Cell Service in Tokyo Disney

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Cell Service in Tokyo Disney

When traveling, we depend on our phones for just about everything. So, one of our biggest concerns when traveling internationally is how the internet and cell service will be. After two trips to Tokyo Disney, we have tried a variety of options for cell service and WiFi. When using our cell phones for social media, we found that ATT had much better coverage than Verizon. We also found that you cannot count on the free Disney WiFi provided in the theme parks. This post covers our experience with the theme park WiFi, hotel WiFi, and 2 US phone providers while visiting Tokyo Disney. We also provide our recommendations.

Tokyo DisneySea Cell Service


Text Messaging Vs Social Media

Our discussion on cell phone service primarily focuses on its use with social media. When in Tokyo Disney, we use our phones primarily for Instagram. This means we are frequently uploading photos and videos to Instagram. In order for the videos to upload, you need a decent internet connection. If you are only planning to use your cell phone for text messaging or phone calls, either Verizon or ATT should work perfectly.



Our first trip to Tokyo Disney, we used a phone on the Verizon network. Our experience with Verizon in Tokyo was frustrating to say the least. Sometimes, the service would be great and work just as it would in the US. Other times, it would have problems even accessing the internet. Unfortunately, the lack of decent service happened relatively frequently with Verizon.

We would not recommend paying for the Verizon international cell phone service. If you are traveling to Tokyo Disney and your carrier is Verizon, we would suggest looking into a third party wireless provider (more on this below). If you do not want to deal with a third party, just be mentally prepared for the fact that at times you may have to wait for the internet to come back.



Our second trip to Tokyo, we used ATT. A friend we had met up with on our first trip to Tokyo Disney had ATT and we noticed their internet was substantially better than ours. Fortunately, Jeff and I have separate cell phone providers, so on our second trip to Tokyo Disney we tried ATT. Our second trip confirmed that ATT works perfectly in Tokyo Disney.

Our experience with ATT in Tokyo was essentially identical to what we experience in the US. We highly recommend ATT for Tokyo Disney. The ease and effectiveness of it made the experience awesome. We will likely use ATT for our future trips and for us it is worth the cost.


The No Cost Option: Hotel WiFi

This option is FREE. We found the internet at the Sheraton, Hotel Mira Costa, and the Disneyland Hotel to be really good. If you want to save some money and just catch up on everything when you get back to the hotel, we recommend using the hotel WiFi. The downside of this option is that you will not have access to any social media or messages while in the theme parks.


Theme Park Wi-Fi

Theme park Wi-Fi is pretty much nonexistent. While the Tokyo Disney website mentions free Wi-Fi, there are constraints. The Tokyo Disney website currently states that “Wi-Fi area is limited to area around the Park Main Entrance. Wi-Fi connection is available for up to 15 minutes at a time. Wi-Fi connection is available for an unlimited number of times per day.” These constraints made the Wi-Fi pretty useless for us.

Tokyo Disneyland Cell Service


Third Party Wireless

There are companies in Japan where you can rent a pocket Wi-Fi. The pocket Wi-Fi device allows your personal devices to connect to the wireless and use unlimited data. An example of a company that offers this is Japan Wireless. We have not used any of these companies and chose this company merely as an example. However, if you are looking for a more affordable option or something in place of Verizon, third party wireless may be the best solution. If you go this route, we recommend doing your homework and picking a provider with a lot of good reviews.


Our Overall Recommendation

If you plan on using your cellphone for social media while in Tokyo Disney, we strongly recommend ATT. We do not recommend Verizon. If you are looking for a more affordable option, there are third party wireless companies or most hotels have free internet access. We have not tried Google Fi phone service at Tokyo Disney, but we hope to on a future trip. If you have any questions or if you have had an experience with a phone/internet service at Tokyo Disney, please leave us a comment below!

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