Review of A Private VIP Tour In Disney World

Don’t want to wait in line for rides at Disney World? It can be arranged. A private Disney VIP tour gives guests access to an amazing tour guide. Not only does the cast member know a ton of Disney information, but they are able to take the private tour group into any Fastpass line. No fastpass reservations are required, the guide has you covered. This post provides details on what to expect with a Disney World Private VIP tour, the cost, and our recommendations.

VIP Tour group at Disney


What Is A Private Disney VIP Tour?

Private VIP tours allow up to 10 guests to explore Disney World with a private guide. (If you have a group with more than 10 people, it can be arranged, you will just need a second guide.) The guide has a vast amount of Disney knowledge and is there to help make your Disney experience extra magical. The service from the tour guide is extremely high and lives up to everything that you expect from Disney.


Benefits of a Private Disney VIP Tour

We discuss the benefits below. You can also watch our YouTube Vlog above which provides video and details from our VIP tour.


No Waiting For Rides

The biggest benefit of a Private Disney VIP Tour is unlimited access to Fastpass lines during your tour. Want to ride Everest 5 times? Okay, the guide will keep walking you through the Everest Fastpass queue. Your guide can take the group into the Fastpass queue for any ride that has Fastpass. If you want do rides without a Fastpass queue, you can still do them, but you will wait in the standard ride line. (Because of this aspect, we recommend skipping any non-Fastpass rides while on the tour).

Dinosaur in Disney


Prime Seating For Shows

You can also request to view shows and fireworks. For most shows and fireworks, Disney VIP tours get access to reserved preferred seating/viewing. Just know that the length of the show will cut into time for rides. If you want to view fireworks or a nighttime show during the tour, let Disney know when reserving the Disney VIP tour.


The Guide

As we mentioned above, the tour guide is another major benefit of a VIP tour. No thinking or planning is required. Just let the guide know what you want to do and they will take care of the rest. If you are not familiar with the theme park layouts, this is also not a problem because your guide will lead the group everywhere.

VIP Tour



A final major benefit about a private VIP tour is that the guide drives you between the theme parks. No waiting for buses or other Disney transportation. Also, you do not have to go to the main gate of the park. In most cases, the guide will drive you to a behind-the-scenes entrance to the park. Even though you do not enter through the main gate, the guide will still scan tickets/Magicbands in every park.


How Long Is The Tour?

A VIP Tour lasts for a minimum of 7 continuous hours. However, you can book additional hours at the hourly rate (more on this below). While 7 hours may not seem like a lot at first, you may be surprised with how much you can get done in 7 hours. For our tour, in 7 hours we hit all 4 parks and rode: Flight of Passage, Na’vi River Journey, Dinosaur, Soarin, Test Track, Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers, Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror, Rockin Rollercoaster, Space Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and we pit stopped at the Grand Floridian for a quick tour there in the middle of the tour. If you have a group set on just rides, you may be able to fit even more in.


How Much Do VIP Tours Cost?

VIP tours start at $425/ hour. Disney’s website states that the price can vary “depending on the season.” For example, a weekend day in October is quoted at $750/hour. The tour includes the guide, fastpass access, and transportation during the tour. You will also be offered water and snacks at some point during the tour. The tour does not include any meals or theme park tickets.

You must book the VIP tour for a minimum of 7 hours. So booking a private VIP tours costs at minimum $2,975. As a comparison, a day in December ($650/hour) would cost $4,550 for the 7 hours. In addition to the cost of the VIP tour, all guests must have theme park tickets for each park they plan to visit on the tour. So in most cases you want a park hopper.

If you booked the VIP tour for the current minimum hourly rate ($425) for 7 hours, this would come out to be $298 per person for a group of 10. Again, this does not include theme park tickets. The price is not too bad if you have a full group. It is especially worthwhile if you do a lot on the VIP tour and that saves you from purchasing another day on your theme park ticket.

The price also may not seem as bad if you compare it to some of the other tours offered by Disney. For example, we love the Wild Africa Trek here, which costs $180-$250. But in comparison, the Trek is only for three hours and it isn’t private.


Is It Worth It?

This is a big it depends. While the VIP Tours are amazing, they are extremely expensive. Disney World vacations are already very expensive, so in many cases a VIP tour may not be a good option. However, there are a few cases where we do think a Private VIP Tour is worth it.

Skip the lines in Disney


If You Have A Big Group

The VIP Tour cost is fixed whether you have 1 guest on the tour or 10 guests. If there are 10 people, then the cost per person becomes much more reasonable. One thing to be aware of, is babies count towards the number of people. Also, if you have 11 people, it adds on a second tour guide and doubles the cost (in that case you can have up to 20 people for the same price). In the end, if you have 8-10 people that are interested, it makes the tour much more affordable.


If You Have A Short Trip Or Are Traveling During A Holiday

If you are only in Disney World for a day or two and you want to do most of the rides, then a VIP tour is a great option. Since you have the guide, private transportation, and unlimited Fastpasses, you can get a lot done. We highly recommend this tour if you don’t go to Disney World often and you want to experience the parks, but only have a couple of days. Relatedly, if you are going to Disney World during a holiday, a VIP tour can be a great way to help offset the stress of the holiday crowds and still be able to get a lot done.


If You Have No Budget

If you have no budget for your Disney vacation, then heck yes book a Private VIP Tour. Heck, If you really have no budget, go ahead and book more than one. The guides are amazing and not having to wait in line changes how you experience Disney World.


Do You Tip?

Until our VIP tour, all Disney tours we had been on did not allow tips. The Private VIP tour is the exception. By no means will you feel pressured to tip the tour guide, in fact it will probably never be brought up. The only reason we knew tipping is allowed is because we asked during our tour. You should do what you are comfortable with. Tips are definitely not required, but we know they are appreciated.


How To Book

VIP tours can be fully booked certain days of the year. This is most likely to happen during the holidays when the theme parks are very busy (Christmas, New Year’s, etc.). VIP tours can be booked up to 180 days in advance. If you know you want to take a VIP tour on a given day, we recommend calling and making a reservation.

You can cancel a VIP tour up to 48 hours before for no charge. If you cancel less than 48 hours before, you will be charged, the rate for two hours of the tour that you booked. More information, including the phone number to call, is available here.



Your guide will take care of the planning for you. The only things you need to let Disney know beforehand are how many people are expected for the tour and when and where you want to meet the tour guide. If you want to view fireworks or a nighttime show during the tour, let Disney know when reserving the tour. Besides this, everything is flexible. Tour guides can pick you up from your hotel or meet you inside the park. We recommend meeting in the park because then the pickup and diving in the car doesn’t cut into the time for going on rides.


Our Overall Recommendation

If you have the budget or enough people to offset the cost, we highly recommend doing a private VIP Tour. A private VIP tour is the best way to experience the Disney parks, especially if you have a quick Disney World trip. The guides are phenomenal, the transportation makes life so easy, and not waiting in lines is the best. If you have any questions about VIP tours or if you have been on one and want to share your experience, please leave us a comment below!



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  1. Kerolyn Wolfe

    Im planning to go to Disney on the second week of october from M-F and leaving on Saturday for my hubby and I. No kids. Is like a honeymoon. Planning to stay on the contemporary since never road the monorail. This will be my second time going to WDW and all i can afford is 5 days. My first time i couldnt enjoy most of the rides. Like slinky dog or avatar. Do you think a VIP tour will be good for both of us?

    • admin

      Hi Kerolyn – Thank you so much for checking out our website and for the comment! That is so exciting that you have a trip planned for October – that is such a fun time at the parks! We love the Halloween Party ( and the special events at Food and Wine are also really fun. The Contemporary is an amazing hotel – the monorail is great and it is so nice that you can walk right to the Magic Kingdom.

      A VIP tour is an amazing experience. If it works within your trip budget, it is such a unique way to experience the park and be guaranteed to get on so many rides(even if you didn’t get Fastpasses for them). That being said, your trip of 5 days with just adults, I am guessing that you will be able to get in all of the rides without being too rushed. Also, with just two people doing the tour, it can be harder to justify the cost since it is fixed regardless of it is 1 person or 10 people. We love VIP tours and think they are an amazing experience, but if it is a VIP tour and you wont be able to do some other thing then that is a tougher choice. If it fits within your plans and budget, a VIP tour is an amazing personalized experience and you get so much information and no stress – I think it will be a great experience for you and your husband. (It is a tiring day usually, so plan a relaxing afternoon/night once the tour is over.) Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. Mary

    What’s an appropriate tip? Do you base it on a percentage of the total day? If you’re paying $750 vs. $450 would that be reflected in the tip? Or, is it based on how many in your group? Sorry, I’m always afraid that I’m not tipping correctly and especially when there doesn’t seem to be any guidelines. Thanks so much. You guys do an awesome job!

    • admin

      Hi Mary – thank you so much for the comment and for checking out our post! Yeah this is a tough one because Disney doesn’t list any guidelines. Honestly, the first time we went on a tour we didn’t even think about the tip aspect until the tour was just about over. We asked a couple of VIP tour guides what is generally given as a tip and the answers are across the board. Personally, we tip $200 (may be more depending on how many people are on the tour). We do this regardless of the hourly rate. We have heard of some people tipping as much as 20% of the tour cost. I think you should do whatever you feel comfortable with and know that the guide is always appreciative of any tip.


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