How long should I visit Tokyo Disney for?

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Ideal Number Of Days To Visit Tokyo Disney

We just got back from our second trip to Tokyo Disney. While it is a long flight, it is worth it! Our first trip to Tokyo Disney was for 8 days and our second trip was 5 and a half days. But what is the ideal number of days to visit Tokyo Disney? Can you visit Tokyo Disney in just 2 days? This post discusses our recommendations for how many days to visit Tokyo Disney and why. We also discuss how factors such as the time of year, day of the week, and your Disney preferences come into play in when choosing a trip length for Tokyo Disney.

Adults love a beautiful Disney Castle


How Long Were Our Trips?

For our first trip to Tokyo Disney we spent 7 nights at the Tokyo Disney Resort. The first day of our trip was a travel day, so we spent 7 days in the parks. Most of our family and friends thought we were crazy for spending so many nights at Tokyo Disney, especially since there are only two parks. With it being our first trip to Tokyo Disney, we were very happy with the length of time we spent at Disney.

Our second trip to Tokyo Disney we spent 5 and a half days at the Disney parks. In addition to visiting Disney, this trip also included vacation days to tour Japan.

Closing the parks in Tokyo Disney


TDR in January

The time of year that you visit Tokyo Disney can greatly impact your experience. If you go at a non-peak time, you will be able to get a lot more done in fewer days. Our first trip to Tokyo Disney was in mid-January. The weather in Tokyo in mid-January is pretty cold, especially if it is windy. The trade-off, the crowds are really low. We were able to explore all of the details of the park with little to no waits. If you are from a colder climate, if you don’t mind the cold or if you can tough it out for shorter waits, this is a great time to visit Tokyo Disney.

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TDR in May

Our work schedules give us somewhat fixed periods of time that we can travel. Because of this constraint, our second trip to Tokyo Disney caught the end of Golden Week and then a couple of days right after Golden Week. If you are not familiar with Golden Week, it is a collection of Japanese holidays at the end of April/beginning of May. The holidays are a peak travel time for Japan. Golden Week was extra special this year because it included the ascension of the emperor-in-waiting. This translated to extra-crowded travel locations, including Disney.

For our Disney days during Golden Week, we were prepared for the worst. Honestly, the crowds were not as bad as major holidays at Disney World. We would compare it to similar crowds during a busy time at Disney (but not like the 4th of July or Christmas crowds). It was still very busy and we would not recommend this time of year for visiting Tokyo Disney unless you didn’t have any other options. The plus side of this trip is that our days at Disney right after Golden Week was over (and people were back at work) were really quiet.

The weather in May was beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold. With the low crowds right after Golden Week, we would definitely recommend this time of year for visiting Tokyo Disney. Be sure to check what Golden Week is for that year you are considering and book the time directly after it.

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Day of the Week

The days of the week that you visit Tokyo Disney will also have an impact on the crowd levels and therefore impact how much you can get done. Weekends, Friday and Monday are said to be the busier days. From our experience, we definitely noticed more people on the weekends and we would recommend avoiding weekends if you are planning a 3 or 4 day trip to Tokyo Disney.


Reasons For A Longer Trip

For our first Tokyo Disney trip, we opted for a long 7-day trip to Tokyo Disney several reasons. First, this was our first time going to Tokyo Disney. We did not want to feel rushed, so that was our main motivator for a longer stay. Also, it is a long trip to Japan, so we wanted to take advantage of being there. We also love exploring all of the Disney details and Jeff takes a lot of pictures at the parks. These interests take up additional time that may not apply to most visitors.

For us, the length of our trip worked out really well. We were able to enjoy all of the parks and hotels, while having plenty of time to relax. However, we recognize that this length of time at Tokyo Disney may not be for everyone. If you don’t care as much about the Disney details and seeing things like the resorts, you would want to stick with a shorter trip of around 4 days.


Can It Be Done In 2 Days?

The short answer is yes, but you need at least two days. The reason that you need at least two days is because there are two parks and Tokyo Disney does not allow you to park hop on your park tickets on days one and two. The only exception is if you stay at a Disney hotel (which if you are only there for one night, we would recommend). See this post to learn more about how the park tickets work at Tokyo Disney.

You can see a lot of both Tokyo Disney theme parks in 2 days. Especially if you go from open to close, during a nonpeak time. A shorter trip means that it will be a much more intense two days and you may miss some of the details. The main trade-off of doing it in two days is that you may not get to go on all of the rides and see all of the shows. If you are a big Disney fan and you traveled all of the way to Tokyo Disney, we recommend staying enough days to be able to take your time and enjoy it. It is the worst if you loved a ride or show and wanted to do it again, but you ran out of time.

Adults at Tokyo DisneySea

Beauty and the Beast


What if I Only Have One Day?

If you only have one day at Tokyo Disney, we highly recommend going to the DisneySea theme park. DisneySea is amazing and unlike any other Disney theme park. See this post which covers everything you need to know about DisneySea and has recommendations for cases where you only have one day at the park.

An empty night at Tokyo DisneySea


How Long Would We Recommend Going For?

We believe 4 full days at the Tokyo Disney Resort is the ideal amount of time for most Disney fans. 4 days gives you enough time to explore the parks, do all of the rides, and be able to revisit rides and shows on your last day that you really enjoyed. If you go during a peak time of the year, you may want to add another day. We also strongly recommend staying in the Tokyo Disney Resort area to be able to take full advantage of your time at the parks. A quick overview of the 4 Disney-area hotels we stayed at can be found here.


Our Overall Recommendation

In the end, the ideal number of days is up to you. If you are a big Disney fan, be sure to give yourself enough time at the parks. With that being said, Japan is also a great country to explore. If you have limited time in Japan, be sure to maximize the time that you have. We highly recommend going to Tokyo Disney during a non-peak time of year to help make the most out of your trip. We also feel that for most Disney fans, the ideal number of days to spend at Tokyo Disney is 4 full days. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you have any information that you want to share!


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  1. Rita

    We’re doing Tokyo Disney as an add on to our daughter’s Make A Wish trip to Tokyo in March/April 2020. Your blog is so helpful! Couple of questions (and I’m sorry if you’ve covered them elsewhere and I’ve not seen them yet)—how was canvassing the parks/hotels/restaurants if you don’t speak Japanese? Is there a good crowd predictor that you recommend like the ones you can find for WDW? Thanks so much!

    • admin

      Hey, so glad you’re finding the site helpful! It’s incredibly easy to get around the parks/hotels/restaurants in Tokyo Disney, though a lot of the cast members do NOT speak English. This isn’t a real issue because the cast members are so incredibly friendly and willing to help that it is easy to overcome the language barrier here. All of the signs and menus are also in English which helps, and the food options in the parks have pictures and physical displays of the food available so that you can see what you’re getting. There is a decent crowd calendar that many sites recommend using, though its not perfect and I’m not sure it accounts for infrequent events such as the olympics. However, it does seem to give good seasonal advice. Just ask Google Chrome (or whatever browser you use) to translate the page to English.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Rochelle

    This is so helpful for first timers going to Tokyo Disneyland or for anyone planning a Tokyo Disney trip!


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