Afternoon Tea at Disney World!

We love going to afternoon tea at Disney World! While we have done afternoon tea at Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disney, the afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian at Disney World is our favorite. The Afternoon Tea at Grand Floridian’s Garden View Tea Room is a great time for adults and the food is delicious. This post covers what to expect at the afternoon tea at Disney World and our recommendations.

 Adults in Disney

Should Adults Do This?

While you may think that Disney World afternoon tea is just a chance for little kids to experience a real-life tea party, that is not the case. We have gone to afternoon tea at least 5 times and for all of the visits, most of the guests having tea were adults. Sure there are some kids as well, it is Disney World after all, but do not rule it out as an adult experience.

We recommend the tea for couples or groups of adults looking to have a break from the parks. For us, our date to afternoon tea was definitely one of the more fun and relaxing meals that we have had at Disney World. We had also gone with groups of 6 adults and had a great time as well.

While we feel most adults would enjoy the Disney afternoon tea experience, there are some that will undoubtedly dislike it. If you have someone in your group that would rather be watching sports, drinking a beer, or needing a mid-day nap, we wouldn’t recommend forcing them into this experience. When it comes down to it, it is still fancy afternoon tea at Disney World.

Adults in Disney

What to expect:

After you check in, a cast member will seat you and give you a chance to look over the menu. There are three options for the food that comes with your tea service (see below for details and pricing). You will also have a large selection of hot teas. The pricing for the afternoon tea currently starts at $35 per person.

Afternoon tea is a unique and relaxing way to take a break from your Disney World vacation. We recommend setting aside at least an hour for the tea. That way your group can relax and enjoy the experience. You will have three or more courses served to you throughout the experience. The number of courses depends on which tea option you choose.

If you want a sophisticated and fancy experience that won’t break the bank, the afternoon tea is a great option. For us, afternoon tea is a relaxing table service meal. You are able to give your feet a rest, drink some hot tea, and take in the sophistication that goes hand-in-hand with a Grand Floridian experience.

Disney states that this is an opportunity to “experience a traditional afternoon tea, served in grand British style.” If you are a connoisseur of afternoon teas, this may be of help to you. We still don’t fully know the difference between British and other styles. But we can tell you it was good.


Drinks at Afternoon Tea:

At the Afternoon Tea, each guest will be able to choose one hot tea. There are a variety of black, green, oolong, white, and herbal teas to choose from. You receive a full tea kettle and it is covered to keep the tea warm for your entire visit. The kettle, kettle cover, and chinaware are all adorable and add to the experience.

If you want alcohol, there are options to get champagne. You may also be able to order other alcoholic drinks, which are serviced through the restaurants next door. When we visited, we stuck with just the tea. If you have ordered wine or other drinks here, please let us know how it went!


Food at Afternoon Tea:

The menu for afternoon tea is limited. While the cast members and the kitchen will do their best to work with you on food allergies and preferences, it is best to continue reading. Make sure you are okay with the food options before reserving.

Overall, we thought the food was above our expectations. We also left full, which we also were not expecting.

Food items that come with ever tea option:

Every guest will receive an assortment of finger sandwiches. Our favorite was the curry chicken. There is also a traditional cucumber sandwich, an egg salad, an onion tart, and a cheese and pear sandwich. Note that these options may change. We exchanged sandwiches between us if someone didn’t like a certain type. You can also check with your server as to whether they can do substitutions for you.

As a second course, every guest gets a scone with butter, jam, and lemon curd. The jam and lemon curd are delicious.

The best part for us is the dessert. Each guest gets to choose a dessert. Both times our group got either the seasonal English trifle or a mousse filled Swan with a chocolate covered strawberry and French macaroons. Both of these options were really good. The third option is strawberries with whipped cream (you may understand why we skipped this one).

Food Allergies at Afternoon Tea:

One of our trips to afternoon tea was with a family member that has a dairy allergy. This experience allowed us to see first-hand how incredibly well the afternoon tea accommodates food allergies.

We informed our waitress about the allergy and she said it would be no problem. Much to our surprise, the chef came out shorty after and talked with the person with the allergy to figure out a menu option that worked for them. We could not have hoped for better accommodations. Also, our family member said that all of the food was delicious and that they would highly recommend it.

Adults in Disney

Adults in Disney

Additional Food Option and Pricing:

The food listed above and one pot of tea comes with The Bedfordshire Tea option. Currently this is $35 per person and $50 per person with a glass of champagne. The $35 price point we felt was a pretty good deal and this is the option we would recommend. Note: there are no free refills of any of the items served.

On our date trip, Jeff got The Cheshire Tea. This comes with everything from the Bedfordshire Tea but you also get a selection of fruits and imported cheeses. This option is $50 per guest and $65 with a glass of champagne. The nice thing about the way they do the tea is that one person can get this option and share their fruit and cheese with others at the table.

The Berkshire Tea comes with everything from the Bedfordshire Tea option and also includes caviar and accompaniments. This is $150 per two guest ($75 each) or it is $175 with two glasses of champagne.

 Adults in Disney

Atmosphere and service:

The Garden View Tea Room is located on the first floor of the Grand Floridian Hotel. If you arrive at the Grand Floridian via monorail, you will have to go down one floor. Situated directly off of the lobby, the tea room carries through the elegance associated with the Grand Floridian. The back wall of the Tea Room is windows, so you may look out over the garden/grounds of the resort while sipping your tea. If your reservation is after 3pm, you may also hear music from the live band upstairs.

Both times we have been to tea at the Grand Floridian, the servers that we had were wonderful. The cast members will describe the various teas and offer recommendations. If you have dietary restrictions, they will do their best to work with you.


Our suggestions for visiting:

Making a reservation for afternoon tea is strongly recommended. Finding a reservation last minute may be a bit tricky, but it can be done.  It is pretty easy to get to the Grand Floridian. You can take the monorail or a boat from the Magic Kingdom or a bus directly to the hotel from any of the other Disney parks.

If you are going to Disney World in the summer, the afternoon tea can be a nice break from the heat – as long as you are okay with drinking hot tea in the summer. Jeff is generally not a fan of the Florida summer heat, so we went here midday this past July.


Things to be aware of:

The first time we went for tea it was with a group of four adults. Our reservation was for 1:30pm and they did not seat us until past 2pm. Having a long wait to be seated at Disney (when you have a reservation) is pretty rare. If Jeff had been with us on this visit, I can pretty much guarantee we wouldn’t have ever gone back. Our second time having tea, it was just Jeff and I. This time we were seated instantly. I am not sure if the first time was just a fluke. If you have had a similar problem wait a long wait to be seated, please let us know!

Adults in Disney

Our Overall Recommendation:

Disney’s afternoon tea was the first time we ever experienced a traditional afternoon tea.  Overall, we had a great time and would strongly recommend this experience to adults in Disney. We particularly recommend it to couples or groups of adults looking for a unique experience. If you like tea or fancy things or both, make a reservation!

Information for the Grand Floridian Afternoon Tea can be found here: Disney Tea

Note that this experience is different from the Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room Tea Experience


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