Babysitting Services at Disney World

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Babysitting Services at Disney World

Yes, we are Adults In Disney. But for some adults, taking a trip to Disney is filled with magical memories with kids. Sometimes though, the adults want a grown-ups only night out. Since we do not have kids, we recruited the amazing Dominque from Fintastic Configuration to be a guest writer for this post, and she is going to discuss babysitting and childcare services in Disney World! 

Adults in Disney and Babysitting Services

Dominique covers how a kids-free night at the most magical place on earth is an unforgettable experience and more within your grasp than you might realize. We met Dominque almost a year ago through her awesome Disney Instagram account. She has an amazing Etsy shop with beautiful shirts and necklaces. You will often see Sara wearing Fintastic Configuration items at the Disney Parks. Please be sure to check out the bottom of this post to learn more about Dominque and her Etsy shop! Thank you Dominique for writing this post and sharing your insight! All photos in the post were provided by Dominque.

Adults in Disney World need child care


Why You May Want to Consider a Babysitting Service at Disney World

While we love the special bonding time that we get with our kids when vacationing at Disney, there’s something inside us parents that longs to break free from being ‘on the job’ as a parent when on vacation. Could we enjoy a kids-free night at Disney? Let me tell you, the experience was an eye opener. 

Adults in Disney World

We travel to Disney with the kids every year. My husband and I almost enjoy it more than the kids do. We had been dying to have a date night in Disney. A night that we could close out the Magic Kingdom with a romantic kiss during The Kiss Goodnight. Or equally important, get that perfect photo of us on Main Street with no one else in the picture.

Child care helps adults in Disney

Being a parent in today’s world we are naturally skeptical, a little suspicious even, of using a babysitting service. Who is this person that I am supposed to leave my children with? How do I know they are safe? What if something happens? What if. . .? Lots of questions rolled around my head the first time I was considering using a babysitting service at Disney.

Lucky for me, a trusted friend had just used Kid’s Nite Out for the first time at Disney. They couldn’t say enough nice things about their experience. That was the push I needed to decide to give it a shot. We went ahead and booked Kid’s Nite Out for their in-room sitting service.


Kid’s Nite Out – Endorsed by Disney

Kid’s Nite Out is a babysitting service that will care for children from 6 months to 12 years old and is not owned or operated by Disney. However, they are the only babysitting service that is publicly endorsed by Disney. The babysitter will come directly to your hotel room and will bring games, books, and other activities to do with the children.


Kid’s Nite Out’s Website can be found here

Disney World’s Childcare website can be found here

Child care in Disney World


How Much Does it Cost?

The pricing is very reasonable. Depending on how many children you have, the hourly cost (4 hour minimum) is between $18/hour for one child up to $26/hour for 4 children. There is a $10 fee per reservation to cover the sitter’s travel expenses. Finally, there is a $2/hour additional cost for any hours after 9pm. Tips aren’t necessarily expected, but they do accept and appreciate them.


When Should I Book?

Kid’s Nite Out recommends booking at least 2 weeks in advance. If you’re anything like me, you already have most of the details pinned down before you make your dining reservations 180 days out. I would advise booking Kid’s Nite Out as early as possible. Booking early is especially important if you have a particular sitter that you want to request. We wanted to make sure we got the same sitter my friend raved about, so we booked about 2-3 months in advance. 


How It Works

Once I reserved my date and time with Kid’s Nite Out, all I had to do was call them once we checked in to the hotel to give them our room number. At our scheduled time, the sitter promptly knocked on the door and swept into the room like Mary Poppins with a bag toys and activities for my children.

When I called to book the reservation, Kid’s Nite Out asked the age of my children and what their interests were. The sitter’s bag was packed according to my children’s preferences. If you have a child with special needs, just let them know what they are and they will accommodate them. We exchanged cell numbers with the sitter and quickly (certainly not rushed) went over the kids routine and schedule. Then we were off. 

Now comes the other tough decision – What to do? Close out the Magic Kingdom? Stroll through the countries at Epcot and have a few much deserved cocktails? Go on those rides I’ve been dying to experience but couldn’t? I remember the cast member laughing as I danced through the “no bags” security line. I was free – no stroller to push or bag with 100 pockets to check.

An adult only night at Epcot

Babysitting services at Disney World

Every once in a while I got that much needed text with a picture showing what my little ones were up to. I didn’t get barraged with these, just enough to give me that peace of mind necessary to relax and enjoy my time alone with my hubby. Now we get to be kids again. 

When we returned to the room we found our sitter quietly reading at the table while the kids were soundly asleep. She even got them to brush their teeth. If only the sitter could teach my husband that trick. The kids woke up asking where their friend Maria was. They truly had an amazing time with her. 

We had the same great experience the 2nd time we used Kid’s Nite Out and we already booked them again for our upcoming trip. We highly recommend Kid’s Nite Out!


Options Beyond In-Room Babysitting

The Kid’s Nite Out services go beyond in-room sitting. For the same rates, they will accompany you to the parks to help you with the kids. We haven’t tried this, but I have heard it is very helpful for families with children that have special needs or even for an elderly family member that wants to experience the magic, but requires a little extra attention. Keep in mind that you need to buy a ticket for your sitter if you decide to go with this option. 


Camp Dolphin

Camp Dolphin is located on the first level of the Dolphin Hotel (an Epoct area resort hotel). This child care service is for children ages 4 to 12. We have not used this service, but it is another option for parents. At camp Dolphin, all of the kids are in the Activity Center where the staff have games and activities for the kids. Camp Dolphin also charges a fee and requires a 2 hour minimum. One perk of this location is that if you have dinner at the hotel or receive a spa treatment at the hotel, they will credit you two hours for one child at Camp Dolphin.


More Information on Camp Dolphin can be found here 


Dominque’s Overall Recommendations

The bottom line is that as parents of small children it’s easy to forget what it was like to be a couple before we had children. At home we are fortunate enough to live very close to our parents, who from time to time allow us to take a few hours off from the most difficult job in the world and enjoy being us. Having someone at Disney who can offer this to us, while ensuring that our children are in safe hands, has been invaluable to me and my husband. 

Adults at Disney

Still not feeling it? Hey, I get it. I did hours upon hours of research before committing to this. Don’t take my word for it. Do your research and only try it out if you’re ready. The last thing you want is to be out trying to enjoy some time away from your children, only to be a nervous wreck clung to your phone worrying every second that you’re away.

I hope our experience was helpful for you. If it leads you to try the Disney recommended babysitting service, then may you leap through the bag-less security line like a happy ballerina just like I did.

Kid Free Night


About Dominique and FintasticCONFIGURATION

Hi, I’m Dominique, and I am the owner of Fintastic Configuration. You can find me @fintasticconfiguration on Instagram or on Etsy at My shop is filled with magically themed necklaces and shirts. Fintastic Configuration actually got its jump start from me making my own super fun shirts for my family to wear on vacation. My family tries to take yearly Disney vacations. We love Disney bounding and wearing special shirts and accessories that capture our favorite characters and magical vibes.

Adults have fun in Disney



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