Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland

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Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland

On our recent trip to Disneyland, all of the Disney-owned hotels were insanely expensive. We wanted to save money so we opted for the Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland Resort by Marriott. Overall, we felt that this hotel is a great value. The rooms are clean, safe, and a short walk to both Disneyland theme parks. This post provides a room tour of our hotel room, as well as the pros and cons about staying at the Fairfield Inn Anaheim for your Disneyland vacation.

Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland


Is This Hotel Good For Adults?

We highly recommend this hotel for anyone visiting Disneyland. When you factor in the costs of the hotel options near Disneyland, this one is a great value. The Disney-owned hotels have far better theming, however, they cost A LOT more. For us, the price of the Disney-owned hotels was too much to justify. The Fairfield was a perfect compromise of a nice hotel in a great location.

There are other hotels/motels right next to the Fairfield. We didn’t go into the rooms or lobbies at any of these hotels. If you are looking at other hotels in this area, our discussion about the location below should be similar. However, we cannot say if the other hotels located near the Fairfield Inn Anaheim have the same quality/cleanliness as the Fairfield.

Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland lobby view

The Cost

We paid $200/night all in for out stay at the Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland. By comparison, the cheapest room at each Disney-owned resort was: $350/night for Paradise Pier, $450/night Disneyland Hotel, and $580/night for the Grand Californian Hotel. There is an additional fee at the Fairfield Inn if you park a car. We took an Uber from the airport, so the fee did not apply for us.

Marriott Rewards

If you want a free hotel stay and if you have Marriott reward points, you can book the Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland with points. If you want to learn more about Marriott rewards or how to earn free stays at Disney, check out our post here.

The Rooms

All of the hotel rooms at the Fairfield Inn were recently renovated, but not all of them have the Disney theming in the hotel room. We booked a standard hotel room (the cheapest hotel room) and we were given a Disney themed room at check in. If you want to guarantee the Disney-style hotel room, select the “Theme Room” option. This room is about $20 more a night. We don’t feel that the theming is worth the extra cost. In the future, we will continue to book the standard hotel room.

room view at the Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland

Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland bathroom


The hotel has a central elevator system, but all of the hotel rooms open to the outside, not a hallway. In this regard, the hotel is more of a motel style. We were on the 8th floor, so we did not mind the fact that our door opened directly to the outside. In fact, from just outside of our door we had a pretty decent view of some of the rides at the Disney theme parks.

The Location

This hotel is not on Disney property. However, it is a very short walk to the theme parks. We timed the walk one morning and it took us 8 minutes to walk from the hotel entrance to the entrance gate of the Disney theme parks. The walk is flat and involves crossing one main road with a crosswalk.

Map to Disneyland

Food Options

The 3rd floor of the hotel has a small Pizza Hut counter. There is also a counter that serves Seattle’s Best coffee and breakfast items. During our visit, this location opened at 6:30am.

There is also Panera very close to this hotel. If you want a coffee or pastry for your walk to Disneyland, it is a convenient stop. Also, the Panera opened at 5:30am when we were there. If you are on EST or CST and get up early, it was nice to have this option for coffee/breakfast.

Pizza Hut at the Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland

The Employees

We primarily interacted with the employees at this hotel when checking in and when leaving our bags. (Our room was not ready when we arrived early on our first day, so they stored our bags for us.) Everyone we interacted with was extremely friendly and helpful.

Disneyland Benefits of This Hotel

There really are not many Disneyland perks when staying at this hotel. The main benefit is the short walk to the Disneyland and Disney California adventure theme parks. You are able to purchase Disney theme park tickets at the hotel. The ticket lines at Disneyland can get long, so if you didn’t pre-purchase your park tickets, this can be a nice bonus. However, we strongly recommend purchasing your ticket online ahead of time.

Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland


Extra Magic Hours

This hotel does not include extra magic hours. Extra magic hours are early admission to the theme parks for guests staying at Disney-owned hotels. However, currently if you purchase a 3 day park ticket or longer to Disneyland/Disney California Adventure, you get Magic Morning Early access. This allows one early admission into select attractions at Disneyland before the park opens to the general public. For this option, the theme park tickets must be purchased online.


Downsides Of This Hotel

While our experience at the Fairfield exceeded our expectations, there are a few downsides of this hotel. One aspect we mentioned above is that it is not a Disney-owned hotel. Because of this, you cannot expect the same details in the lobby or hotel rooms as you would with a Disney-owned resort. The quality and details are what you would expect with a standard Marriott hotel. You also do not get extra magic hours. We discuss the other downsides of this hotel below.

The Walk

The walk is short, but it is not magical. The walk from the Fairfield to Disneyland is not the same as the walk from the Disneyland Hotel. From the Disneyland hotel, you walk through Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney includes Disney-owned shops and restaurants. Downtown Disney is beautiful and very well maintained. From Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, you can walk directly into the Disney California Adventure theme park.

From the Fairfield, you walk past a Panera, McDonalds, and some hotels. There were a few homeless people, but we never felt unsafe. One night we walked back at 1:30am and had no problems. I (Sara) would have felt completely okay walking that area if it was just me.

The Pool

The pool is very small and a simple rectangle shape. It is located next to the parking lot/drop off area for the hotel. If you are looking for a relaxing or fun pool, this is not it.

swimming pool

Motel Style

As we mentioned above, the Fairfield Anaheim is set up where you walk directly from the outside into your hotel room. We were on the 8th floor, so directly outside of our door we could see some of the rides in the distance. The motel format didn’t bother us at all. The only floor we may not have been happy with is the first floor because your room opens directly to the parking area or the pool. We would recommend putting in a request for floor 2 or higher.

exterior of the Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland

No Free Breakfast

If you are a Mariotte Elite member, you normally get breakfast included with Fairfield hotel reservations. However, this hotel did not have any free breakfast benefits. There is a location on the 3rd floor of the hotel that serves breakfast/coffee, but this at an additional cost.

 hotel directory

Our Overall Recommendation

The Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland is a great value if you are looking for a hotel near Disneyland. To book this hotel, the Fairfield Inn hotel website is here. The most attractive aspect for us is how close this hotel is to the Disneyland theme parks. Also, the hotel room was very clean and comfortable. While the hotel does not have the same Disney details or as pleasant of a walk as the Disney-owned hotels, we still think it is a great option. This is especially true if you are looking for a nice, but more affordable hotel for your Disneyland vacation. If you have any questions or comments about this hotel, please leave a comment below!



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