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We highly recommend you take advantage of the Disney World mobile order feature of the My Disney Experience App. But what even is mobile ordering? This post covers the basics of mobile ordering at Disney World. We share our tips for using mobile ordering and why we think it can be an awesome time-saver.

No line at Woody's Lunchbox   


What Is Mobile Ordering?

You’re going to Disney! Sadly one aspect that goes along with most Disney vacations is waiting in line. When dealing with ride lines, you have fastpass to skip the line. Mobile ordering is somewhat like the food version of fastpass. With mobile ordering, you order quick service food items on your phone rather than waiting in line and ordering the food in person. The main benefit is: if the quick service location is busy, you are able to skip a lot of the wait.


Our Favorite Places To Mobile Order

There are currently over 20 locations that accept mobile ordering in Disney World. Click here for Disney’s current list of all of the participating mobile order locations. Our favorite places to mobile order go hand-in-hand with some of our favorite places to eat at Disney World. The first is Aloha Isle, which serves Dole Whip in the Magic Kingdom. Woody’s Lunch Box in Hollywood Studios is our second go-to quick service location. While we use mobile ordering pretty much anytime it is available, we strongly recommend mobile ordering at these two food spots.

Dole Whip Magic Kingdom


The reasons we love mobile ordering at these two locations are: we skip the wait and avoid the heat. There are usually very long lines at both of these food locations. Mobile ordering lets us skip most of the wait. Also, these food locations are outside, so waiting in line can be torture in the sun/heat. We highly recommend using mobile ordering at all Disney locations, but especially recommend using it at these two locations.


How Do I Set Up Mobile Ordering?

To use mobile ordering, you need the My Disney Experience app on your phone. The App is free and we strongly recommend it for your Disney vacation. You will also need a credit card attached to your My Disney Experience account. If you have problems setting up the My Disney Experience account or App, our best advice is to call Disney World. A cast member will be able to talk you through all of the steps and make sure that everything is set up correctly.


How Do I Pick a Location for Mobile Order?

We recommend mobile ordering when you 100% know you are going to want a food item from a quick service location (more on this below). For example, let’s say we are in Magic Kingdom and we want a Dole Whip. We are currently in Tomorrowland and don’t want to deal with the line when we get to Aloha Isle for Dole Whip. So, we open our My Disney Experience App on our phone to mobile order the Dole Whip.

The App often changes and may look different depending on your type of phone and any updates made. In general, look for the dining option. Currently, if you open the My Disney Experience App, click the location icon (which is the second icon in from the left along the bottom). This will bring you to a map with a drop-down menu at the top. Select dining. From there you can filter options (such as only look at mobile order locations or certain theme parks) and make it so there is a list view instead of a map view. Once you find the mobile ordering location you want, click on that location and select “Order Food.” Notice that the mobile order locations have a phone icon whereas the locations with no mobile orders available have a fork and knife symbol.


Filter in My Disney Experience app for mobile order


Mobile order at MK


Dole Whip Mobile Order location


Select location for mobile order


Start your mobile order


After you select “Order Food,” you may have to sign in to your My Disney Experience account. Once that is set, you can go through and add the items you want to your order. There are options when creating your order for customization. Once you have all of the items selected that you want, you can review and place your order. Be warned that once you place your order, you cannot modify or cancel it.

Select food item on mobile order


Select payment for mobile order


How to Order my Food

When we are at the quick service location (or relatively close), we click the “I’m Here, Prepare My Order” button. Your screen will then say “ We’re Preparing Your Order”. The order will generally be prepared relatively quickly. If you are getting something like Dole Whip, we generally recommend not pushing the “I’m here” button until you are close. (No one wants a melted Dole Whip.) When your order is ready, you will get a notification in the App saying it’s ready.  Look for the Mobile Order pick up sign, check in with the cast member, and get your order.

Prepare order at Woody's Lunchbox


Mobile Order food prep


Mobile order ready for pickup


How to pick up your mobile order


What Are The Downsides Of Mobile Ordering?

You are not able to cancel or modify a mobile order once you confirm the order. Because of this aspect, we usually do not mobile order until we are on our way to the quick service location.

If you have a food allergy, we would not recommend mobile ordering. While there are some customization options through mobile ordering, ordering in person with a cast member is a better option for a food allergy. We recently traveled with an individual with a dairy allergy. She was able to find food accommodations at Disney World, but we avoided mobile ordering any of her items.

Every once in a while, the menu at the quick service location changes but the menu is not up-to-date in the My Disney Experience app. This does not happen often, since the quick service menus do not change frequently. However, we recently encountered this problem at Woody’s Lunchbox.

We wanted to mobile order the new lemon-blueberry tart from Woody’s Lunchbox. However, when we were placing our mobile order, the tart options were chocolate or cran-apple. We were a bit hesitant, but decided to go ahead and order the cran-apple and hope it came out as the lemon blueberry. When we picked up the order, sure enough it was the new lemon-blueberry flavor. The cast member didn’t bring up the fact that we ordered the cran-apple. We are guessing that they were not even aware that the app still said cran-apple. When we checked mobile ordering a few days later, neither the lemon-blueberry or cran-apple flavors were listed. So while mobile ordering is really convenient, it is not perfect. We would say that 99% of the time the menu works perfectly, but there is always the chance you may encounter a problem like we did.

Currently you cannot apply many discounts to mobile orders. This means that if a location accepts Annual Passholder, DVC, or Tables in Wonderland, you will not be able to use it.


Our Overall Recommendations for Mobile Ordering

Our main recommendation is to take advantage of the Disney World mobile order feature when the park is busy. Be sure to have the My Disney Experience App downloaded and a credit card linked to your account so that you can easily place a mobile order. If you have any questions or comments about mobile ordering, please leave us a comment below!



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