Afternoon Tea at Hong Kong Disneyland

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Afternoon Tea at Hong Kong Disneyland

One of our favorite experiences in Hong Kong Disneyland is the Afternoon Tea at the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel. While the food is more adventurous than the traditional cucumber sandwich, the afternoon tea is a lot of fun. Plus there are some really cute Disney desserts. This post covers all of the details of afternoon tea at Hong Kong Disneyland as well as our recommendations.  

Us at HK tea    

What To Expect

We love going to afternoon tea at Walt Disney World.  Because of how much we enjoy the Grand Floridian afternoon tea, we often look for afternoon tea experiences at the other Disney parks around the world. We were excited when we came across the Afternoon Tea at Walt’s Cafe in the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel. Afternoon tea typically consists of several course. Tea is served first. Following the tea, the food courses can be brought out separately or served on a tiered stand. We describe the food and drinks in detail below. Afternoon tea is a unique meal and provides a great relaxing break from the Disney parks.       For our full experience of afternoon tea, go to minute 28 in the video below. The experience was extra fun because Sara ate all of the food without knowing what any of the dishes were.  

Should Adults Do Afternoon Tea at Hong Kong Disneyland?

We had a great time at the Afternoon Tea at Walt’s Cafe in Hong Kong Disneyland. However, we would only recommend this experience to people that are adventurous eaters. A photo of the menu and food items is below and some of the items are definitely unique. Relatedly, if you have food allergies, we would pass on this experience. If you only have one day at Hong Kong Disneyland, we would not recommend going to afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is a relaxing meal, so it will take at least an hour. Also, it is located at the Disneyland Hotel, so you have to leave the park to get to the restaurant. If you only have one day, we recommend sticking with experiences within the Hong Kong Disneyland theme park. If you have a couple days at Hong Kong Disneyland and you like to try new experiences, we would recommend the afternoon tea. While we didn’t care for all of the food items, it was still fun to try the various dishes. The desserts were delicious and our server was fabulous. It was a perfect break from the parks.  

Menu Walts Cafe HK  

The Drinks

The afternoon tea is meant for two people to share. While you share the tea tower of food that comes out, each guest gets their own drink. Guests can select from traditional tea, coffee, iced tea, iced coffee, or a Mickey Warmer. The Mickey Warmer is a hot tea drink that also has some fruit flavors in it. Jeff selected the Mickey Warmer and really enjoyed it. Sara went with a traditional hot green tea.  

HK Jelly  

The Food

The Afternoon Tea consists of various small plates and desserts. There is a photo of the full menu from our afternoon tea above. There are two of each food item on the tower, which makes it easy to share. First up are the scones. These were delicious and similar to scones you would find at an English or American afternoon tea. For us, the more adventurous course was the assorted mini pastries. The dish that stood out for us was the seafood jelly. While we didn’t care for this dish, it was fun having a unique dish to try. The other items in this course were good. Sara didn’t care for the salmon, but she doesn’t usually like seafood dishes. All of the desserts were delicious. Our favorite was the character cookie. The desserts were all very cute and some displayed Winnie the Pooh and Duffy and Friends characters. Please note that the food and desserts may change.

HK Cookies  

The Atmosphere and Service

Walt’s Cafe is a small restaurant located just off of the lobby of the Disneyland hotel.  The interior is very nice and consists of numerous photos of Walt Disney. There are also several windows and glass doors that overlook the beautiful landscape of the Disneyland hotel. The restaurant wasn’t very crowded. Again, this may have been a result of our trip being during a very quiet time. Overall, we thought the atmosphere was nice, but nothing extraordinary. Our server was awesome. He spoke English and was extremely friendly. He gave us tips for the parks and was happy to answer any questions we had. That being said, our server also gave us plenty of time to enjoy our meal. For us, the service couldn’t have been better.    

Tart HK    

The Cost

The afternoon tea currently costs $458 HKD. We went 3 months ago and it cost $438 HKD, which is about $55 USD. The price covers the tea and tea tower for 2 people. We both left full and it was an amazing experience, so for us it was worth the $55.   HK Disneyland Hotel   


During our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, the parks were very quiet. Because of this, we did not make any dining reservations. Also, Hong Kong Disney has limited advnaced dining options. The website for Walt’s Cafe currently does not have an option for reservations. Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge, afternoon tea isn’t listed on the Hong Kong Disneyland website. However, it does show up under the menu option.  For our trip, we were worried that afternoon tea was no longer taking place since it wasn’t on the website, but we were excited to find it still being offered when we arrived. Afternoon tea is only available during certain hours. We could not find the hours listed on any of the websites, so we checked with cast members our first day at Hong Kong Disneyland. For our trip, I believe afternoon tea took place between 3pm and 5pm.    

Scones HK    

Things To Be Aware Of

The food is pre-set menu and for us it had a few unique dishes. If you have a picky eater, we would pass on this experience. While we had no problem getting a table, the restaurant isn’t very big. If you are staying at a Hong Kong Disney hotel, we would inquire at check-in about the hours for afternoon tea and if it is possible to get a reservation.

Inside HK salmon      

Our Overall Recommendation

Overall, we had a great time at the afternoon tea at Hong Kong Disneyland. We would happily go again and recommend it for most people looking for a unique dining experience at Hong Kong Disney. However, if you have a picky eater, we would pass on this experience. If you have any questions about afternoon tea or Hong Kong Disneyland, please leave us a comment below!     Adults in Disney to get back home! Disney for Adults to get more info about our blog!


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