Epcot Mexican Tequila Lunch Review

The Mexican Tequla Lunch is a special event held on select days throughout the Food and Wine festival. This 4 course food and tequila pairing is awesome! In this post, we provide details of what to expect with this event. We also cover why we highly recommend this extra-cost event.

The Event

The Mexican Tequila Lunch is offered on select days throughout the Food and Wine Festival. The food and experience is the same regardless of which day you select. This is different from other events, such as the food and beverage pairing events where the food and beverage served changes each day.

The event lasts for an hour and a half and consists of a nice balance of food, drinks, and information. The Food and Wine festival celebrates learning about food in addition to eating it. With this event, the information comes from a tequila expert. Our expert was both knowledgeable and entertaining.

In addition to unique tequila information, guests receive plenty of food and drinks. We will go into this in more detail below. Overall, the drinks consist of a margarita, 4 samples of tequila, and a shot of vodka. For the food, each guest receives 4 courses, all of which are relatively large portions.

Tequila Lunch Atmosphere

Cost and Booking

For 2019, the Mexican Tequila Lunch costs $85 per person (plus tax). While this is one of the more expensive Food and Wine events, we think it is worth the cost. The main reason is that you get a lot of delicious food and drinks. You will leave full. Additionally, the atmosphere is great and you learn a lot of awesome information from a tequila expert.

You can make a reservation by calling Disney World. Food and Wine event registration opens several months before the festival starts. While some events book up very quickly, this one tends to have availability. We booked our event a couple of weeks before. If you want to attend this event, we recommend booking ahead to guarantee your spot. You pay at the time of booking.

Arriving At The Event

The Mexican Tequila Lunch is held at La Hacienda de San Angel which is located in the Mexico Pavilion. La Hacienda de San Angel is a dinner, table service restaurant.  The event begins at 12:00pm and ends at 1:30pm. This means the event is over before dinner reservations start. We were told that the doors opened exactly at 12:00pm. We arrived about 10 minutes early and a line started to form. They let us into the event space right at 12:00pm.

In the restaurant, there are a variety of table seating arrangements. We were given an ideal table. We had 4 people in our group and were given a booth for 4. You are assigned a table, so it is a bit of luck where you end up. If you are a party of 2, you will mostly likely be seated with another party. To the best of our knowledge, you are not able to request a specific spot.

Two of the Tequilas

The Atmosphere

This is the 9th year that this event has taken place. This aspect translates into a perfectly run event with a great atmosphere. There is plenty of time to talk with the people in your party and enjoy the food and drinks. There is an equal amount of time where information is shared by the tequila expert. When there is not information being shared, festive music is played.

The place setting at the table includes all of the tequila samples. In addition to the menus, information is provided about each of the tequilas served during the event. Overall, the atmosphere is really fun. Everyone seemed to have a good time and we wouldn’t change a thing in this regard.

Group Tequila Lunch

The Tequila Expert

The event has one tequila expert. Our tequila ambassador was Hilda and she was fabulous! Hilda made the event very entertaining. The expert started off by sharing her background. This included an impressive amount experience with the making of tequila. She also shared the story of how she moved to Florida to work for Disney. Our expert, Hilda, was funny, personable, and engaging.

In addition to sharing information about herself and the history of tequila, Hilda described the tequila paired with every course. This included information about each tequila that we tried and why it was unique. She also showed guests how to properly drink tequila. We will describe the tasting in more detail below.

The information was interesting and we honestly learned a lot from this experience. As a final touch, towards the end of the event Hilda went around to each table. She introduced herself and made sure that everyone had a great time at the event.

Our Tequila Expert

The Drinks

When you walk into the Mexican Tequila Lunch, you are handed a margarita. It was at this point that we started to realize that this was going to be a fun event. The margarita was good, but not very strong.

When we arrived at our table, there were 5 more shot-sized portions of tequila per person. One of the shots ended up being vodka (more on this below). And at this point, we got a bit nervous for how we would be after the event ended haha.

For us, it ended up being just the right amount of tequila. There were plenty of drinks to try. However, you are also given a lot of food. No member of our group of 4 felt that they drank too much by the end of the event.

Tequila Samples for Lunch

The Tequila Tasting

The 4 samples of tequila are each paired with a food course. The tequila expert introduces the tequila and explains what makes it unique. There are also items such as a cinnamon stick, lime wedge, and espresso beans provided. These items are smelled in conjunction with certain tequilas to bring out the different flavors. The expert instructs the guests on how to smell and taste each of the tequilas.

While our tequila tasting pallets are not very refined, we were able to taste differences between the different tequilas. We liked some more than others. But, it was still fun to try them all.

What about the vodka? The vodka is used as a pallet cleanser. If you don’t want to use the vodka for this purpose, there is also water provided.

Menu for Tequila Lunch

The Food

There is a lot of food at this event and it is all delicious. The 4 courses are set unless you have a dietary restriction. There is a photo of the menu above. If you are a picky eater, you may have a harder time given the fixed menu.

While all of the dishes were good, two items stood out for us. The Huarache de Hongos was unique and delicious. The dessert was also amazing and a really large portion. While the expert describes the tequila in detail, there is not much discussion about the food items. Overall, we left the event very full and very happy with the food provided.

Pastel De Chocolate con salsa

Huarache Hongos

Dietary Restrictions

If you have dietary restrictions, the cast members will do their best to accommodate you. After the expert introduced herself, she asked anyone with a dietary restriction to raise their hand. The cast members were very helpful. For our group two of us do not eat beef. They substituted the beef course with fish. The fish was a good portion size. The sides with the fish were the same as with the beef.

Fish con salsa rice

Filete con salsa rice

How Does This Compare To Other Food and Wine Events?

We have been to 4 additional-cost Food and Wine events. We would not recommend the Food and Beverage Pairing. That event is less expensive, but we do not think it is worth the cost or time it takes from your Disney vacation.

We loved the Parisian Afternoon at Monsieur Paul. We highly recommend this event. One benefit of the Parisian Afternoon is that it is unlimited mimosas. So if you want a lot of alcohol, the Parisian Afternoon is your best option. Besides that, we recommend picking the one where the food and drinks interest you the most. The Mexican Lunch has more seafood and meat focus while the Parisian Afternoon has a lot of sweets. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either event.

Swordfish Ceviche App

Our Overall Recommendation

We highly recommend the Mexican Tequila Lunch. If you are looking for a unique Food and Wine event, this is a great option. The tequila expert is fabulous. The food and drinks are delicious. To top it off, the event has a really fun atmosphere.  If you have done a Food and Wine event and you want to share your thoughts on it or if you have any questions, please leave us a comment below!


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