to try multiple cards to get one that works.

      If none of your credit cards work with their website, another option is this website:

      We do not talk about it in our post, because we have not personally used it. However, we do know a few people that have used it and had it work out well.

      We have also purchased our tickets in person at the parks, but, as we mentioned above, you always run the risk of the parks being sold out. Hope that this helps and sorry again that the Tokyo website didn’t work for you. Thanks so much for visiting our website!

  7. Molly

    Hello! I appreciate your post! We are looking at a trip to Japan this fall, but we would only be able to go to Disneyland for one day. I’m confused at the park hopper situation: are you saying there is no way to visit both parks in one day? Say we just bought a separate ticket for each park; if you were to leave one of the parks, they do not allow for re-entry? I visited Tokyo Disneyland about 8 years ago and I definitely did both parks in the same day so I’m trying to figure out how I did that haha! Thanks for the help!

    • admin

      Hi Molly – Thank you so much for the comment and reading our post. Sorry for the confusion about the park hopper. Yes, you can buy two separate tickets (one for each park) and then visit both parks in the same day. With each day ticket, you can enter/re-enter the parks as many times as you want that day. There just isn’t a single ticket that gets you into both theme parks like at Disney World and Disneyland in the US. There are also afternoon/nighttime only park tickets that cost a little bit less, so if you go to one in the morning, that could be an option for the other park at nighttime. If you have any other questions, please let us know!

  8. Helen

    Loved reading your posts they are so helpful! I’m planning a two day birthday trip to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. My plan was to visit Disneyland on day 1, stay at hotel MiraCosta then visit DisneySea on day 2.
    The Multi-Day Passport Special tickets sounds amazing!
    Are you able to purchase these online or only at the hotel? When I look at regular tickets to buy online those ones aren’t shown. Do they only offer them to you if you are booking a “package deal” on the website?
    Thanks 🙂

    • admin

      Hi Helen! Thank you so much for reading the posts and for the comment! That is so exciting about he birthday trip to Tokyo. Sadly, Tokyo Disney currently only lets you buy the multi-day passport special tickets in person at the hotel. They are not part of the package deal on the website because right now they don’t allow advance purchases of this type of ticket. But it is definitely the one I would recommend for a 2 day trip. (Here is the official TRD website to reference as it gets closer to your trip I would always keep an eye on their website and on your account when you log into your hotel reservation to make sure this doesn’t change. (The Tokyo Disney website with your hotel linked is where you will make dining reservations in English ahead of time.) We will also try to keep this post updated with any changes. Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any other questions!


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