Disney Date With Kids

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Disney Date With Kids

When we visit Disney, it is always the two of us or we are with other adults. But for many families, taking a trip to Disney includes kids. Does this mean couples can’t have some alone time on a family Disney vacation? Are there ways to have a Disney date with kids on the trip? Since we do not have kids, we recruited the amazing Felice to be a guest writer for this post.



We met Felice through her awesome Disney Instagram account @disneysips. There she shares fun photos and stories of the best drinks in Disney and her Disney adventures. Please be sure to check out the bottom of this post to learn more about Felice. Thank you Felice for writing this post and sharing your insight! All photos in the post were provided by Felice.


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Felice’s Recommendations for Disney Dates … even if you have to bring your kids along!

As a mom of two boys, my husband and I have yet to take a trip to Walt Disney World with just the two of us. And honestly, I don’t see it in the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get a chance here and there to get some alone time. Stolen moments of peace together are precious, especially when at Disney World! Here are my recommendations if you are hoping to have some Disney date time with kids at Disney World.


Take Advantage of Kids-Only Events

Disney World has a couple of special activities where adults are not allowed. Honestly, these are a great way for everyone in the family to have some Disney fun. These events are the perfect way for your kiddos to have a special Disney adventure while the adults also get to have some adult-only Disney date time. The events range from 1 to 4 hours long and that is more than enough time to have a DIsney date. Two of the popular kids-only events that you may want to take advantage of are a kids-only pirates cruise or a kids-only tea party.


Kids-Only Pirates Cruises

Disney currently has two pirate cruises for kids only. The Captain Hook Pirate Crew event departs from Disney’s Beach Club Resort. This event includes a scavenger hunt, dinner, and a boat ride for the kids. Disney does not list an age requirement for this event, but they do say that to attend the guest must be potty-trained. The best parts about this event? Well, first, it sounds like an awesome time for the kiddos. Second, Disney states that you can drop off the kids at 4:30 and the event concludes at 8:30pm. So this event gives you 4 hours for a date. Important to note, Epcot is a short 5-10 minute walk from the Beach Club. Currently, this event costs $55 per kid, but it is a unique experience for the kids and a perfect way to have some adults-only time.


If the 4 hours seems like too much of a commitment, there are also morning pirate cruises that last for 2 hours. While at the event, the kids take a boat ride in search of pirate treasure. These shorter cruises still give the grown-ups some alone time while the kids are off on a Disney adventure. One of the cruises sets sail from Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and the other from Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort. The Pirate Adventure Cruises are only for Disney guests ages 4 to 12 years old. Currently this kids-only event is offered every day. The morning cruise starts at 9:30am and costs $39-$49.


Kids-Only Tea Party

Your kids can have their very own tea party at the Grand Floridians 1900 Park Fare!  Kids 4-12 can have their special tea (apple juice!) from 2-3pm on Mondays through Fridays. This event currently costs $49 per kid. But guess what? While they are at the kids tea, you get to head up to the Enchanted Rose and relax! The tea party is a great way to test out getting some alone time on your Disney trip while your kids get to go to a tea party where adults aren’t allowed.

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Bring Backup

If you can, bring an extra family member along! I happily bring along my mother or sister when I get the chance. They love spending time with us at the parks and will often spend a day or two relaxing by the pool alone. Then, they will gladly take the kids for a night or two so my husband and I can go watch the fireworks while drinking a glass of wine at California Grill. The only downside? Bringing an extra body on vacation can be expensive!


Hire Backup with Babysitting Services

Kid’s Nite Out is a Disney endorsed childcare company that will come to your hotel room and watch your kids while you head out for the night! A fellow Instagram friend, Dominique, wrote an awesome post detailing her experience with Kid’s Nite out. It is her go-to service for Disney Date nights.


Camp Dolphin is located at the Dolphin Hotel from 5pm-midnight. Kids 4-12 can eat dinner, play and watch a Disney movie. If you decide to eat at select Swan and Dolphin Hotel restaurants during your free time you’ll receive two hours of free camp! You do NOT have to be a guest at the resort to utilize Camp Dolphin and advance reservations are required.

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Take Advantage of Resort Activities

We personally love the activities available at all the resorts. Paint little figurines or make a tie-dye shirt? Sign me… I mean my kids up! The wonderful CMs that run these programs at the resorts are so attentive and helpful you should feel free to go sit down and rest for five to ten minutes. Please, watch your kids still. But even sitting more than three feet away is going to feel pretty wonderful.


Movies under the stars is another great resort activity to sneak in some adult time. Your kids are watching a movie and not fighting. You’re munching on popcorn and sipping a Pina Colava. Toast to your spouse, because it doesn’t get much better than this. This is some great Disney date time with kids still close by.


Use Disney Rider Swaps

Rider Swap is a wonderful way for a parent to grab a ride to themselves, but sometimes I do the reverse: Rider opt out! I let my husband take the crew up to Expedition Everest and I’ll park myself next door, at Thirsty River Bar and Trek Snacks, and grab a Margarita in silence!

Adult Meal Gusto


Romantic Meal, With The Kids

Some of the Disney restaurants are a zoo and others are too fancy for kids. But some Disney restaurants strike the perfect balance between an adult meal and my kids spilling food on the floor. This is a great option to have some Disney date time with kids still with you. Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion is one of our favorite spots to grab dinner. You don’t need a reservation and the atmosphere is fantastic. While the kids tuck into a plate of pasta, we grab a nice bottle of wine and stare into each other’s eyes. We like to pretend we’re actually in Florence, sans kids. We daydream away, only to be brought back to reality when our kids, having devoured their meal, demand a cannoli. Then we remember where we are, and honestly? Feel pretty lucky.



If you have any questions or recommendation of your own, please leave a comment below!




Information about Felice

Felice Friedman likes craft beer, Walt Disney World, and a good bowl of ramen. She is a travel advisor with Magic Family Getaways LLC, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.  You can check out her thoughts at her website focusing on Disney and Disney drinks and follow her Disney adventures on Instagram at @Disneysips.



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