Drinking Around Disneyland Paris

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Drinking Around the Disneyland Paris Resorts

Disneyland Paris is home to our favorite Disney drink, The Mountain Home. It is tasty, beautiful, and huge. We came across it by luck while drinking around the Disneyland Paris Resorts. Drinking around the hotels is a fun way to explore the various Disneyland Paris hotels. There are 6 hotels that you can easily walk to and complete a full drinking loop. Also, each hotel has a couple of drinks on the menu that are specific to that resort hotel. This post will include the stops we made and our recommendations.  

Should Adults Drink Around the Disneyland Paris Resort Hotels?

While we want to say yes, the answer is a strong “it depends.” If you only have a day or two to explore Disneyland Paris, we recommend spending that time in the parks. If you have three full days or more, then drinking around the resorts gives you a fun break from the theme parks. There are 6 Disneyland resort hotels that are walkable and included in our drinking loop. We recommend going to at least 4 of the hotels: Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Hotel New York, Disney’s Newport Bay Club, and Disney’s Sequoia Lodge. If you have the time, we also recommend stopping by Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne. To complete the full loop, add in a stop at Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe. We had a great time seeing the theming of the different Disneyland Paris hotels and the drinks at the various bars were good. The cast members/bartenders were very friendly and added to the fun of drinking around the hotels. Even though you will do a bit of walking between the hotels, drinking around loop is a great way to relax one afternoon. Most of the drinks were around 10-15 Euro. The one exception was the Maintain Home which was 25 Euro. Even though that seems crazy expensive, it is worth it. Just keep reading to find out why.

 The Full Loop

When we visited Disneyland Paris, we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. Since that was our home hotel, we knew we wanted to end there. When planning your drink around the hotels, our favorite experience was at Sequoia Lodge and that would be our “don’t miss” stop. We completed the loop one afternoon and were still able to go to the park that night. Be sure to check the bar times before your visit to confirm that they will be open when you plan to complete the loop.

Stop 1: Disney’s Newport Bay Club

This hotel feels very similar to Disney World’s Yacht Club. Both the exterior and interior seem like an extension of the Yacht Club – they even had a lighthouse outside and a restaurant called the Yacht Club! Disney’s website describes it as “Set in a grand 1920s New England mansion.” We would say it felt accurate to this. Our bar stop here was “Captain’s Quarters.” The bar is just down the hall from the hotel lobby check in. Our favorite parts of this bar are the large windows looking out over the lake. It would have been nice if Disney would have added an outdoor patio to this bar, but it was still a nice spot to grab a drink and relax. We each got a drink here. We had the Liberty, which is a refreshing drink made of Bacardi Carta Oro, Pisang liquor, mango nectar, lime juice, falernum syrup, and prink grapefruit soda. Our second drink was the Fragol’Rock. We mostly got this drink because of the name and that it sounded like a unique drink. The best way to describe it is a strawberry beer mojito. We did not care for it, but it was definitely unlike any drink we have had before. Disneyland Paris Drinks Disneyland Paris Drinks

Stop 2: Disney’s Sequoia Lodge

This hotel has a similar feel to Disney World’s Wilderness Lodge, though the lobby isn’t quite as grand. For a drink we went to the Redwood Bar and Lounge which is on the main floor of the hotel. There is a giant fireplace, a long bar, and lots of surrounding seating. It was empty when we were there, so we sat next to the fireplace. If you are only able to go to one bar, this would be the one we would recommend. Our server was FANTASTIC. He had a ton of information and was very friendly. But, the main reason to come is for the drinks. When looking at the drink menu, we notices a couple of drinks that had two options: “For 1 : 15 Euro” and then “For 2: 25 Euro.”  We ordered the Mountain Home for 2 and did not know what we had gotten ourselves into. Spoiler Alert: it’s basically a fishbowl drink. The Mountain Home was made with Grey Goose vodka, Cherry noir, ginger liquor, maracuja nectar, pineapple juice and strawberry syrup. It was the best drink during our hotel loop and it was strong. Let just say we were feeling pretty good by the time we left. Disneyland Paris Drinks Disneyland Paris Drinks

Stop 3: Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe

Having finished our Mountain Home, we walked over to the Hotel Santa Fe. The bar for this stop is the Rio Grande Bar. Not sure if it was the effects of the Mountain Home drink or the lack of theming in this bar, but we ended up skipping a drink here and walked over to Hotel Cheyenne.

Stop 4: Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

This hotel honestly feels like a ghost town. The theming is an “old-time Wild West escape.” While it had that feel, there were lots of buildings and no people. It may have been the time of day we were there, but the ghost town is what we now use when referring to this hotel. Luckily, it was worth the walk. The Red Garter Saloon is fun and unique bar. The theming was spot on and the drinks were pretty good. For drinks, we got a Butch Cassidy and a Rangers. They were fruity drinks and the cheapest of all the hotels. They cost 9 Euro each. There was a piano in the bar, so if you happen to catch it at a time when someone is playing (if that is even a thing) it would add some extra magic to the atmosphere. The biggest downside to this bar is that it and the Hotel Santa Fe are more out of the way. If you don’t want the extra walking, these are the ones to skip. Disneyland Paris Drinks Disneyland Paris Drinks Disneyland Paris Drinks

Stop 5: Disney’s Hotel New York

This hotel was starting major renovations when we were at Disneyland Paris. We went to the hotel not knowing if the bar would be open. Luckily for us, we found the New York City Bar. This bar may not look like much from the outside, but the inside has a fancy traditional feel. We grabbed seats at the bar and ordered drinks. Jeff got a Brooklyn lager, mostly because he found it entertaining to have a NY beer while in Paris. Sara got the Big Apple, which was a mixed drink that should resemble apple pie. The Big Apple had way too much cinnamon and was a bit tough to drink. Disneyland Paris Drinks

Stop 6: Disneyland Hotel

We ended at Café Fantasia located on an upper floor of the Disneyland Hotel. The bar has a music theme with touches of Walt and Fantasia throughout. At this point we were both about ready for a nap before heading back to the parks, so we each got a hot chocolate. Disneyland Paris was celebrating their 25th anniversary, so the hot chocolate was a cute and tasty final drink. The drink prices are correlated with the hotel price point. With this hotel being the most expensive, we noticed that some of the drinks offered at other hotels were also offered here, but at a higher price. Disneyland Paris Drinks

Our Overall Recommendation

If you have the time, drinking around the resort hotels is a great way to see all of the Disneyland Paris Hotels. The cast members are all very nice and gave us some great suggestions for the remainder of time at the parks. We highly recommend drinking around the hotels as a great way to explore the hotels and have a fun break from the parks.   Information on the Disney Paris Hotels and Resort Map Can be Found Here: Disneyland Paris Map   Adults in Disney to get back home! Disney for Adults to get more info about our blog!


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