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Blizzard Beach: A Review for Adults

Blizzard Beach is one of two water parks at Walt Disney World. We recently went to Blizzard Beach for the first time and had a lot of fun. Blizzard Beach has a unique theme and several unique rides that distinguish it from Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. This post covers all of the things that we like and dislike about Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

Disney Blizzard Beach Water Park


Should Adults Go To Blizzard Beach?

In our post about Typhoon Lagoon, we talk about reasons that adults should go to a Disney water park. These reasons include: the water parks provide a different Disney experience, they offer a variety of rides, and they are a great way to cool off in the Florida heat. All of the reasons we provided in that post, also apply to Blizzard Beach (to read that post, click here).

Adults love Blizzard Beach


This post focuses on Blizzard Beach and what Blizzard Beach has to offer. Blizzard Beach has unique water park rides and a theme that is very different from Typhoon Lagoon. For us, we prefer the more laid-back rides and theming at Typhoon Lagoon over Blizzard Beach. However the thrilling rides and unique theme at Blizzard Beach may be more appealing for some adults, it just depends on your preferences. Our best advice is: if you have been thinking about going to a Disney Water Park, do it! We have a great time at the water parks every time we go. Below we have all of our information on Blizzard Beach. For our post on Typhoon Lagoon, click here).

Map of Blizzard Beach


The Rides

Blizzard Beach has 12 attractions listed on Disney’s website. In our opinion, Blizzard Beach focuses a lot more on thrill rides than Typhoon Lagoon. Summit Plummet is the most intense ride option at Blizzard Beach. This water slide drops guests nearly 12 stories. We are not fans of body slides, so this ride was a pass for us.

Arial view of Blizzard Beach


Blizzard Beach has a few rides that are really well tied into the park’s winter theme. Snow Stormers and Toboggan Racers have you lay face first on a toboggan-style mat as you go down the water slide. We gave these rides a try and really like them. While it is a bit scarier going face-first, it was still a lot of fun.

Thrill rides at Blizzard Beach


Our favorite rides are the inner tube rides. Runoff Rapids has 3 different inner tube rides/routes. The open option for Runoff Rapids is one of our favorite water rides out of any water park. It is not too fast, but still really fun. If you like inner tube rides, we strongly recommend checking out Runoff Rapids.

Disney Blizzard Beach tube ride


Teamboat Springs is a group raft ride that fits up to 6 people. The main downside of this ride for us is that if there is just two of you, they will combine your party with another group. While this is not normally a problem for us when it comes to rides, we are not huge fans of squeezing into a tube raft and facing strangers for a water ride.

Tube ride at Blizzard Beach


Wave Pool and Lazy River

There is a wave pool at Blizzard Beach. There are two nice things about this wave pool. The waves are pretty mild, so you don’t have to constantly be on the lookout for a big wave coming your way. The second nice thing is that since the waves aren’t quite as intense, you are allowed to have inner tubes in the wave pool. This makes the experience more relaxing. While the wave pool is pretty big, it is much smaller than the one at Typhoon Lagoon.

The lazy river at Blizzard Beach is a good length and takes you around the entire water park. We recommend doing a full loop or at least exploring the part through the cave. The main downside for us with this lazy river is that it is pretty shallow. Depending on how you sit/float around the lazy river, it may cause your feet to hit the bottom more often. Personally, we prefer to have slightly deeper lazy rivers. The deeper rivers also reduce the number of people running/walking around the lazy river.

 Waves at Blizzard Beach


The Theme

The theme at Blizzard Beach is a snowy ski resort. Given how hot it is in Florida, we think this is a really fun theme for a water park. The best themed area at Blizzard Beach is around Summit Plummet and the chair lifts. Disney did a great job with incorporating a bunch of details in this area.

Blizzard Beach water park


While the main area is themed really well, some other areas do not carry the theming as well. For example, Runoff Rapids is our favorite ride. But the ride and everything around it could just as easily be in a different water park.


The Stairs and Workout at Blizzard Beach

We have no proof of this, but it felt like Blizzard Beach had a million more stairs than Typhoon Lagoon. The plus slide is that we worked off any food that we ate. The downside, it was tiring.

In all seriousness, we like to think we are in pretty good shape and we still got tired. Most of the rides have a pretty decent set of stairs to go up to get to the top. For several of the rides, you can take the chairlift to the top to avoid walking up the stairs. This includes the Toboggan Racers, Teamboat Springs, Summit Plummet, Slush Gusher, and the Snow Stormers. The downside is that you have to walk and wait to take the chairlift every time. We really like Runoff Rapids, but this tube ride also has a pretty decent set of stairs and you carry your tube up with you.

One nice aspect at Blizzard Beach is that some, but not all, of the rides bring your tube or mat to the top of the ride for you. For example, when we rode Snow Stormers, the mats were waiting for us at the top of the ride. While this option was available for most of the rides, it wasn’t there for all of them.

Toboggan at Blizzard Beach


The Crowds

We went to Blizzard Beach on a hot weekday in June. There were pretty minimal crowds and we had very short wait times. Honestly, our longest wait for any water ride was probably 15 minutes, with most rides having wait times less than 5 minutes. The lazy river was also not very crowded.

We went to Blizzard Beach right at open. While the park wasn’t ever busy one the day we visited, we still recommend going at open so that you can get a seat in the area that you want. Also, even though we didn’t have long wait times on the day we visited, there is always the possibility that it could be busier.


The Cost

You can currently purchase a one day ticket to Blizzard for $69. This is the same cost as a day pass to Typhoon Lagoon. If you are purchasing theme park tickets through Disney World, you also have the option of getting a park-hopper plus ticket. With the plus option, you can park hop between the normal Disney theme parks and each day of your ticket you also get a bonus option from a set list. That option could be to go to a water park or play a round of golf or mini-golf.  If you have a shorter trip or if you plan on going to water parks a couple of times, this can be a great option. Currently adding the plus option is an additional $20 for each day of your ticket above the cost of a normal park-hopper ticket.

 Tickets to Blizzard Beach



We only ate at one location while at Blizzard Beach, but the food exceeded our expectations. We got a honey butter chicken sandwich from the Warming Hut quick service location.  The food was ready very quickly and it was really good. We would highly recommend the honey butter chicken sandwich!

Lunch at Blizzard Beach

Dining at Blizzard Beach



Blizzard Beach has several locations for drinks. There are plenty of options for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. As for alcoholic drinks, there is everything from beer and wine to mixed drinks like Disney’s Piña CoLAVA. We love Piña CoLAVAs, but be warned that they are pretty sweet. (A Piña CoLAVA is a frozen piña colada, but with raspberry puree.)

Rapid Fill Blizzard Beach


Like Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach offers refillable soda mugs throughout the water park. Currently, the mugs are $11.99 for unlimited soda. We are not huge soda drinkers, so we passed on this option. But if you plan on having a few sodas throughout the day, it may be worth considering.


Our Overall Recommendation

We highly recommend the Disney water parks. While we have only started going to them recently, they are a really fun change of pace from the Disney World theme parks. They are also a great way to cool off on a hot Florida day. We primarily recommend Blizzard Beach if you are looking for more thrill-based water rides. Also, the ski slope theme is a really fun and clever design for a water park. If you plan on going to a Disney water park, we suggest checking out our 5 tips for Disney water parks. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!



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