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First Class ANA Flight To Tokyo Disney

The flight to Tokyo Disney is long. For us, it is about 15 hours. But when we flew to Tokyo, we were wishing the flight would go on for a couple more hours. Think we are crazy? Well first, let me say that the seats we booked cost around $22,000 per person, round trip. Heck no we didn’t pay that much (honestly, who can pay for these seats!?). We paid $342 per person out of pocket and used airline miles. The experience was amazing and we cannot wait to do it again! This post covers all of the details about the flight. We also provide information about how we booked this flight with airline miles.

Adults in Disney sleep on ANA



ANA is one of the largest airlines in Japan. It is a member of the Star Alliance, which includes airlines such as Singapore Airlines, United, Air Canada, among others. ANA has a reputation for having excellent first class service. Based on our experience, we 100% agree.


The Flight

The first class flight on ANA is the best experiences we have had on an airplane. The service, seats, food, and drinks all far exceeded our expectations. To be fair, our flights on ANA are the only flights that we have done in first class. We have taken a few business class flights (also booked with airline miles). While we are always excited to use points to book flights, our experience on ANA took it to a whole different level.



The food on the flight is the same quality as a fancy restaurant. ANA offers both a Japanese Cuisine menu and an International Cuisine menu.  Being able to experience both menu options makes the experience that much more fun! During the flight, I had a few new food experiences. First, having never tried caviar before, I figured now would be the time to go for it since it was free. Sadly, I was not a fan. I still ate it all because I felt bad having it go to waste haha. I also tried the Japanese desserts with matcha. I really liked this item and it is something I wouldn’t have tried if it hadn’t been for this flight. In addition to trying new foods, there were plenty of other amazing dishes throughout the flight.

Adults in Disney on ANA first class

Adults in Disney enjoy first class dessert on ANA

Adults in Disney enjoy food on ANA first class

Adults in Disney enjoy first class caviar on ANA

ANA first class Japanese menu

ANA first class international menu

First class menu on ANA



First class passengers have a very large drink menu to select from. The ANA flight has champagne, wine, sake, beer, Japanese whiskies, tea, coffee, and other cocktails. We both drink, but we are by no means wine or champagne connoisseurs.  I really enjoyed the champagne that was served and had several glasses during the flight. I took a photo of the champagne so that I could Google it when we got off the plane. Little did I know, the champagne is $300 a bottle! This made me feel better about my choice to drink several glasses haha.  All of the drinks that we had on the ANA flight were really good. It was especially fun to try the Japanese sake and whiskey.

Krug champagne for Adults in Disney on ANA

ANA first class food and drink

Adults in Disney enjoy coffee on ANA



The flight attendants on ANA go above and beyond to make the flight an amazing experience. They are extremely friendly and attentive. Each person working in the first class area introduced themselves and made us feel extremely welcome.

One of the main differences between flying first class and flying business class is the service. For example, on business class flights you typically get your choice of meal options from a set menu. With a first class flight, when I asked if I could have two desserts, the response was “we are happy to bring you as many desserts as you would like.” I ended up having 3 of them haha. At one point I went to use the restroom and the flight attendant asked if I was going to try to sleep. I answered yes and when I got back to my seat, they had made my bed which included memory foam on top of my already comfortable seat! I cannot speak highly enough about the level of service in ANA first class.


The Seats/Bed

The first class seats for ANA are massive and recline into fully flat beds. Not only do you have the ability to lay completely flat on the flight, but the flight attendants will also make your bed for you. When they make your bed, they add a bonus layer of memory foam to an already comfortable seat. The airplane seat ended up being more comfortable than many hotel beds I have slept on. When you are not sleeping, you can comfortably adjust your seat to relax and watch tv or movies.

Sleeping on ANA first class is nice for Adults in Disney



The flight comes with an amenities package that includes a toothbrush, lotion, ear plugs etc. The items are given in a cute mini suitcase. These items are free to take with you. Additionally, when you get on the flight, there are pajamas, sweatshirts, and slippers to change into. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is all of the little things like this that add up to an amazing flight experience.

Free stuff on ANA first class


Airport Lounges

When you fly first class, you gain access to airport lounges. Airport lounges are locations inside the airport where guests can relax, eat food, and have drinks in a comfortable setting. Access to airport lounges and the quality of the lounge depend on several aspects. If you are flying first class, you can pretty much guarantee that you will have access to a lounge.

When we were leaving Japan, our flight gave us access to the ANA lounge at the Narita airport. Since Narita is one of the primary locations for ANA, the lounge was large and amazing. In this lounge you can order food from a menu, drink wine, and have plenty of room to spread out while waiting for your flight.

Lounge food for Adults in Disney ANA


How We Booked This Flight

We booked this flight on points, and in my opinion, this is one of the single best ways to use points! To book this flight, we used 120,000 Virgin Atlantic miles to book each round-trip first-class ticket on ANA. Using miles from one airline’s frequent flier program to book tickets on another airline is common when using points and miles for free travel.

While we do not collect Virgin Atlantic miles, we do collect transferable miles. To book these two round-trip tickets required a total of 240,000 miles. We got these miles by transferring ThankYou points (Citi credit cards) and Membership Reward points (American Express credit cards) to Virgin Atlantic. It is an easy and straight forward process to make this transfer, and the payoff from taking one extra step is an amazing flight that otherwise would have been unattainable.


Transferring The Points

The process of transferring points from any transferable points program (ThankYou, Membership Rewards, Ultimate Rewards, Marriott) is as simple as having a frequent flier account with the airline you want to transfer points to. At that point, login to your transferable point program (in our case Citi ThankYou and American Express Membership Reward) and enter your airline frequent flier information. After you initiate the transfer, your miles will show up in your airline account.

The actual transfer time varies by program, but in the case of transferring to Virgin Atlantic, the points show up instantly. For us, the entire process of transferring points and booking two tickets took about 20 minutes. This ability to utilize transferable miles on different airlines and to combine points from multiple programs is one of the main reasons we value transferable points so much higher than points tied to one airline or hotel.


Our Overall Recommendation

Typically, the hardest part about traveling to Asia from the US is the long flight time. Using points to book a first class ticket made the flight part of the fun. The service on ANA first class is beyond anything we have experienced. For us, the value that you get for using the airline miles for this flight is one of the best deals currently available. If you have any questions about the flight or how we used miles to book this flight, please leave us a comment below!



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      Thank you so much for checking out our post and for the comment Lauren! If you have any questions about the transferable miles, let us know. They are definitely our favorite because of experiences like this!


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