Must Try Disney World Snack: Cupcakes

If you follow us on Instagram, you know about the minor obsession that we have with Disney World cupcakes. Here we will explain why we have so many posts of cupcakes, where to find them, and our thoughts on the best cupcakes in Disney!


-Stitch cupcake from All-Star Sports Resort

Stitch Cupcake

Why should you get a Disney World cupcake?

There are two main reasons to try a Disney cupcake: they are a work of art and delicious. If you are a fan of Instagram or sharing food pictures with friends and family, then a Disney cupcake is a must. The cupcakes are also delicious.

Most Disney cupcakes have a filling in the center. The fillings can vary from a custard, to a jam, to chocolate. If it is not labeled, be sure to ask a cast member.  We will warn you that we have tried a couple of Disney cupcakes that were not anything special, but most of them are delicious and unique flavors.  To be sure you get a good one, see our next section below.

If you like frosting, there is usually a ton of it. The frosting is in part what makes the cupcakes so pretty. The top of the cupcake will often have other edible decorations. Surprisingly, we are not huge frosting fans, so we will often take some of the frosting off the top. (Cue the frosting lovers shouting at us haha.)


-Millennial Pink cupcake from Polynesian Resort

Best Cupcake

Where should you get a Disney World cupcake?

Disney cupcakes can be found at most Disney World resorts and all of the theme parks. Some hotels keep them in the fridge section of their quick service location, so be sure to check there. The parks generally have cupcakes in their dessert display. You can also often find cute cupcakes at the in-park Starbucks locations.

Our favorite place to get a Disney World cupcake is at the Boardwalk Bakery at Disney’s Boardwalk resort. Why? The cake is delicious and the frosting at this location is generally more in line with a cool whip frosting than the sweet and thick traditional frosting. We prefer the light frosting and this is the only consistent location with it. This location is also an easy walk from EPCOT, just exit EPCOT through the International gateway location.


-Unicorn cupcake from Boardwalk Resort

Best Cupcake

If you like the sweeter frosting, the Contempo Cafe at Disney’s Contemporary resort would be our go-to location. They often have several options to choose from, or you can just get them all! It is also an easy walk or monorail ride from the Magic Kingdom.


-Macaroon and Minnie Ear cupcakes from Contemporary Resort

Best Cupcake

Best Cupcake

Cupcake Warning

The cupcake flavors and designs change pretty often at Disney World. We go to Disney World about once a month and many locations often have a new cupcake by our next visit. If you go and the cupcake you were looking for is no longer there, don’t worry, there will be plenty of other delicious and beautiful ones to try.


-Monorail cupcake from Contemporary Resort

Best Cupcake



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