Disney for Adults

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In this post, we will answer the question – Is Disney for Adults? We will cover what Adults in Disney is and our plans for our blog.

Disney For Adults

What is Adults in Disney?

A blog that provides tips and reviews about Disney World. We hope to provide Disney information from an adult prospective and tailor our information towards adults. Our posts are probably most helpful for those traveling with all adults or those groups without young children. However, many of the things that we do are also perfect for teenagers – just not the alcohol part haha. If you do have little ones, but are looking for information about a date night, we also have you covered.

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults


Why did we create this page?

While we firmly believe that Disney is for adults, the resources for planning Disney for adults are lacking. If you have kids, we still hope we can provide you with some helpful information for your trip! Just know our focus is on the adults 🙂


What will we write about?

Disney has awesome places for date night, a ton of bars with amazing drinks, spas, behind the scene tours, and a festival dedicated to food and wine. We write posts about all of these things. Many of our posts provide reviews of the things we do and places that we eat. Our posts include details on the best hotels, food, and activities for adults in Disney.

We have 4 general categories, and if a post applies to multiple categories, it will show up on multiple pages. Our homepage displays our most recent blog posts. Theme Parks includes any posts related to an activity that takes places in one of the four Disney Parks. The parks include Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Disney Hotels includes reviews of the hotels. This category also includes any reviews of bars and restaurants at the hotel and any extra activities tied to Disney hotels. Disney Extras includes anything above and beyond the parks. These activities typically cost additional money. Our Favorites category is exactly that. Any posts that are our top 3 things or the best in Disney are featured here.

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

What are our future plans?

Because we are just getting started, we are going to focus on what we know best, Disney World. As we add more posts, our focus will remain on Disney World, but eventually we also hope to add information about our experiences at other Disney parks.

If there is something that you wish you knew about Disney World or a post you were looking for that isn’t here, please let us know! Feel free to email us or comment on a blog post. We are always open to suggestions.

Disney for Adults

Who are we?

We are a married, Disney-obsessed couple that often has to explain to family, friends, and strangers why two adults, with no kids, go to Disney World…a lot. We go to Disney World about every month – and sometimes more. While Disney World is our home park, we have been to Disneyland in California and Disneyland Paris. We have trips planned this year to go to Tokyo Disney and we hope to make it to Shanghai Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in 2020.

We have done over a dozen Disney tours, been to almost all of the bars and restaurants at Disney World, attended all of the festivals, and have been to all of the Disney World hotel properties. While we have a bunch of knowledge and experience planning and staying at Disney, our passion and love for Disney will always be the most important aspect for us.

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