FastPass for Adults in Magic Kingdom

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What rides should adults in Magic Kingdom use their FastPasses on is in many ways a personal question. Do you enjoy thrill rides? Are you okay with a some-what big drop? How much time will you have at the park? Regardless of your answers to these questions, you should make FastPass reservations prior to your trip. All you need to do is create a My Disney Experience account and you’re ready to start!

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How FastPass works

If you are staying at a Disney World resort (or some affiliated resorts), you can make your FastPass selections for your entire trip at 7am EST 60 days prior to your arrival date. This is important because if you are going to be in Disney World for a week, you can make the entire week’s worth of FastPasses on that one morning. If you are not staying on Disney property, you can make your FastPasses exactly 30 days prior. These FastPasses allow you to skip the general ride line and enter a much shorter and faster moving line. Sometimes this benefit can save you up to a couple of hours of waiting! Keep in mind that each day, all three FastPasses must be for the same park.

Adults in Magic Kingdom

Our general recommendations for FastPass reservations

First off, be sure to make them. While it does take some planning ahead of time, it will say you a ton of time in the parks. Also, they are free. So if you miss your FastPass, it is not the end of the world. But they are awesome, so try to use them!

We do not recommend having your FastPasses start exactly at park open. If the park opens at 9am with no extra magic hours that day, we would start our FastPasses at 9:30am at the earliest. Why? Because park open is when ride wait times are generally the shortest. If the park opens at 9am and you run in and use your FastPass right at 9am, you will essentially be wasting it. At this time of day lines are short and you can get on rides relatively quickly.  If there are extra magic hours in the park that day, we still normally start our FastPasses after 9:30am and just do other rides during that time.

If you do start your FastPasses early in the day, you increase the likelihood of being able to get an additional FastPass after you use your original three. Disney allows three FastPasses per day, but once you have used them you can make one additional FastPass. You can continue making one additional FastPass after using them throughout the day. As it gets later in the day, FastPass availability decreases, especially for the more popular rides. The result is your additional FastPasses will often end up being for less popular attractions – but it is still nice to be able to skip the lines.

Disney for Adults

Adults in Magic Kingdom

If you like thrill rides

We would recommend FastPassing Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. While Thunder Mountain is more of a thrill ride than 7 Dwarfs, 7 Dwarfs is newer and tends to have a much longer line. Also, 7 Dwarfs is worth doing (especially with a FastPass). This means that the only thrill ride you will not have a FastPass for is Thunder Mountain. Thunder Mountain tends to have the shortest line of these 4 rides, so you should still be able to ride it. Also, if you can, ride Thunder Mountain earlier in the day and that will help keep your wait time down.

Adults in Magic Kingdom

Adults in Magic Kingdom

Adults in Magic Kingdom

If you do not like thrill rides

A few other possible FastPass rides include The Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight, Jungle Cruise, and any Character Meet and Greets you are interested in. The Haunted Mansion is a fun ride filled tons of Disney details. This line can get long and if you don’t enjoy thrill rides this one is a good option. Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the most popular rides in Magic Kingdom and often has wait times well in excess of an hour. This is another great option if thrill rides aren’t you idea of a good time. The Jugnle Cruise line is outside and can get hot in the summer. It’s also a slow loading ride so you can avoid a hot wait with a FastPass. Finally, if a Character Meet and Greet is something you enjoy, we definitely recommend getting a FastPass. Though the number of guests in line here is generally small, lines move very slowly due to one person interacting with a character at a time. You can easy spend a large part of your day waiting in lines to meet a few characters and a FastPass is a good way to avoid this problem.

Adults in Magic Kingdom

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