DestiNations Discovered (EPCOT) Review

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World Showcase: DestiNations Discovered (EPCOT) Review

DestiNations Discovered - Adults in Disney

DestiNations Discovered - Adults in Disney

DestiNations Discovered - Adults in Disney

This tour provides a wealth of information about the World Showcase. The tour is 5 hours long and while there is a fair amount of walking, you also have lunch during this time. Depending on your tour guide, you may spend more time in some countries over others, but you will get to experience them all. You also get some backstage access, which we always find fun.

The cost is currently $109, which isn’t too bad considering it includes a full lunch (also be sure to ask about any AP discounts). The lunch is at the Rose and Crown and includes an appetizer, entrée, and dessert.

We love the World Showcase, so for us all of the information provided in this tour was amazing. The tour gets you into the World Showcase before it is open to the public, so the photographers in the group may be excited to capture some pictures without people in them. Some of our stops included inside the Mexican Pyramid, Inside the China buildings, and backstage of the Paris pavilion.

DestiNations Discovered - Adults in Disney

DestiNations Discovered - Adults in Disney

What to expect

This tour gives you access to enter Epcot prior to park open on non-extra magic hour days. If you are staying in the Boardwalk area, you can walk over easily for this tour. If you are at a different resort, be sure to think through your transportation ahead of time if needed (Uber).

You currently check in with your tour guide near the back side of Space Ship Earth. Once you are with your guide, you make a full tour of World Showcase. There really is not much time to sit until you get to the Rose and Crown for lunch.

DestiNations Discovered - Adults in Disney

The day we did the tour, our group was not very large. We had approximately 16 people on our tour. You are provided with a headset, so that it is easy to hear your tour guide at all times.

As with most Disney tours, there is some magic sprinkled in this tour. For us, being inside some of the buildings with just our tour group was very special. We walked into the pyramid in the Mexico pavilion and it was so quiet. It was a really amazing experience.

Our tour guide was from China, so she spent a bit of extra time in that pavilion. Inside the China pavilion buildings, she pointed out amazing details that Disney incorporated. Our backstage access of the Canadian pavilion provided some really interesting information about how that pavilion is maintained.

DestiNations Discovered - Adults in Disney

In addition to the unique world showcase pavilion experiences, there was some bonus Disney magic. But we will leave you to experience that part for yourself. (If you really want to know what we are talking about, shoot us DM on Instagram.)


The lunch at Rose and Crown was well organized. You will be seated with other members of the tour for lunch. This didn’t bother us too much because by the time you get to lunch, you have probably already spoken with most of the other people on the tour.

The lunch included an appetizer, entrée and dessert. There were choices provided in regards to the entrée. Basically, Disney offers three of the entrees that are featured on the Rose and Crown menu.  If you have dietary restrictions, be sure to tell your tour guide. The food was very good and we were full by the time we left.

You should do this tour if

You are a fan of Epcot and love learning about Disney World. If this is you, we strongly recommend this tour. This tour is full of a ton of information about the World Showcase. But, we know several people that would rather be drinking their way around Epcot instead of learning their way around it.

DestiNations Discovered - Adults in Disney

In addition to some great information, this tour does give you some backstage access. While seeing backstage is neat, this should not be the only reason you sign up for this tour. For us, the most valuable aspects were the information shared and access to the countries before other guests were allowed in.

Things to be aware of

If you are not able to walk or stand for an hour straight, this tour may not be for you. The tour guide does a good job of trying to give breaks, but we found it to still be a fair amount of standing. Also, even though the tour is held in the morning, you are outside for most of it and it can get hot. If you are not a fan of the heat, we would recommend doing this tour in the fall, winter, or spring.

DestiNations Discovered - Adults in Disney

Information about booking and prices can be found here:



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