About Us

Who are Adults in Disney?

Jeff and Sara make up the Adults in Disney duo. We are a married, Disney-obsessed couple that often has to explain to family, friends, and strangers why two adults, with no kids, go to Disney World…a lot. We are originally from NY, but now live in Nashville, TN because it is much closer to Disney and doesn’t have snow (okay maybe this isn’t the whole reason, but it definitely is a factor). We both grew up going to Disney World approximately every other year with our families. Now that we are married and have annual passes to both Disney World and Disneyland, we go about to a Disney park about every three weeks (and sometimes more). While Disney World is our home park, we have been to Tokyo Disney, Disneyland in California, and Disneyland Paris. We are visiting our final two Disney parks, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland in December 2019, and we will be returning to Tokyo Disney for a 3rd time and Disneyland Paris for a 2nd time in the first half of 2020. These trips are all part of our 12 parks, 1 year Disney challenge, where we are visiting all 12 Disney parks around the world within one year. Disney is more than just a vacation location for us, it’s a way of life.

Adults in Disney Resume:

After getting our annual passes about 4 years ago, we started going to Disney World more and more frequently. During these trips, we have done well over a dozen Disney tours, been to nearly all of the bars and restaurants at Disney World, attended all of the Festivals, and have been to all of the Disney World hotel properties (there are only 3 that we haven’t yet stayed at). We have a ton of random Disney World knowledge, especially knowledge related to being adults in Disney. We’ve won Disney scavenger hunts, completed multiple runDisney events, watched the Magic Kingdom fireworks from a private boat, surfed in the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon before the park opened, and even had a private ride on Test Track after the park closed! While we have a bunch of knowledge and experience planning and staying at Disney, our passion and love for Disney will always be the most important aspect for us.



All of the opinions on here are those of Adults in Disney (unless otherwise stated). Also, if there is something you had a question about that is not covered, please feel free to email us!