Favorite Snacks at Disney World

One of our favorite things about Disney World is the food. There are so many unique restaurant and snack options. In this post, we cover our 5 favorite snacks at Disney World. While favorite food items are largely based on personal preference, we hope that you find at least one or two snacks to try! Also, if you have a favorite Disney snack, please share it in a comment at the bottom of this post.


Close up of Street Corn

1: Esquites (Street Corn) $4.50

If you like corn, you must try the Esquites from Choza de Margarita in Epcot. This snack consists of spicy corn topped with chipotle mayo, queso fresco and Tajín chile-lime powder. It is a little spicy and delicious!

The portion is just the right size for 1 person. The cost of $4.50 isn’t too bad given Disney World prices. If you are looking for a delicious, non-dessert snack to try at Disney World, we strongly recommend the esquites.

Margarita Location

The Choza de Margarita stand is on the left you enter the Mexico pavilion from Future World. (If you’re coming from Norway, it will be on your right.) It is outside of the pyramid. The line can get long, but it tends to move quickly.

As a bonus, Choza de Margarita has one of our top 5 drinks in Epcot. A frozen fiesta margarita pairs perfectly with the esquites.

Margarita and corn

2: Mickey Rice Krispie Treats $5.00

Rice Krispie treats are a great snack and even better when they are Mickey-shaped. Disney takes Rice Krispie treats to a whole different level with the variety of toppings and decorations. Our favorite one is covered in chocolate and M&Ms. Also, some of the seasonal Rice Krispies are works of art. (Delicious and perfect for social media haha.)

Mickey Rice Krispie Treats can be purchased throughout Disney World theme parks and resorts. One of our go-to locations is the Main Street Confectionery. Rice Krispies can also be found at many snack cases at Disney resorts. For example, the Boardwalk hotel sells them in the dessert case at the Screen Door General Store. One disclaimer for Rice Krispie treats: get them fresh from a case. While the packaged ones are okay, for us, they aren’t as good as the fresh ones.

The cost of a Mickey Rice Krispie is currently listed as $4.69. However, ones with additional toppings may be more. Many of the locations where Mickey Rice Krispies are sold, such as the Confectionary, take discounts such as annual pass discounts.

Mickey rice Krispie

3: Ronto Wrap from Ronto Roasters $12.99

Ronto wraps entered Walt Disney World with the opening of Galaxy’s Edge in August 2019. A Ronto wrap is made with roasted pork, grilled pork sausage, peppercorn sauce, and tangy slaw wrapped in pita bread. The wrap has a lot of flavor. There is some spice to it, but it is more the flavoring of the spices than spicy (if that makes sense).

We both love Ronto wraps. Most people that we know that have tried them, also love them. However, we do know a few people that don’t care for the flavor. So if the wrap sounds good to you, definitely give it a try! There is a breakfast version that comes with egg on it, but we prefer the traditional Ronto wrap.

Close Up Ronto Wrap

While we feel that a Ronto wrap is a snack, it could also easily serve as a meal depending on your appetite. We almost always mobile order whenever we want a Ronto wrap.  The wraps come out very quickly and it is an easy item to eat while walking. There are also tables near Ronto Roasters if you prefer to sit and relax.

4: Dole Whip $5 – $10

Traditional Dole Whip is a pineapple dessert. It was introduced by the Dole Company and now is a favorite Disney dessert for many Disney fans. We love Dole Whip and our list of our favorite snacks at Disney World would not be complete without it.

The pineapple Dole Whip is vegan. This makes it a great snack for most people with dietary restrictions or food allergies. You can get the Dole Whip on its own or as a float with pineapple juice. In addition to traditional pineapple, you can get a swirl with soft serve vanilla. This combination is Sara’s favorite. Disney has also started to introduce new flavors such as lime, cherry, raspberry and pistachio. Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom also has a pineapple upside down cake topped with Dole Whip which is Jeff’s favorite.

Pineapple Cake Dole Whip

We often get Dole Whip at Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom. Pineapple Lanai at Disney’s Polynesian Resort is another great place to grab Dole Whip at Disney World. If you want Dole Whip with an extra kick, stop by Tamu Tamu Refreshments located in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom. Here you can get a Dole Whip with rum!

Premium Mickey Bar

5: Ice Cream

This one is a bit broad, but ice cream is a must have Disney snack for us. Disney World has a lot of great ice cream options depending on your preference. A classic is the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar. Mickey ice cream bars can be purchased at most ice cream carts throughout the Disney World theme parks. The ice cream bar is vanilla ice cream with a chocolate coating. It is simple and delicious.

Ice Cream Flight

Our favorite Disney ice cream location is Ample Hills Creamery which can be found at Disney World’s Boardwalk resort. Ample Hills is a short walk from Epcot’s International Gateway. This ice cream shop originated in New York and is a somewhat new addition to Disney World. One of our favorite flavors is the Ooey Gooey Butter Cake. Sara hates picking just one flavor, so she loves the Ample Hills flight (pictured above). With a flight you can pick up to six different ice cream flavors in your dish. Also, Ample Hills typically has at least one vegan option.

Cone Ample Hills

Another great ice cream location is L’Artisan de Glaces. L’Artisan de Glaces is located in the back part of the France pavilion in Epcot. This ice cream location has more traditional ice cream flavors. However, our favorite item is the ice cream macaron. An ice cream macaron is like an ice cream sandwich, except the outside is made from macron cookies instead of the traditional cookie. The flavors can change seasonally and our favorite so far is the pumpkin version.

pumpkin macaron paris

Our Overall Recommendation

While these are our 5 favorite snacks at Disney World, there are hundreds of others to try. Plus Disney continues to introduce new ones. Our best advice is to try Disney snack options when in Disney World. Heck, sometimes we just have a bunch of snacks instead of a proper meal. It is vacation after all! If you have a favorite Disney snack, please share it in a comment below.


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